Lynwood Varrio Rude Boys

Lynwood Varrio Rude Boys

29 Comments for “Lynwood Varrio Rude Boys”

  1. bKinsane18

    whoop my guy munchies from RBS and he go hard!

    • Killa bee

      Thats y i chased him with a screw driver. f#@$k yo hood rat from lb evelyn in her thick blank. f#@$k u munchies. Look like a mon chi chi blank joto

  2. T-money

    munch munch yea he go hard kuando kiere…… but then again they all do!!!!

  3. shyboy

    wblankup!!!! to all the homies out there,.much love,.LYNWOOD RUDOS SUR 13

  4. SLICK


  5. Ese BiG DOPEY MGS CLiCK LWD Rude Boys 13 Fuck All My enemigas killa

    Dopster 13 life goes deep don’t forget we’re u come from biatch ..!!

  6. fatalfury


  7. Above Street Thugs

    Do all of you idiots have any idea how stupid you sound? Get an education.

  8. orale

    Chawooo!!! Orale homitos. Im the big og el spyder

  9. LRB X3

    Haha the realest foo that put it down for LRBS 13 WAS MY DAD BIG CHINO FRM LRB X3 AND YOUNGSTER If you a real one you kno who they are haaa

  10. LRB X3

    I’m lil chino frm LRBS , and if you foos got pedo hit up my dad he’s og big chino aja chinaman from LRB

  11. BARLOW

    Youngster was lefty boy haha EVERYONE knows lefty that’s a Mutha f#@$king CMS . That’s if u know what I’m talking about.

  12. lynwoooood

    I dont like the system .! I dont like the cops , f#@$ken puercos
    free Whisper !

  13. Jay

    I don’t think that’s true at all, lil boy.

  14. dopie

    f#@$k all you levas from Leva wood f#@$k happy from the ducks

  15. KIlLa

    Big baD lWD muthaf#@$kas. Im Out nOw cOme C ME!

  16. Real og

    f#@$k everyone ! I ran the streets of compton,lynwood,watts,inglewood,south central etc… was no rookie i beat men and women up and did some crazy sh*% . Im a mutha f#@$ken G . And still popping off f#@$k all you levas . Bang bang 36

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