The Maravilla Gangs of East Los Angeles

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The Maravilla Gangs of East Los Angeles

All the Maravilla gangs are located in Unincorporated East Los Angeles just east of the Boyle Heights section of the City of Los Angeles.

  1. Arizona MaraVilla (AMV, AZAMV)
  2. El Hoyo MaraVilla (HMV)
  3. Fisher Street Locos MaraVilla (FSLMV)
  4. Ford MaraVilla (FMV)
  5. Fraser MaraVilla (FRMV)
  6. Gage MaraVilla (GMV)
  7. High Times MaraVilla (HTS MV)
  8. Juarez MaraVilla (JMV)
  9. Kern MaraVilla (KMV) [defunct]
  10. Lote MaraVilla (LMR)
  11. Lopez MaraVilla (LMV)
  12. Lomita MaraVilla (LMA MV, LA MV) [defunct]
  13. Marianna MaraVilla
  14. Moeriya MaraVilla
  15. Pomeroy MaraVilla
  16. Maravilla Projects (MVP)
  17. Raskals MaraVilla
  18. MaraVilla Rifa
  19. Rock MaraVilla (RMV)

294 Comments for “The Maravilla Gangs of East Los Angeles”

  1. Knowing

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  2. lol

    fukk maravilla maravilla killa BIG NSUX3 SCRAPS

  3. eazt loz

    eazt loz forever MARAVILLA RIFA GANG

  4. david

    big gay boy gangs haha

  5. kartoon R.I.P

    Fuck all maravillas SUR13KCCGANG!!

    • Crowloco Juarez Mara Gang!

      Fuck kids collecting cans! Puro Mara perra susia. Ur not even around East Los,ur just a lame ass sur robot. U hear ur orders n u follow. B ur own man,do as u want when u want. That’s what a real man does! East Los Angeles Juarez Maravilla Gang Enanos Locos Crowloco!!

  6. big wino

    fuck all you bitches from little verga hood.. big and little boo boo are chavalas always hiding in your wetback hood..

  7. bang bang maravilla gang

    you foolz can’t take over eazt loz it’z all about the EME VE ERE

  8. bang bang maravilla gang


  9. Piru p

    FuCK yall vatos. If it aint red then them niggaz is dead. Wish one of them 13 motha fuCKas come through he would get his chico ass killed. This Piru P niggas aint ready for war wid niCK garden stones. Love to them Nortenos fuck dem surenos
    Ngck, 13 K, mmk.

  10. los

    Ss Colonia watts 13 los gents click

  11. Big Bad MV

    All u lames wish u were as down as Maravilla! Come on keep it real! Maybe like 2 or 4 out of the thousands of gangs in Cali can do what Maravilla did! Thats why all you haters just love to hate on us cuz you cant be us! Puro Big Bad Maravilla of East Los!!!


    First off!… All u levas pay taxes ese!….. Why u think u walkin the county nw… I kno first hand u levas dnt b saying that shit…. Butterballs first in line to pay them taxes!… SERIO!!!….. So cut that shit out chumps!…. LVRGANG!…. MVK!….

    • Big Bad MV

      STFU lil verga boy! I’m surprise you can write in english lol Talking out the side of your neck! Think about what u said lame, “first in line to pay taxes” really?! smh go sit in the corner & think about what u said with ur lil verga having ass!

  13. matvelous

    Forders in this mutha fucka! Puro Maravilla!!! If ya don’t know…. Now ya know! Pot las calles y tiras de MARAILLA!


    all u bitchez pay tax’s b/c u can’t fight for your weak azz gang zo u bend over and take it up the azz lmao tax’s free MARAVILLA GANG

  15. Puro Mara!

    Puro MaraVilla
    United we stand, divided we fall

  16. MMV

    PURO Marianna MaraVilla Fuck suratas bitch ass niggas

  17. jacob

    Fuck all u haters puro mv free smokey


    Fuk a butter u fools ain’t shit haha saying this nd dat u foos got the 187 from pomeroy gage marriana either way I kik bak at Garfield nd work by vne s hood but I dnt see no bitch ass butter wearinng green STAY TRUE TO THE BLUE BIG SUR x3 Fuk all mamavergas

  19. MMV

    What’s up homie talking shit fuck suratas it’s that big bad marianna MaraVilla Gang homie tax free come down to the vario where if you sur your gonna die puro maravilla and fuck vne

  20. MMV

    This is big bad marianna maravilla whereof u ain’t Mara you ain’t Nara big bad tax free fuck suratas 187 on a busta in my vario it’s 24/7 killing you fuckin suratas

  21. Hicks Mr.sicko

    V.Es.HickS13 3ast los haha most butters are Bitches, Fuckers Don’t claim there shit when there by urself lol they need there girl scout team to think hard ,Puttos wear blue and gray walking all hard ,with or Sur Up colors, that’s how bad there bitches, The HickS gang Rifa NEnaAs!!! Aic crew all around EaSt los Angeles & Boyle Hts & C.t SUR UP !!! Bitches think they don’t pay taxes but they still do lol lames, they

  22. MMV

    Fuck pick st your lames nothing but taggers this is marianna maravilla gang tax free come thru the vario to get wasted always packing gcs clique 187 on a surata

  23. MVChuco

    We dont need no colors to represent our neighborhood fucken lames, colors is a mayate thing, Suratas, and Norpuputas do what the mayates do haha Lames! Maravilla keeping it original!

  24. Mara muthafucken Villa




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