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Bellflower is a city in Los Angeles County, located just south of Downey. It is west of Norwalk and Cerritos and north of Lakewood. Long Beach and Paramount border it on the west. The city has a total area of 6.2 sq. mile area of space.

The city gets it name from the bellefleur apple, which was grown in local orchards around the turn of the 20th century. It is typically associated with Artesia and Cerritos as the “A-B-C” region. All three regions together are considered one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions of the United States.

According to the 2008 census, the total population is 75,486 people. The race makeup is one of the most evenly dispersed in Los Angeles. 52.2% are of Hispanic origin, 31.2% are White, 11.2% are Black or African American, and 12.6% are Asian. 30.1% of residents are foreign born, 17.3% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 76% have a high school degree or higher. Only 12.2% of individuals lives below the poverty level, which is 1% less than the national average.

Hispanic gangs in Bellflower

  • 18th Street, South Side
  • Colonia Flores
  • 17 Comments for “Bellflower, California – Hispanic gangs”

    1. doneitallseenitall

      BTown is a small city surrounded by many other citys cpt,prmnt,nwk,lb,dwny,lkwd which makes it a city made from those who commit some kind of crimes being force to hide out here bellflower has always been underground getto nd is only gettin worst from the 80s to the 90s and even now in 2010 many ppl think bellflower is not hood or getto but those who say tht dont know wats really going on here ive lived here all my life nd ive been through some things and also seen alot. the sheriffs here are stuipd nd consider everyone as criminals and envoled in some gang or is selling drugs but fuck the police!

    2. CFL

      PURO 310 WEST!!!!

    3. vandaL.

      bellflower is lowkey ghetto with a lot of fake bangers who dress tha part.

    4. trigger

      Ill rep the 562 all day everyday. I’ve very proud. Of. Growing up In Bellflower u gotta live there to know what’s uP



    6. fatjoe

      Bellflower is a gangsters hide out

    7. GxF.pomona ….v.ghetto family..gnrs

    8. Roy Rogers

      I’ve resided in Bellflower longer than any of these pathetic little gangbangers have been alive. The city had the potential of becoming something iconic and nice at one time but has since suffered an onslaught of filth and degredation that is so often generated by uneducated, low class Hispanic & Black gangs.

      “Representing” your city is not defined by how much false bravado one can display through violent acts or name calling. True representatives of the city of Bellflower do so by keeping their walls free of grafitti, performing community service that enriches and gives back to the citizens and treating others with respect and common courtesy.



    10. fucktheenemis

      Fuck faketeen bounch of lames in bellflower you levas ain’t shit all you foos respect the real gangsters from the real local varrios in the sela you bitches ain’t gangster all you faketeeners act like straigth niggers and dress like niggers fuck you wana bees all you faketeeners are legal and still fuck with minors you foos ain’t gangster you vatos are lame jumping vatos in your weak ass hood with out them wanting to get in that’s how you levas spread your weaksorry lameass hood like a virus most you bitchas raza is mexican not serotes fucking bitches you foos are lame fuck faketeen get these poor stupid lame ass prettyboys out our county eses fuck these levas y’all motherfukers got one coming.


      Do CF get along with EMF?

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