The great divider, Glenn Beck, exposed his deep rooted racialized view of President Obama

Alex Alonso for

July 29, 2009

bbecckGlenn Beck, revealed his true feelings about Barack Obama, by calling him a “racist” on the Fox and Friends morning show on July 28, 2009. Although President Obama was raised by white people, has hired white people to run his cabinet, and grew up with white people, Beck believes that the president has a problem with white people. Then Beck makes a contradicting statement, “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people, He [President Obama] has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.” Well if you believe someone is a racist against white people, then they have a problem with white people.

These comments are completely unfounded as Beck is trying to demonize and stigmatize a President that has a record of bridge building and unity, and has never demonstrated any negative views or expressed racialized thoughts towards any group of people. Perhaps Beck is a closet racist himself that cannot come to grips that his America has overwhelmingly elected a black man to occupy the White House for the next four years. Fox News, quickly distanced the network from Beck’s comment. Bill Shine, Fox News senior vice president of programming, said that Beck had “expressed a personal opinion which represented his own views, not those of the Fox News Channel. And as with all commentators in the cable news arena, he is given the freedom to express his opinions.” Expect the ratings to soar on Beck’s show as he continues to put his foot in his mouth.

Ironically, two years ago on his radio show, Beck called Obama “very white.” Listen below.

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16 Comments for “The great divider, Glenn Beck, exposed his deep rooted racialized view of President Obama”

  1. efanzo

    What does this have to do with GANGS??????

  2. gil

    Exactly right. This is typical of the Left. Change the subject. Point finger elsewhere.

  3. watitis

    beck is an idiot.

  4. Ervin

    This doesn’t have anything to do with gangs but that being said, let me say this comment doesn’t surprise me with Glen Beck! He’s a moron. Remember that whole thing with wrestler Chris Benoit about two years ago?! He (Beck) had the nerve to actually blame his slain wife for their son’s death and her own. He also claimed steriods and other slants on Benoit before the actual facts were known!

    Beck has a track record of opening his mouth without checking his facts so this doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Daniel

    We all know Obama is a joke for a president!! We thought Bush was bad, Obama doesn’t come up to the knees of Bush. This is not the Change we Wanted.

    • BECK who?

      Give the man a chance, u people give up to easily or just wanna say something negative exactly what changes did u expect in such a hurry,”the economy” or what u people need to make change for yourself instead of waiting for someone to handle it for u.

  6. Jose

    This man makes me sick. Only FOX News would give scum like this his own show. He’s a blatant racist. Juts like most Obama haters. They can’t accept the fact that a non-white holds the presidency.

    And LMAO at Daniel for saying Obama’s worse than Bush. Thats a joke right there. Bush’s cabinet is the reason we’re so screwed off as a country right now. He singlehandedly ruined this economy, bungled a terroist attack, Osama’s capture, and a natural disaster. You’re either hating the fact that a black man is running this country or you’re just a plain idiot.

  7. Robert Johnson

    Alex Alonso is too stupid to be publish! Makes this web site irrelevant. Keep up the good job make your efforts worthless! BONEHEADS ! OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST. LOOK WHO HE HAS APPOINTED. Argue with the facts idiots!

  8. christy

    Ok Jose, Fact: Obama is not “black”. I believe he has a white mother, so he actually is not the first black president.
    Fact: I am not a plain idiot.
    And if you had any intelligence at all, you would know that it would be impossible for one man, singlehandedly, as u put it, to ruin the economy of a country!

  9. Julian

    Aboma is a racist. He spent 20 years with racist Reverend Wright to whom he dedicated his book and referred to the racist Wright as his mentor. He made a race isue completely opposite of the truth regarding Harvard “professor” of hate, Henry Louis Gates Jr. Aboma also appointed an openly racist Supreme Court justice, who also is equally open about subverting the Constitution of the United States. Because these people are all racist in a way that makes you happy, you ignore the racism. You all embrace a party that is led by a former KKK Kleagle (recruiter) and Exalted Cyclops.

    Any white republican that did anything close to these things would never make it to office. Liberals embrace racists like Aboma because hate brings power to liberalism.

    Glenn Beck is correct and honest, which is much more than one can say about most of what I have seen on this web page.

    Christy’s point about Aboma being half white is a perfect example of why race is meaningless. Those who think race should ever be a deciding factor are fools. When we dislike Aboma, it’s always because “he’s Black.” As if we’d like his marxist policies if he were a cracker.

  10. jackson r


    • ghandi

      JACKSon R is a George Bush d#$k sucker swallowing all his nut in his mouth. You cant even read so how the hell do you know what Obama wrote in his book your racist prick. Glen Beck is a hater of all people not white and that will be his legacy as he makes his dirty money.

  11. IDIOTS

    Shut up racist whites… everyone can see through your bullsh*%. When Bush was f#@$king up you were singing “oh, the liberals are just trying to tarnish his rep,” All the while sucking his wrinkled d#$k. f#@$k off!

