Varrio East Side Trece (13th Street) Locos


Varrio East Side Trece [ES13, Eastside 13th Street, Eastside Locos, ESL] are a predominately Hispanic street gang located on the eastside of South Los Angeles between Adams Blvd & 29th Street from Griffith (west) to Hooper Avenue (east).

Clicks: Tiny Dukes (TDKs), Tiny Locos (TLS)

Deceased members

  1. Clown ( – Apr 1999)
  2. Angel “Danger” Miguel Hernandez (Oct 26, 1977 – May 19,1997)
  3. Abel “Downer” Madera ( – Nov 26, 2006), shot & killed at 1112 E. 22nd Street. A memorial for Madera was set up on 27th Street and Central Avenue.
  4. Joseph “Lil Joey” Rubio, 16 (Sep 29, 1982- May 16, 1999)
  5. Joker
  6. Maniak
  7. Joel Leon ( – Sept 23, 2006)
  8. Jorge Flores, 22 ( – Nov 23, 2006), shot & killed at 2801 S. Central Avenue by Blood Stone Piru member
Eastside Trece graffiti on northeast corner of Hooper Ave & 28th Street

Eastside Trece graffiti on northeast corner of Hooper Ave & 28th Street

17 Comments for “Varrio East Side Trece (13th Street) Locos”

  1. Adrian Barajas


  2. Stranger

    El varrio east side 13 lokotes gang fuck a fageta…bk gangsters twinkie killa smasher…adams 27 n 28 central ave gangbangers..check out da homies video we did it back in da 90’s wit brown side now da new shit by chiko..u know east up wit da varrio from san bernandino to los angeles shout out to da homies doin time for da hood lil danger doi 150 years for killing to sloob ass bitches shorty doin 25 to life for smashing on da faggs lil boy jungle browny n da rest of thwm main line soldier level 4 surenos max out on ma date south central varrio EASTSIDE 13

    • cheese side scrap fuck weakbacks

      fuck your whack ass video you weak ass wetback your confused lookin pathetic TRYING TO DO BLACK MUSIC fuck spaniard slave ass roaches fuck your dead homies and future dead homie 13K fucking roaches

    • West side up

      Ha ha ha your so full of shit. Every real person in the streets of LA no the 30 blood stone pirus, the 20 outlaws, be merking yall. An you guys started the whole shit. Any kills yall got, is nothing compared to the bodies they dropped on yall. How many dead hommies you got from those damus ? I see you left that part out. They smashed yall like 13 to 4 keep it real. Plus that infamous 49th street massacre. The coroner report, and the LA times homicide report says it all. Please don’t reply unless your gonna tell the truth. Don’t reply at all actually, you a big bad East Trece hitter you suppose to be out there putting in work ha ha. Not online hyping up your weak ass hood smh.

    • casper

      Lil danger? you talking about eduardo?

  3. Fucka surat13KfuckwetbacksK

    wetbacksK 13K

  4. Rangaah


  5. Hugh Jardon

    East side locos are a bunch of pussies. I just fucked them up in GI NE

  6. Smiley

    Varrio EastSideLocos 13 por vida !!

  7. Emmanuel Arganda

    Showin love to all EastSideLoco13 affiliates!

  8. TMC


  9. RealSoldier

    Holy hell, you guys are f’n retarded. If there was a God I would pray that each and every one of you is sterile an dies young. Fuck, read a damn book, use spell check, Contribute to society. Punk ass makes a few grand and dies at 24, awesome life story. Retards,

  10. Mono

    Does anyone know Danger’s (RIP) who was from Brownside too, real name? And where was he killed? In LA or San Bernardino??

    • Danger RIP

      Danger got killed by a ni66er so the homies from ES13 killed the ni66ers little siter. Any ni66er caught walking in the hood will get shot at now.



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