Varrio East Side Trece Locos

Varrio East Side Trece [ES13, Eastside Locos] are a predominately Hispanic street gang located on the eastside of South Los Angeles between Adams Blvd & 29th Street from Griffith (west) to Hooper Avenue (east).

During the early 1990s they has a spot on 49th Street while maintaining their original location since about 1981. Several members, including Toker and Danger created a rap group called Brownside that was signed to Eazy E’s Ruthless records in 1994, but Eazy-E died from complications related to the HIV virus/AIDS and Brownside released their album independently.

Carlos “Junior” Vignali, was affiliated with members of Eastside Trece and Eazy E during the early 1990s and was eventually charged and convicted on federal drug trafficking offenses in 1994. He was characterized as a “drug king pin” supplying drug dealers from Los Angeles to Minnesota as his father, who appeared to run legitimate businesses in LA was his supplier. Federal prosecutors said the the son showed no interest in making a deal for a lesser prison term by revealing who supplied him with the cocaine and instead decided to take his case to trial despite overwhelming wire tap evidence against him. He was sentenced to 15-years in prison and his father was never charged, but on January 20, 2001 he was granted an 11th hour commutation by then President Bill Clinton and walked out of a federal prison after serving 6-years. Vignali’s father, Horacia Vignali, a successful Los Angeles entrepreneur became a large-scale political donor in the years after his son’s arrest, donating more than $160,000 to state and federal officeholders, including Governor’s Pete Wilson and Gray Davis. Eventually, the son’s name made it on the clemency list of the President of the United States.

According to a November 10, 1992, DEA report:

the gang enforcement unit at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
discovered that a vehicle used by Carlos Vignali was registered to a company that owned cars “associated with various gangs.” DEA Document Production V-DEA-00024 (DEA-6, Report of Investigation, “Carlos Anibal Vignali,” (Nov. 10, 1992))

The 2002 report stated:

Based on Bruce Lindsey’s testimony, in his initial presentation to Lindsey, Rodham made a number of serious misrepresentations. First, he claimed that Vignali was a first-time offender. As described above, this is plainly false because Vignali had two prior convictions and two other arrests. In addition, Vignali was an admitted gang member.

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Deceased members

  1. Clown ( – Apr 1999)
  2. Danger
  3. Abel “Downer” Madera ( – Nov 26, 2006), shot & killed at 1112 E. 22nd Street. A memorial for Madera was set up on 27th Street and Central Avenue.
  4. Joseph “Lil Joey” Rubio, 16 (Sep 29, 1982- May 16, 1999)
  5. Pee Wee
  6. Joel Leon ( – Sept 23, 2006)
  7. Jorge Flores, 22 ( – Nov 23, 2006), shot & killed at 2801 S. Central Avenue by Blood Stone Piru member

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  1. Adrian Barajas


  2. Stranger

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  5. Hugh Jardon

    East side locos are a bunch of pussies. I just fucked them up in GI NE

  6. Smiley

    Varrio EastSideLocos 13 por vida !!

  7. Emmanuel Arganda

    Showin love to all EastSideLoco13 affiliates!

  8. TMC


  9. RealSoldier

    Holy hell, you guys are f’n retarded. If there was a God I would pray that each and every one of you is sterile an dies young. Fuck, read a damn book, use spell check, Contribute to society. Punk ass makes a few grand and dies at 24, awesome life story. Retards,

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