Florencia in Bell Gardens

Florencia 13 in Bell Gardens

Clicks in Bell Gardens

  1. Bear Street

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  1. Blood

    Causing A Stir <>




    WE TAKING OVER FK MAYATES GRAPE AND V GRAPE.We kick it on 92 st and holmes making space. their some mayate gangs but they do nothang. we going at it with 20+ gangs including 10 hardcore black crap & blad gangs. at the same time in LA. we have a click already in Watts, were trying to make a clicks all over watts & compton if they dont join us they fkn getting tossed out. their some mayates kick it front of liqhor store on firestone and beach and firestone and lou dillan they from bishop blood but they straight crack heads & rats. they dont do nothing they tagg once in a while. they get robbed all the time they became smart and they dont have nothing . right now going at it with grape st varrio & cribs at the same time theirs about 20 soldiers taking over their.we have over 100’s of soldiers taking over 89ecc & 59ecc terfs right now. mayates are gone..going at it with kitchen, avalons, rolllins. all of them mayates. one of the mayates got smoke last week from bishop bloods.LOL dum blank standing in firestoen and grape trying be a drug dealer . dude lost his career.
    Hardcore gang members ec59&89 st. Last week their was a shooting when their was shooting 4 black ppl cars shot a house by Vermont and Florence. With ak and they almost hit innocent people . They need practicing shooting or they should use play Russian revolver themselves. Also back in early 2000s Florence did a mblank raid on African people. From north LA east la west la south la. And ki*led over 200 people in over less than 10 years. Because east coast crib stoled few hundreds of dollars of dope. It’s true story the Mexican mafia gorilla family and fbi got involved. The Florence gang ki*led a lot of gang members anywhere in LA the black had green light but a member from black gorilla family paid $50000 to Mexican mafia to take off the green light. It was removed by shotcaller. Then the east coast cribs gang was REDUCE from 1000 members to less than 200 . The east coast is not with grape st. Florence is going at it with about 20+ different gangs in whole Los Angeles. At the same time. Theirs even other gangs paying Florence to clean put black gang members from their neighborhood Compton cv70 clean black population from 95% African 5% hispanics in 1940s-2018 African 29.4% hispanics 67.6% . Florence firestone in 1940s black 99.6% hispanic.0.4% 2018 89.70% hispanics and black 8.1%?

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