Happy Valley

Happy Valley

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    Soy Raskal Wise Crime C-Boy HVGANG

  2. Mana

    Another bunch of LATIN fooS. CUNTS.

  3. Job

    Soy Triple.Listoe H.v.g.a.n.g D.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s C.o.b.r.a.s K.l.i.c.k 13

  4. FUCK H.V

    f#@$k H,V chick AZZ MEXICANS

  5. Dopey


    • Loki

      Fuk Sad Valley. ->ROSE HILLS GANG DVS <-homes Valley ki*lahh

      • termite rose hills gang

        whats up with that them fools from hv trying to get some from rose hills after we had their neighborhood in check for so long they want to start triping

      • Poppa roach

        Another vagina blank fool trying to internet bang, didn’t ghost teach u guys any manners, lol….. So shut the f#@$k up put your name and let’s do it like sum big boys do, REPOE HVG DCKLICK

        • 823Klick

          f#@$k Dixie Chick foos stop Hiding Fo Real You Lame blank chickes!!! Havent We Made You Foo’s Look Lame For To Long Already put that dixie stuff to rest!!!

      • Poppa roach

        Shut the fuk up, stop trying to Internet bang didn’t ghost teach u vaginas anything, if its so sad over here why u foos always wanna pblank by, watch out we pack that raid…lol. HVGANG ALL DAY

        • termite rose hills gang

          you fools dont know what gangbanging is fools when your homie got ki*led by cheescake we were the ones that went to put in work on the fools that shot him you fools were all hypes no one wanted eny from us fools we are to crazy and dont give a f#@$k click click bang bang ITS THE BIG BAD ROSE HILL GANG PUTOS

  6. Poppa roach

    Shut the fuk up u fukin lil roach stop trying to Internet bang vaginas r all mad cuz when u come thru the valley u get served stop crying what out we pack that raid….lol. HVGANG ALL DAY..

  7. Poppa roach

    Shut the fuk up u lil roach stop crying and trying to bang over the net u just mad cuz when u pblank thru the valley u get served, watch out we pack that raid… Lol. HVGANG ALL DAY

  8. Poppa roach

    Stop crying u roach….rose hill kicks it wit enemies hahaha

    • termite rose hills gang

      what the f#@$k are you talking about you stupid homeless valley piece of sh*% neighborhood you aint sh*% we put your piece of sh*% neighborhood on the map and i beat your chick as homie up and hes a f#@$ken snicth telling in the county that we had a green ligth because i knocked his teeth out chickes we had that sh*% locked down fool you know you guys aint sh*% but f#@$ken hypes fools you f#@$k with the hood you f#@$k with us fools we put in work

      • trouble

        Relax Mr. Termite you act like you know it all. But you dont qhen my homeboy got ki*led by cheese cake we handled that yeah you guys put in some work but thats what we did back in the days, we had each others back. Like when serotes ki*led your 4 homies the Valley put in sick work. But you dont see us trying to claim that sh*%. When you guys got green light for kil#i*gg a lil girl. Who helped you guys?? My muuies our big your ask your homeboy saint who help get the green light off we did that. We had some crazy times back in the day but Mr. Termite you were around but you werent puttung work

      • trouble

        Im not sure what kind of History lesson your giveing but you cant rewrite history. First off your only like 2ft tall so I doubt you knocked any bodies teeth out. Your lame the Valley never needed roaches for anything. We cliqe up cause we had common enemies period. And what you call putting in work was shooting at crowds with woman and kids (lames) that why you were green lighters keep it real. Thats why Listo ki*led himself rip Listo RHG, Listo was A real G not termite. But he got your hood in a reck. Who did you big bad chickes run to? You forgot so Ill remind you you went to Happy Valley. to Husky from HVG talked to our big homies cuz you chickes didnt have big homies excecpt for milk shake ha ha

