LA Gangs Join Forces In Fight Against Killings

By Greg Milam, US Correspondent / Sky News
Wednesday 28 January 2015

Sky news gang rivalsRivals in one of the oldest and bloodiest gang wars in the world have joined forces to try to end the kil#i*ggs.

The battle between the Bloods and Crips – the stuff of rap legend – has left thousands dead on the streets of Los Angeles over the last four decades.

But gang crime in neighbourhoods like Compton and Inglewood has been cut dramatically in the last three years as a result of reformed gang members breaking the cycle of revenge attacks and persuading young people to stay out of gang life.

The mayor of Compton has talked of a truce between the Bloods and the Crips and senior “elders” of the two gangs have told Sky News of how they are trying to educate the youngsters.

Andre Christian, a former member of the Grape Street branch of the Crips, says the Gang Reduction, Youth Development (GRYD) project has been a major success.

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1 Comment for “LA Gangs Join Forces In Fight Against Killings”

  1. james fidd

    The older g’s that have soften over the years may call a truths but the hard core ki*lers will always be gunning each other down especially the older hard core g’s that areN’t softened up they are the ones teaching the shot callers to be ruthless thats just my opinion

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