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Baldwin Park is located in the central San Gabriel Valley region of LA County. It is approximately 18 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. The city covers an area of 6.8 sq. miles of land and 1.9 sq. miles of water. It is located just northwest of West Covina and southwest of Azusa.

Before its development as a city, the land on which Baldwin Park sits was used for ranching and cattle grazing by the San Gabriel Mission. In 1906 it changed to Baldwin Park, being named after a prominent California businessman at the time, Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin. Baldwin Park is home to the first In-N-Out burger stand, California’s most iconic hamburger establishment. It was also the first drive-thru in California.

The total population of Baldwin Park is 77,089. A staggering 80.3% of residents are Hispanic. 29.7% are White, 12.4% are Asian, and 1.1% are Black or African American. Not surprisingly, 82% of residents speak a language other than English in the home. Only 11.1% graduated from college, which is less than half of the national average, and only 55.1% graduated from high school, also nearly half of the national average. The average household size is 4.37, which is nearly double the US average of 2.61 people per home.

Hispanic Gangs in the City of Baldwin Park

  1. Desmadre Bolen (defunct)
  2. Kings Have Arrived (KHA)
  3. Varrio East Side Bolen Parque
  4. Varrio North Side Bolen Parque

104 Comments for “Baldwin Park, California – Hispanic gangs”

  1. LV.MGN13

    LV.MGNX3 ( LYNWOOD.VARRIO.MEXICAN’S.GANGSTA.NATION ) Shout Out’s To EveryBody That Know’s Us !! And –> F**K The Enemy’s <–


    click so tight cuZZ

  3. skaters

    tony trujillo old woporno

  4. pimp15051

    sicc madE

  5. BP resident

    The gangs in Baldwin Park are Eastside Bolen Parque, which has many clicks or cliquas such as the locos, rascals, midgetcharros, and the dukes, these clicks are from the same Varrio, Eastside Bolen, but often have gang fueds among there fellow gang clicks. leading to gun violence and stabbings. These are the active cliquas i am aware of. Also, Northside Bolen Parque with cliquas including, malditos and termites, again they have fueds among eachother. The newest labeled “gang” is KHA (Kings Have Arrived). KHA’s clicks are the palmeros, vineland street boys and the boulevards. 18th street gang has also had a chapter in Baldwin Park for some time, although remained quiet in terms of violence, i have noticed an upcoming again. I think who ever runs this site should update this to give awareness to fellow residents.

    Varrio Eastside Bolen Parque 13 :

    VESBPx3, LS (Locos)

    VESBPx3, RCS (Rascals)

    VESBPx3, MCS (Midgetcharros)

    VESBPx3, DKS (Dukes)

    Varrio Northside Bolen Parque 13 :

    VNSNPx3, TMS (Termites)

    VNSBPx3, MDS (Malditos)

    Varrio KHA 13 :

    VKHAx3, PLM (Palmeros)

    VKHAx3, V.ST. (Vineland Street Boys)

    VKHAx3, BLVDS (Boulevards)

    18th street gang

    • Just

      I don’t know why KHA is a gang. When they went heads up with DNCK they ran like kitty cats. Just saying! Don’t forget about those guys from DNCK. They’re still around even though they’re not a gang, I always heard they were down for each other.

    • Isisi

      how do u know if they live near you?

    • Back in the daze

      How could you forget the “CHARROS” the oldest and badest clicka in BOLEN PARQUE….Get your history straight !!… ESBPC’S.

  6. alma

    Did u all forget to put basset in there? I’m js. Doesn’t seem like a very good or accurate description of the city or its “residents”.

  7. robert garcia

    north side bolen parque is most active gang in baldwin park

  8. vnsbpx3

    18 street try to take over
    but couldn’t we kick them out of the varrio kha claiming to be a hood nothing but taggers trying to be gangbangers puro northside bolen parque x3 sgv 626 all day everyday

  9. whissy Bkha13 BLVD


  10. Simon

    I remember when KHA was a tagging crew back in the 90’s.they rolled deep, but werent gangbangin back then, just getting up.

  11. Ralph

    Does anyone know the history of why there is a Northside and Eastside Bolen Parque?

  12. pomona…v..ghetto family…..gnrs.gsters.wns

  13. Just96

    KHA is a gang now? I remember they use to try to go heads up with DNCK. Yet they didn’t succeed. I always saw them run like kitty cats. Don’t forget about DNCK, although they’re not a gang…I always hear that they’re down for their shit. I’m suprised they’re still around after so many years of gangs and crews hating on them. Kudos to them!

  14. DESMADRE BOLEN SS!GANGA!fck the rest!

  15. NSBP vs. ESBP NSBP will always win beause ESBP will always b*tch out i know beause iv saw them fight

  16. NSBP vs. ESBP NSBP will always win beause ESBP will always b**** out i know beause iv saw them fight

  17. im friends wit KHA NSBP ESBP bause there famliy

  18. yahoo why doseent any one talk on this wep site




  20. alex

    Fuck Monte flakas. Fuken wet backs ….kkhhaa


      I REMEMBER ALEX WAS was a renter pig (cop).. AND KNOW HIS A gang member hahahahahahahahahaha … OH AND ALEX DON’T FORGET WHAT HAPPEN 6 YRS AGO IN MY ROOM… WHO WHAT TO KNOW?

  21. Mr.Right

    Why cant we all just join as one and shoot some meth?

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