  9. pomona streeter HVG

    f#@$kin termite,keep it real foo,your blank ain’t around no more cuz u were caught playing with a little girl.you sick little chester,them prees got a hold of you,so dontbtry to talk all crazy on here like you were sum kind of real gangster when deep down u had skeletons in your closet,and then here you are woofing all this madness about you kicked my homeboys blank…..pleeez my homeboy travieso would of beat your little blank so bad but like he can tell you he was not doing so good back then,he’s a mutha f#@$ken foo,and your acting like you ki*led the president over there in your hidding spot jumping like a kid. So Alex aka termite. Aka child molester….Come show your face in your hood,why if you say who you really are…cuz u can’t!!! Your a piece of sh*%,your homeboys say your a piece of sh*%,now what,gotchu where it hurts. VHAPPY VALLEY GANG ….


    Termite stop running your mouth ,come out of hiding ,you did your sh*% back then but not like u claim to hv,you got caught touching a little baby girl,skanless blank punk,your hood ain’t half as what they were back then,you got this fool bird trying to recruit little kids on skate boards,what a sad thing anything to try and keep rh on the map,when our hoods got into gun play let me tell you ,you guys couldn’t f#@$k with what we gave you guys,you lil roaches came to our hood acting loca and got lit the f#@$k up rounds and rounds then one ofbyoyr rabbit blank Paisa homie ‘downer’ who couldn’t speak English came and blasted at my homies pad where kids are sleeping ,I guess he didn’t know that sh*% like that don’t fly,this ain’t Mexico Mutha f#@$ker,but that issue didn’t go anywhere,we ain’t cry babies,so now any ROACH on site!!!!! Come to where we blast on you with a smile:),,varrio HAPPY VALLEY GANG Mutha f#@$k a ROACHk….f#@$k your peace treaty varrio,our trap houses got that raid waiting for a roach to come out and play! 🙂


    Fuka roach, fuka cheeser,fuka faketeen,fuka tadpole. Hvgang life 🙂


    TRAP HOUSE , Hvgang

  13. Cricket HV


  14. El sereno !


  15. richie

    HvG El Paso Tx Chapter

  16. richie


  17. Thanks

    Much love to everyone posting here.

    I though I couldn’t afford to buy a house for me and my kids anywhere on the East side. Thanks to all you bangers and rock slangers, home prices in HV are still low.

    Your dad

  18. EastSide28ST

    East South Central 28ST slobK flapsK gummiesK

  19. Original East Los

    Eastside Clover Tiny Jokers 19st 21st 26st 28st 34st 39st 42st Los Cutdowns Los Chicos Los Jokers The Phantoms

  20. killaclowns

    f#@$k WSki*lah CVki*lah 357ki*lah PSki*lah 12STki*lah SOSTki*lah stay HAPPY =) f#@$k my enemies



  22. For real?..

    These guys are really going back and forth on this internet sh*%!..wow y’all serious?..saying names and all this dry snitch sh*%..1st of all what is rose hills?..I used to walk thru there all the time when I’ll go to the hood on the east side..projects was like a ghost town..one night I guess y’all poked your gay blankes out and got popped on back to back in like 15 mins another time I was over there on the block someone got lit up late at night I would go all the way in the back to the park and chill no rose hill gang to be found so 2thumbs down!…Happy valley..never even seen one of you wierdos I was just over there and seen the hit up across from Lincoln High..no f#@$king way are we active now all of a sudden? Over there?…OK cool IMA see what’s up..cause I know who’s active on that east side and who’s not I catch you out side anygivin time IMA let off the whole 30rounds in my sh*% guy f#@$k a rose hill if there is any left! ! f#@$k a happy valley if there is one y’all soft as f#@$k This SS KAM Gang and f#@$k all maravillas you wierdos ain’t surenos bro!!

  23. hipster

    i can’t wait until the white people take all of ur hoods.

    • Fuck beaners

      That’s right, f#@$k these dumb beaners. Keep kil#i*gg your own people so that us white people can take over ur neighborhoods and f#@$k ur sisters. Hahahaha! white! Trump!

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