Prosecutor says suspect in attack part of alleged Juggalos gang

Scott Smith (The Record)
January 24, 2010

STOCKTON, CA- You’ve heard of the Bloods and Crips, Norteños and Sureños – reviled criminal street gangs known for violent turf wars, graffiti and drugs sales.

But the Juggalos?

While there is no universal agreement, law enforcement officials across the country have begun to tag them as an emerging gang.

Now, the Juggalos, who style themselves after a Detroit-based rap-rock group, are up to no good in Stockton, according to a local prosecutor. He believes one man’s status in the gang played a role in an attempted hatchet murder.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Mark Ott – on top of the attempted murder count – has charged Chad Campbell, 21, with a street terrorism for his ties to the alleged gang.

Ott, who offers few details of the case, said that Monday, he will lay out evidence in court and let a judge decide if Campbell goes on to a jury trial.

Ott believes Campbell would be the first Juggalo to be tried in San Joaquin County.

“We believe we have the facts to prove it,” Ott said.

Juggalos – or Juggalettes for women – are devotees of a rock-rap group based in Detroit called Insane Clown Posse. The music group indulges in raw lyrics replete with irreverent profanity and violence.

The group’s fans – mostly white – wear heavy face paint to resemble sinister clowns. The consider themselves a family. The Juggalos’ uniting symbol is a hatchet man, the insignia of the rap group’s recording label, Psychopathic Records.

Representatives of Psychopathic Records and Insane Clown Posse did not respond to requests for comment.

Police in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Utah have arrested people on gang charges for committing crimes on behalf of the Juggalos. A Modesto judge last year ordered four people to stand trial following a violent attack linked to the so-called gang at Graceada Park.

Campbell was arrested Nov. 8 in Stockton after police said he attacked a man near El Dorado and California streets with a hatchet. The 21-year-old victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries to his head.

The man survived the attack, but prosecutors also charged Campbell with mayhem for permanently disabling the victim, said Ott. The prosecutor said he believes the law is on his side, especially when it comes to the gang charge.

Ott wouldn’t say if Campbell was dressed in Juggalo clothing, has tattoos or wore a painted face during the alleged attack. He prefers to present his evidence in court.

But Ott explained that a criminal street gang by definition is an ongoing association of three or more people with a common sign who actively engage in criminal behavior.

“We have that pattern,” Ott said. “We’re going to put that on in the preliminary hearing.”

Contacted at the San Joaquin County Jail, Campbell declined a request for an interview. His attorney, San Joaquin County Deputy Public Defender Michael Moore, did not return repeated calls.

Outside observers say they’ll wait to hear more evidence before buying into a Juggalo gang label.

Ultimately, a jury will decide the case after hearing all of the evidence, said Frank Scafiti, a former FBI agent based in Sacramento who now works for the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

From what he knows, Scafidi said he’s not totally convinced the gang charges fit.

By analogy, he said it is like trying to hang a bank robbery on the president because somebody wearing a face mask in his likeness perpetrated the crime. Author Tom Clancy in the 1990s wrote a spy novel describing a scenario similar to the 9/11 attacks.

“Is Tom Clancy now somewhat responsible for the events of 9/11?” Scafidi said. “Of course not.”

Matthew Donahue, a pop culture professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, said there are thousands of Juggalos across the country who emulate the Insane Clown Posse, wearing face paint to their concerts.

Naturally, a few are going to end up in trouble, but Donahue said that doesn’t mean the entire fan-base is part of a criminal structure. Besides, he finds it hard to believe the Insane Clown Posse would condone the criminal activity.

“My guess is not,” Donahue said. “That will be detrimental to their career.”

Said Paul Mohler of the Texas Attorney General’s Office in an online presentation warning officers of potential Juggalo violence: “All Juggalos aren’t gangsters, but some gangsters are Juggalos.”

Contact reporter Scott Smith at (209) 546-8296 or

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10 Comments for “Prosecutor says suspect in attack part of alleged Juggalos gang”

  1. Allen

    The What!????? LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. myles

    how can they consider juggalos a gang?…we arn’t organized crime. we dont group together selling drugs or robbing people. if that was the case we would have taken over the world by now, like gangs and cartels have. there’s hundreds of thousands of juggalos in the world which if was organized as a gang it would be strong and be a threat to national security…but WE ARE NOT A GANG. we are the people that just dont fit in. the music is violent but its like listening to a scary movie. if your a fan of freddy crougar are you a gang member also? no…its entertainment. its unfair to call juggalos a gang because a few people are criminals. i’ve been a juggalo for about 5 years. i have never been arested or even had a run in with the law. it seems to me that the police are overreacting and just trying to find a reason to harblank people who are different. have an open mind and stop being bigots. we just live our lives and we dont need cops harblanking us juggalos every chance they get.

