Culver City Gang Faces Injunction

Court Order Could Curtail Gang Activity

CULVER CITY, Updated 8:20 p.m. May 20, 1997 — A Superior Court judge today put off a decision on whether to issue an injunction against alleged members of the 18th Street Gang, reports City News Service.

The city of Los Angeles is trying to shut down the gang with a court order. The proposed injunction would regulate activities of 18 of the gang’s alleged members and authorize police to cite or arrest anyone who violates part of that court order.

The lawsuit was filed on March 21. Judge Alan Buckner considered the request Wednesday and indicated that he will likely grant the injunction.

“The court will not hesitate to issue an injunction,” Buckner said, according to The Associated Press.

However, the judge added that the only remaining issue to be decided is whether all those named in the proposed injunction are actually gang members.

Another hearing has been set for July 9.

The gang’s activities are centered in a small patch of Los Angeles, near the eastern end of Culver City. The 17-square-block area is bounded by Westhaven Street, Hauser and Jefferson boulevards and Alsace Avenue, said CBS 2 News.

If granted, the injunction would impose a new curfew, restrict defendants from associating with other alleged gang members in the target area, and allow police to arrest anybody acting as a “lookout,” reports CNS.

It would also bar defendants from harassing and intimidating residents.

Several of the activities mentioned in the order – including selling drugs and applying graffiti – are already illegal.

Compiled from CBS 2 News, Associated Press, City News Service reports

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