  12. there seems to be a lot of discussion about who is racist and who is not. i believe we should look at the track record of everyone being discussed.

    Barack was born to a white woman, raised by white people and educated in private, mainly white schools. it would be hard for anyone, however light they are, not to have received any type of racial comments or slurs during his educational tenure at any or all of the schools he attended. i wouldn’t blame him if he had a personal opinion on white people dealing with black people. with that said, there is no evidence to show that policy or theory from barack is racist. if any of you can find one, i will give you a hundred dollars and a hand shake. but, i’m willing to bet that wouldn’t be enough.

    seems to me like the bigger issue here is fear. fear that a “black president’ will take revenge on all whites because of what has been historically to blacks in our country, and to punish white people for being capitalists. that argument is also b.s. first of all, there is no way to make up for the generations of pain shared and felt by black people in our country. the fact that their treatment of a group of people; and really it’s their treatment to all groups of people that look differently (sound like anyone / any group?) that creates this “white guilt” and then fear for what the consequences to those actions will be. slavery was supposedly abolished, but their are still sweat shops hiring ethnic minorities to work in substandard conditions and for cents to the hour. that is also a form of slavery. some would argue that these people can leave, but that is simply not an option when your life is in someone else’s hands; similar to why slaves wouldn’t flee the plantations they worked on.

    to deal with the capitalist issue; we haven’t been capitalists since the 1970s! capitalism would not be such a big issue, were it not for the greed-induced version we attempted to adopt as our economic backbone. in the 1970s our economy was doing well until the oil embargo hit, then oil prices sky-rocketed (nothing compared to what we were paying a couple of summers ago, remember?). people reacted in fear and the owners started restructuring how money would be distributed. essentially, instead of all parties, employees and administration and ownership sharing profits, most of those profits would be divided between the administration and ownership. with a growing gap of salary between employees and managers there were obvious advantages towards becoming a manager; however, not everyone was allowed because of this racialized notion we had of what supervisors should look like at the time. still the reason we don’t have more black coaches in the nfl, despite the fact they make up most of the nfl players.

    see, everyone, even ethnic groups outside of euro whites, understand that the ownership and management in business stand to make more money, however, they should be allowed equal access and opportunity to step into said positions as well. capitalism, as we practiced it until now, is the reason for all of our economic crises. capitalism should allow to participate in free market, yet the restrictions we put into policy limit the “who” can participate, and the restrictions we put on the cost of these products is also unattainable except to certain demographic groups. eventually, over four decades, the wealth shift moves from equal distribution in the 1970s to the top 5% owning 90% of our total economy…if that doesn’t seem odd alone, then there is something wrong. I don’t argue for communism, because in principle and theory it seems euphoric, yet everyone that has claimed to run a communist country has always had a skewed view of their communist / dictator roles. however, there are balances and middle-ground to both ideas that i believe we are barely struggling to find. struggling because we have enveloped our economic system with a bunch of policies that really have no reason for existing, some implemented during W. Bush’s administration. and even though he didn’t singlehandedly place these policies into effect, he did sign off on them, and that makes him accountable. you sign for a loan, whether you read all the fine print or not, you are responsible for everything you signed off on. seems we forgot about that too, accountability.

    i think it’s too early to judge barack. i don’t agree with all of his policy proposals, but i do agree with him in office more so than when W. Bush was in the white house. which by the way, does not occur without the florida debacle. let’s just be honest to ourselves; working our country like we have and expecting different results is ignorant. simply put, if the powers that be (wealth) are at fault for the greed (think banks and NYSE), then they should be the one’s to pay for it. under other circumstances there might have been some RICO indictments for these organizations (banks). it could have been worse. i believe that those with more money should pay more taxes, myself included. taxes should be distributed equally. we also forget that most of our welfare actually goes to the top 10% of wealth in this country. it comes in the form deductions and tax credits. home ownership, car ownership, all offer tax credits. own a business? tax credit. no problem here, but let’s not confuse the fact that we have a social welfare system that serves more whites than any other group…yes, that includes blacks and latinos.

    i could go on and on, in an effort to blankit guide our thoughts, however, it is really up to us as individuals to educate ourselves on “facts”, as most people in this column want. except, facts can be interpreted as we want, so be careful where the info comes from. let’s give this new administration a shot. we don’t all have to like it, much like the previous administration, but we should at least try something different rather than t=looking for different results with the same system in place.

  13. hank baskett

    This doesn’t have anything to do with gangs but that being said, let me say this comment doesn’t surprise me with Glen Beck! He’s a moron. Remember that whole thing with wrestler Chris Benoit about two years ago?! He (Beck) had the nerve to actually blame his slain wife for their son’s death and her own. He also claimed steriods and other slants on Benoit before the actual facts were known!

    Beck has a track record of opening his mouth without checking his facts so this doesn’t surprise me.

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