Police arrest teenage tagger suspected in fatal shooting of veteran L.A. gang outreach worker

by Andrew Blankstein (LA Times)
February 9, 2010 | 10:49 am

Los Angeles police said Tuesday that they have arrested a teenage tagger suspected of fatally shooting a veteran gang interventionist after he confronted the youth over graffiti.

The suspect, who is 16, is a Los Angeles resident but police declined to identify him, citing his age. Police noted the boy was not affiliated with a street gang, contrary to a department news release that stated investigators believed the shooter belonged to a gang.

“He’s a tagger, not a gang member,” said Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andrew Smith, who said investigators received help in identifying the suspect by Los Angeles Unified School police.

Police said the boy fatally shot Ronald Lamonte Barron, who worked for the interventionist organization Amer-I-Can.

Barron and his girlfriend were leaving a bar Sunday night in his old neighborhood in the Mid-Wilshire area when he noticed a tagger defacing a wall on Pico Boulevard. Detectives said Barron confronted the tagger, who fatally shot him as his girlfriend and others looked on.

Surveillance video appeared to show a gunman wearing dark-colored clothing arguing with Barron in front of “numerous witnesses.” The suspect then pulled out a pistol and shot Barron, 40, multiple times at point-blank range before calmly walking away from the scene.
Barron’s death was mourned not only in the gang intervention world but at City Hall and LAPD headquarters, where the reformed Mansfield Crips gang member was seen as an honest broker in the effort to reduce the grip of gangs in some neighborhoods.

The LAPD’s Smith said that in addition to more police, gang intervention workers would step up their presence in the neighborhood to reduce tensions.

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12 Comments for “Police arrest teenage tagger suspected in fatal shooting of veteran L.A. gang outreach worker”

  1. MoraTorium

    Not a gang member? Since when do taggers carry guns? There is a big big probem out there folks between the blacks and the browns and it aint gonna end anytime soon I am sorry to say. The basic problem is what we keep letting illegals into this country, thats the basis of this problem. And it wont stop in L.A.

  2. west los

    first of all blankhole! the basic problem is not illegals. first off mexicans were here before whites were and dont even get me started on blacks. blacks are not even supposed to be in america! they should go back to africa on the same ships that they were brought here in! and a real funny fact of the matter is thats blacks have been free for over 150 or so years and they still are at the bottom of the barrel they are on well fair section 8 all that living in projects they dont work are drug addicts lazy they just are scum on society and lets face it everybody sees blacks as second clblank citizens. im not saying all blacks there are many examples to prove otherwise ie. obama. johnny lollipopran or how ever you spell it lawyers doctors athletes singers actors and all that. but the negative element that blacks do have is far greater then the positive! now on the other hand immigrants from mexico salvador guatemala and the rest of them latin nations come here illegal or not they are hard working people they do not gang bang drug deal or steal. most hispanic gang members are chicano is not almost all and that means there born in the usa if not 2nd or 3rd generation gang members with there fathers uncles cousins even grandfathers being gang members all born in the usa. so dont act like your not ignorant when it comes to race everybody is ignorant! but dont spew your naacp bullish talking like blacks are patriotic americans when yall always talking about “the man” and whites this and whites that and now your acting like a racist minute man redneck wanna be you clown! siding with the people who enslaved your ancestors! idiot!

  3. Black Texas

    wets always say that they were here first. they were not. Thats why Santa Anna allowed the white man to come here to settle the land. Illegals are evil. i had to jack up some wet who kids were running around screaming guy and breaking into cars. I confronted them cowards and they did not do a damn thing. I love my mexican neighbors. I even help their kids with their home work. Die wets, Die you racist fs , Die

  4. yup

    mexicans were not here first, the native americans were here first, people need to go back to history clblank because its obvious they were asleep or didn’t attend it.

    mexicans are of spaniard and mayan/aztec descent, none of those tribes were in california, so you idiots need to stop with that bullish about “this is our land we were here first”

    blacks came here by no will of their own, blacks as slaves built this country on their blood sweat and tears, blacks in this country also fought in the civil rights movement to bring about a better living standard for all colors (yes you mexican immigrants too), so west los shut the f up and sit your punk blank down somewhere chump.
    thank you, have a nice day.