  3. kyle

    It’s unfortunate that these things happen however i highly disagree with the gang affilation thrown on us because we don’d really go around tagging things and fight for turf or any of that dumb crap that gangsters do. We are a family of like minded individuals who preach nothing but love, peace and acceptance in the guise of violent lyrics and horror themed music. The face painting and stuff is only to show that we are freaks and outcasts and we are proud of it. Sometimes we want to be a clown or a shadow demon from the nethervoid. It’s a gimmick that sadly some people take too far. I’ve been a Juggalo for ten years now and it is very sad to see law enforcement acting this way towards us due to a few bad apples. That’s like saying that all Goths are gang members or Punks or Metalheads or any other musical subculture. That’s all this is, is a group of people who like a certain music and have the same ideals and come together to better their lives because of the music and the artists like ICP. Although I have always wondered why only ICP is mentioned when there are other groups equally as talented on Psychopathic Records. Hell without Twiztid there wouldnt half as many as us to be honest. But my main point here is why are we being grouped together with thugs and gangsters who rock rags and stupid crap while all we do is paint our faces, go to shows, drink cheap soda and live our lives to fullest using ICP and Psychopathic Records as an outlet? I have actually been harblanked by Police before for wearing a Hatchetman charm when pulled over once and I think it is ridiculous that we have such a negative stigma around us for no sensible reason besides the fact a few of us have been involved in homicides or other violent crimes which i’m sure they would have done regardless of the music they listen to. Don’t blame the music, blame the individual because they are the one who is repsonible not someone trying to make a buck rapping. Also one more thing before I go MMFWCL to my Sacramento and Elk Grove family! I will always be down with the clown and ready to defend us with logic and reasoning! Whoop Whoop!

  4. Your blog is very good, i read it from 1 hours and i like it.

  5. La Mara Guara

    Do those face painting pansies wear skinny jeans too? I HATE those skinny jeans, I mean if u gonna wear tight, skinny jeans, at least have a package, most of those guys look like grape smugglers, what an embarrasment. Also, they don’t have an blank either.

  6. the6represent

    Somebody said we’re brainwashed by Satan…”The Great Deciever.” Let me let you in on a little something.
    We believe in this “Great Deciever.” We call him The Great Milenko. We know he exists. and we know he is pretty much in control of the world. Honestly, I doubt many of us could give a f#@$k less.
    We all await the day that God comes and destroys this pile of sh*% and all of it’s filth, hate, and dumb f#@$ks that judge people. You say we’re brainwashed, we say your brainwashed. At least we don’t give all our money to a child molester standing behind a pulpit. You honestly think that because I’m not sitting in a pew letting some other DUMB human tell me right from wrong and how to live my life, that I’M brainwashed? HAHAHA
    Not one of you f#@$ks was there to take the headphones out of my ears when I needed somebody and found ICP. So what if I want to subject my brain to subliminal messaging and violence? None of you care until it effects YOUR precious existence.
    This world is now ending. Juggalos are just a byproduct of this revelation. Get used to it, we aren’t the only thing that the Dark Carnival has to unleash upon the world.

  7. Adam "MiNioN" Markel

    I agree with my fellow ‘Los and ‘Lettes. We are a family, but we don’t pull this stupid sh*% like those guys did. I’ve been a juggalo for years, and I can’t stand seeing people and the media calling as a “gang”. Just because every single cop thinks that we’re the same as them doesn’t mean we are. I totally side with The 6represent on this one. The Great Milenko, is a deceiver and trust me, I can’t f#@$kin wait for God to come down and smash his face in. If it wasn’t for Maxim, believe it or not, I wouldn’t be preaching about this sh*%. In Maxim’s article about horrorcore music, it states and i quote from it what Violent J said. “If you listen to our music and do that sh*%, stop listening to us, we don’t want to be blankociated with you.” Violent J has made it Faygo Cream Soda clear that he wants nothing to do with the groups and/or individuals that listen to their music, that have ki*led or injured other individuals. It’s not our job, It’s God’s and it’s the Wraith job to sort out the good clowns from the bad. I know in my heart and my juggalo soul that the Wraith will take me to Shangri-La. I used to be a maggot, and was proud of what i was, but I converted to being a juggalo. Being a juggalo, to me has more meaning in life. We don’t hate, we don’t hurt others, we do however, love everyone as equals. we are family, because no matter if you’re a maggot or another regular human being, we still consider them as family. There are plenty of people out there that want to beat my blank, but I don’t let it get to me, because they hate and I don’t hate them. anyways, way off topic. I really find it bullsh*% that, they consider us a gang because of our clothing style. from the painted faces to the shirts and accessories, they call us a gang. I painted my face, wore my wraith shirt and black tripps for Hallowicked (concert series based in detroit with icp and more) and do you see me roaming the streets with a hatchet in my hand, swinging at random people because they look like they deserve it? f#@$k NO man. I enjoy my time spent with my fellow homies, drinking faygo and having a good time. I’m a juggalo, im proud of what I am and what we are, AS A FAMILY. and i’m not about to let the f#@$kin media pin us down as a gang. WHOOP WHOOP!!! MMFWCL TO THE FAM. oh btw do me a favor and pblank on that wicked clown love.

  8. master mur$$$$$

    the wicked clownz will never die……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. Thanks in the service of acutely engaging article. He was indeed helpful. Enthusiastically recommend.

  10. Ace

    Oh god…Bunch of foo juggalos in the comment section. Grow the f#@$k up.

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