Challenging the Suge Knight narrative and getting it correct

Cle "Bone" Sloan on the set of Straigh Outta Compton, 2014

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer February 2, 2015 | 6:29 p.m. LOS ANGELES – There has been an abundance of coverage connected to Suge Knight’s most recent legal matter related to an incident that occurred in Compton last Thursday. Knight visited the lunch set of the film Straight Outta Compton, uninvited and started […]

El Salvadorian man convicted of Chandra Levy’s murder says confession was a lie

levy killer

By Stefani Camille WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER March 13, 2013 Do you remember the 2001 Chandra Levy case? She was a 24 year old intern for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in 2001 who was found dead in Washington’s Rock Creek Park, a year after she had gone missing. At the time, Levy was reportedly having […]

Ex-city controller says don’t vote for Trutanich

trutanich Staff Writer October 09, 2012 | 9:58 p.m. PST Former Controller Laura Chick says don’t vote for city attorney, Trutanich. Chick urged voters in an open letter to think twice before re-electing him to a second term. Chick, who supported Trutanich publicly in April 2009, said in a letter Tuesday that she had “made […]

Trutanich’s claim of being shot at is under question during campaign for DA

tru.jpeg Staff May 15, 2012 | 4:55 p.m. PST Carmen Trutanich has been questioned about an incident that occurred in 1985 when he was under oath in a legal proceeding in 2008. He said he had a hazy recollection and described an encounter in which his investigator saw somebody with a gun in Green Meadows […]

Francesco Schettino, Costa Concordia captain, lied & whined after abandoning ship

Costa Concordia

Helen Kennedy (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) | January 17, 2012 The Italian captain who ran his cruise ship aground last week was exposed as a cringing chicken of the sea who repeatedly refused orders to return to his sinking ship. In a remarkable phone recording made public Wednesday, a raging Coast Guard chief commandant shouts […]

Poverty Figures May Be Wrong


Sharon Bernstein (NBCLA) |  December 16, 2011 You may have heard worried news reports that 50 percent of Americans had either fallen into poverty or are considered low income. But while poverty in the United States is certainly an important issue, those figures appear to be wrong, perhaps based on a misunderstanding of the data […]

Chris Hansen caught on tape cheating on wife


Andrew N. Farrens Staff Writer July 4, 2011 | 1:16 p.m. There have been many times on the reality show “To Catch A Predator,” when Chris Hansen, the host, would wonder on air, exactly what the men who were caught in his undercover sex-stings for NBC’s Dateline were thinking when they found out they […]

Rep. Anthony Weiner claims Twitter account hacked as a prank

Anthony Weiner

Andrew N. Farrens Staff Writer June 3, 2011 | 1:09 p.m. Social media is a wonderful tool that keeps us informed and connected to our friends and family in ways that we could not have imagined fifteen years ago. If abused or used inappropriately, it can also create a scandal or an embarrassing moment […]

AZ Senator Jon Kyl admits to lie regarding abortion frequency at Planned Parenthood

Warning: The comments I make while on the Senate floor are not to be taken as factual statements Staff April 23, 2011 | 11:44 p.m. Although it is true that Planned Parenthood performs abortions, it is a small fraction of the services they provide. In an effort to convince GOP lawmakers to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood, US Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, while on the Senate floor on April 11, stated […]

Online commentator gets Aubrey Berry acquittal all wrong


By Alex A. Alonso STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER June 6, 2010 | 3:10 p.m. LOS ANGELES – With the explosion of the internet and rapid growth of the blogospere, everyone who already had something to say, can have their message heard instantly no matter how ignorant or inaccurate they are. Youtube is a great method to […]

Ex-Goldman trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation


By MICHAEL GRAY (NY Post) April 11, 2010 There is no silver lining to the activities of JPMorgan Chase and HSBC in the precious-metals market here and in London, says a 40-year veteran of the metal pits. The banks, which do the Federal Reserve’s bidding in the metals markets, have long been the government’s lead […]

Glenn Beck Earned $32 Million In 2009; states he “could give a flying crap about the political process”


from Five and a half hours before showtime Glenn Beck still isn’t quite sure how he’ll provide tonight’s entertainment, “The Future of History”–two hours of monologue (and answers to preselected questions) before a nearly sellout crowd of 1,000 or so people at the Nokia ( NOK – news – people ) Theatre in New […]