Laura Ling and Euna Lee confirmed they did cross North Korean border

Alex Alonso for
August 7, 2009

Captured American Journalists

Captured American Journalists

Today the two journalist, Laura Ling and Euna Lee confirmed that they did cross into North Korea, as North Korean President, Kim Jong-Il stated. On March 21, 2009, the North Koreans stated that two Americans were detained while illegally intruding into the territory of the DPRK by crossing the DPRK-China border.” The two female journalist were also with a camera person, and local guide who was extremely aware of the border points. The two men were able to escape capture, leaving the two females behind.

The two journalist stated that they only crossed the border for only “maybe 30 seconds” before they were captured and detained. Or should we say they were captured within 30 seconds of crossing the border. It is a violation to cross any North Korean border, and since the summer of 2004, when South Korea flew hundreds of North Korean refugees from Vietnam for resettlement in South Korea, North Korea began imposing stiffer penalties against captured violators. North Korea called the South Korean action “kidnapping,” and demanded the return of the refugees. South Korea refused and talks between the two nations were cut off for 10 months.

So much for all the pundits that stated that the two journalist did not cross the border, or that they were grabbed by aggressive North Korean border guards who crossed the Chinese border to seize the two journalist. When Lisa Ling told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “When the girls left the United States, they never intended to cross into North Korean soil. And if they did at any point, we apologize,” that should have been an indication that Lisa must of got information that indeed the two journalist crossed the North Korean border but on NBC’s Today show Lisa Ling stated she didn’t know if she crossed the border.

Fortunately, Ling and Lee had the political privilege of being pardoned after receiving a 12-year sentence in a North Korean prison. Because they worked for Current TV, co-owned by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, they were able to have their release negotiated with a visit to North Korea by former U.S. President Bill Clinton. The penalty was indeed harsh, when most sentences for this violation are usually 5-years or less, but they only served a few months and are now home in the US. Expect for their story to be featured on an episode on National Geographic’s hit show Locked-Up Abroad, but expect outrage from families all across the United States that have completely innocent loved ones unfairly being detained in foreign prisons serving ridiculous sentences without any chance for a pardoned.

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11 Comments for “Laura Ling and Euna Lee confirmed they did cross North Korean border”

  1. stef alonso

    Great article on the topic. I enjoy watcing “Nat Geo’s” hit show “Locked up abroad’ with my husband, on the weekends. I hope to see this story on it as well. Thanks for the info.

  2. edubb

    these chickes were STUPID to risk their freedom and jeopardize their families for the sake of a story. I wonder if Al Gore told them to “get the story” and that’s why they went their to get them. Lucky chinks.

  3. Ervin

    Edubb, what they did was dumb but calling them chickes and making a racial slur (chinks) is uncalled for. Grow up son!

    • you are correct, racial slurs should only said in the privacy of your own home. jk. But seriously, these two women, who were with a guide and a male camera person did a highly risky act.

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    f#@$k em.

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