  5. Tommy a real American

    Bottomline is illegals are nothing but ignorant leeches. they bring nothing to the table but disease,illiterate bastard children,they are all on welfare in two or three different names. has anyone here ever been a caseworker before? the whole office is filled with illegals looking for handouts that they can’t get in their home land. they breed crime. alot of them even smell. they all need to go home and take their little vatos with them.

  6. Real Shit

    LOl both guys and latins fing up, and illegals be doin the most… stop that lying, “oh, they are good hard workers” my blank.

  7. MoratOrium

    Westlos, you are wrong, and the fact that you can’t spell, or even know your history wins my case already. I wasnt’t even being racist i my comments, my comments were non-racial specific, they were directed at illegals, no matter what the race is. Why should my tax dollars pay for illegals? Why are my insurance rates and medical bills keep going up and my medications? Because the illegals have syphoned the system. I had to pay $500 for my medications this month, why? I am a hard working, law abiding citizen. So what if the blacks came over here on ships from Africa? They were made to feel like second clblank citizens even when they were let free, how would you feel? My point is that this dude that ish this guy, has no respect at all for human life. Blacks, browns even whites are guilty of this. But the deeper question that is begged is why didn’t his parents teach him a better way of life? Why take your family, if you are so supposedly hard working and move them into neighborhoods that you know is dangerous and full of gangs? If the family is so hard working surely they can find another city that is not so messsed up to raise their families in. But don’t let me fo try to rent an apartment just to be told I was too late an illegal got in front of me, don’t tell me I have to keep paying $500 for my medication just so I can live a little longer because the illegals have jacked the prices up by abusing the system and not paying their bills. Irregardless of what happened hundreds of years ago, today is today, if youyr mind set is still stuck on paying people back that did nothing to you hundreds of years ago, then you need to leave this country. There is enough problems here. Now I hear of Latin Kings going to Spain to promote crime just to pay them back for what they did hundreds of years ago…Is this insane? Do the latinos really have such small minds and one track minds? You don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer or ish even a president to represent your race well, all u have to do is be a law abiding, hard working tax paying citizen to do that. What have you done to represent your race well?

  8. La Donna AKA The Og Mrs. Lil Looney

    I just want everyone know, that Ronald Lamont Barron A.K.A. Lil Looney, Looney, Or even Jovan Jackson would not want anyone discriminating against different races. Looney loved all. He has been around them all of his life. Remember back in the 1980’s there was not an issue about black and brown. Actually we dealt with them in our profession. Look at it who gang bangs in Los Angeles. Yes they have white and Asians gangs as well as Somoan but we all had to get along in juvenile halls and camps and ya, and most of all in the streets. I am a retired School Yard Crip and I am an Original Mansfield Hustler/Freak in which later the Gangster Crip took a label with that name. Yes everyone should learn the History of the Hoods, because Mansfields do have Mexicans from our hood as well as mixed Mexicans. It hurts me because unless you know the culture every Hispanic person is not Mexican. So that upsets an Hispanic when they are mis labeled. Just like an American Black Person may not have ancestors from Africa but they are called Kunta. Yes unfortunately Looney was maliciously gunned down by an young, and dumb, rookie. But we can not punish all Hispanics for that. After being apart of an organization similar to Amer-I- can, I have learned that these up coming gang bangers need to be trained. Anyone can join a gang and think that they will be successful. But the successful gang bangers, have collected their stripes from different categories of the game. 1. Respect. How can you respect the gang if you do not respect yourself. How can you respect the game if you don’t understand color doesn’t make the gang the people who represent the gang makes the gang. Everyone has someone from a gang that is trigger happy. The REAL GANG MEMBERS WERE TAUGHT HOW TO FIGHT. Those that can actually stand and tell the stories about how they were then and how they have accomplished a goal in life for change today. Looney , he put in work in many ways. Gang banging, Pimping he even had celeberties escorting in his organization. And most of all he allowed God in his life despite the mishaps and He controlled his life in gang banging and didn’t let gang banging control him. Yes he Showed the hood that MFH was created by Hustlers. So he never lost that nor became less of a man. But he received an education, even though Ronnie spent most of his high school years in camp, the time he was out, he did attend Hollywood Academy in the 12th grade and received an award of dedication and completion. I have the Certificate of Proof. Ronnie had his son at a young age, but he never backed down from the responsibility of being a young man as a father. He would go under the age of 18 back and forth out of town to see his son. Man he proved to me that he was a FATHER. Not all men that have kids step up to the plate and be Fathers. Daddy anyone can hold that Title. And as of this day His oldest Son will continue to succeeded in life and Earn the Accomplished Degree from College. I am proud of you. Keep it up. No one can take your Education but they will take your life and freedom with out your control.

