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CleanSlate is a gang recovery and tattoo removal program that helps to erase the visible signs of gang involvement while working with gang and former gang members to get back in touch with their emotions. The gang culture does not allow for expression of perceived weakness such as sadness, vulnerability, fear and tears. The result is often rage. We give them permission to express these feelings through a Conversation Group called .The Meeting. that meets Friday.s on a weekly basis. They are then connected with an individual counselor, if requested, who gives them one-on-one support. We work jointly with the Southern California Counseling Center where the .Meetings. take place. A licensed therapist, paraprofessional .gang. counselors and Marriage & Family Therapist interns volunteer to facilitate the meetings.

Our tattoo removal fees are low, but attending .Meetings. will result in an additional discount. Many of our group members are not getting tattoo removal at all, but find the group helps in daily life to manage their anger and rage. The group also includes non-gang members who are working through their own issues of power and control, rage issues, substance abuse and other often isolating issues. We find that through understanding and respecting difference we can begin to find peace within ourselves.

The tattoo process is a service that is for our clients financially out of reach. We have developed this program to assist those that need the service the most and can afford it the least. Tattoos are a barrier to securing gainful employment. The gang related tattoos are a danger to the gang and former gang member involved in change because it still signifies affiliation. Although our clients have started the journey of living a life free of violence, tattoos continue to draw attention from gang members who have yet to begin their journey in seeking inner-peace.

Our philosophy

.The community can not find peace until as individuals we find inner-peace..


The intake includes a short counseling session and setting the fee. Approximately 98% of our clients have been affected by family violence. They witnessed or experienced the violence first hand. We hope to end the cycle of violence in the community one person at a time. When we end the cycle of violence we save lives. One time intake charge $10.00 Intakes are 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. three Fridays a month. Call for appointment at 562-770-0266 or 323-937-1344 ext. 215

The Meeting

Clients are encouraged to attend the .Meeting. to find support and acceptance among peers. Only one Group meeting required, but continued participation in the .meeting. will result in an additional discount for the tattoo removal process. The Group sessions are $5.00 Groups are 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. No appointment required. *Please note that .meetings. are three Fridays a month. The Friday after tattoo removal clinic there is not a meeting or intakes.


Each participant agrees to contribute to the process financially. We never turn a client away because of their inability to contribute. However, we do believe each client must invest in his or her own process to achieve real change. All of our counselors are volunteers who are interns working towards their state license in Marriage and Family Therapy, Pre-doctoral or paraprofessional. We have a licensed therapist and a (LCSW) Licensed Clinical Social Worker who are on site during intakes. The licensed therapist also sits in on the meeting.

This is a healing approach to the rage and pain that exists in our oppressed communities. Children are killing children and this is an incalculable loss to our communities and families. Gang members are not born Gang members. Gang members are created through wounds that have yet to be healed. Gangs will continue to flourish in a society that refuses to value our children.

Marianne Diaz

Our Mission

It is the mission of CleanSlate to assist in the healing of gang and non-gang members both externally and internally. We want to understand the past and build a new future through counseling and tattoo removal for a segment of our population that is financially challenged and socially oppressed. Our ultimate goal is to save lives through ending the cycle of violence and building acceptance in the greater community to support change through nurturing and empowerment not incarceration and punishment..

All CleanSlate staff are volunteers. Your contributions help us keep the doors open. Thank you! CleanSlate Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization

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