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Snoop Dogg, Barbara Becnel and Minister Tony Muhammad speak at Rally

Protesters urge clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams at San Quentin

Alex Alonso for Street Gangs Magazine
November 21, 2005

SAN QUENTIN - About 1,000 people assembled in front of the gates of San Quentin Prison in support for Stanley Tookie Williams, who is on death row for a 1979 quadruple homicide. He was sentenced to death for the killings of Albert Lewis Owens, 25, Tsai-Shen Yang, 63, her husband Yen-Yi Yang, 63, and their daughter Ye-Chen Lin, 43 and scheduled to be executed on December 13, 2005. Barbara Becnel, who has maintained that Williams is innocent, spoke to the crowd about clemency for Williams and encouraged Governor Arnold Schwaenegger to commute his sentence. She stated that Williams is a man that has changed his life and is working towards peace for thousands of youth.

Several activists spoke at the rally, including Vickey Lindsey from Cry No More, Donald Lacy who founded the Love Life Foundation, Roshi George a Buddist Reverend, Reverend Phil Larson, Takufu, an activist from San Diego, Fred Hampton Jr., Imam Abu Qadir al-Amin a former Death Row inmate and Minister Tony Muhammad from the Nation of Islam. All the speakers’ message to the Governor was to grant clemency to a man that has influence to change the minds of at-risk youth.

When Snoop Dogg entered the event through the tight crowd surrounded by body guards and wearing a “Savetookie.Org” t-shirt, the audience cheered. He told the crowd that, “he was once a Crip gang member” and that Mr. Williams had inspired him to reach out to the youth. The movie Redemption, for Snoop Dogg, moved him to be more proactive in the community. The message he received from the movie was life changing as Snoop said, "I didn't get this from somebody that was on the streets, a father or uncle, I got this from Stanley Tookie Williams, a brother that was locked up on death row." His message to the Governor was that, “Stanley Tookie Williams is not just a regular old guy, he is an inspirator,” and he and Williams together can positively influence the lives of millions.

Speaker Imam Abu Qadir al-Amin a former death row inmate whose death sentence was overturned, urged for clemeny. He said he went to death row at the age of 19 and had his sentence overturned. Minister Tony Muhammad, stated the Williams is a redeemer, and is deserving of clemency. He suggested that President Bush should request clemency for Williams. He reminded the crowd that the Governor's father was a nazi war criminal who murdered Jews. His final message to the Gov. was "don't not kill Stanley Tookie Williams."

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View Photos from rally at San Quentin 11/19/2005

watch the video

Snoop Dogg takes the stage
at San Quentin Rally - 2 min

watch the video

Snoop Dogg answers questions
from the media.

watch the video

Minister Tony Muhammad. watch the video

Debora Saunders is against clemency for Williams

watch the video

Barbara Becnel says Williams is innocent.

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