    Looney used his Gods giving mission and helped many that couldn’t help them selves see the change in life. Looney felt good knowing that he just touched a child or even an adults life with knowledge to see the other side. He helped along with others such as himself to stop the gang violence. He expressed to all nationalities how Precious a Life can Be. And that is what he always chanted. Life is Precious, don’t miss out. Learn all you can.

    There are a few things that I would like to see change and I will not stop doing my daily chore that was given to me by God himself. And that is to stop racial discrimination between black and brown. Truthfully we are all minorities to society and we will always have faults against us even if we don’t do any wrong.
    1. Do you really know what Tray’s 3’s really mean. Tray’s is represented by the Original WESTSIDE Gang members such as WS SYCG WS MFH/ WS MFF WS PBGC WS MGC, learn the history. Each hood had a three click. WS SYCG WS TLC WS LGC, WS PBGC WS LBGC WS PGGC, WS MFGC & WS MGC , WS GGC WS VSLGC, So for all ROLLING 60’S STOP AND LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ETGC AND WS TRAY’S , 3’S.
    Question why did RSC really dislike the westside gangs, because we had a chance in life and most were raised with Morals and Values. Because we went to school and learned, we had things that others didn’t have? Or because a couple of RSC got had a fist fight and didn’t win.

    NHC, represented the Only NHC’s Neighbor Hood Crips. 111 street. Man who authorized the RSC’s to take the NHC and cause people to dis NHC 111

    I am truthfully tried of speaking right now. We all have to stop all of this bullish. The Police enjoy the excitement, but they let the streets work itself. As long as we k each other OFF, their job works itself. They get paid for every shooting, stabbing, rape, homicide. They get paid for societies ignorance.

    What happen to It takes a village to raise a community. Parents need the rights back to discipline the children. Remember the gun doesn’t k the person pulling the trigger is the ker.
    This can only be told by one who has experienced and the knowledge I can speak and I share educates many.

    Gang Banging has no future. Hispanics aren’t the only people who tag, but for all tagger, When you carry a weapon and vandalize your intent is to shot to k. You aren’t shooting the wall after defacing society, you are shooting those who try to say STOP defacing

    Remember this With an Education, you gain knowledge, With Knowledge you will endure Wisdom and with Wisdom A real man or woman can then demand Power.
    Please stop the violence. We need more to not give up and educate. To all Mexicans, everyone bleeds the same, you are humans as others on earth are humans. It hurts me that black and brown are so ignorant. Get together and teach each other, for those who don’t, life will not see you age.
    If Bloods and Crips can get along, Whites and Blacks, so can Hispanics and Blacks.
    That is a war that needs to stop unless each other can support their own, Food, crops and etc. Ronnie would not like this to go this way. He helped and reached out too many Hispanics. He didn’t discriminate. He taught and coached Hispanics in sports. He didn’t discriminate.
    This was written By La Donna Greene

  9. ??????

    ronald couldve loved all
    but after a night of drinking n watching a football game with ur old homies from your hood, your are ampd up n ready for any reason to get crazy
    when he saw a person tagging on a wall that belongs to his “hood”, ronald wasnt thinking straight and he react as a loving man, but rather reacted as a gangster and a gangster doesnt ask politely to stop tagging, a gangster jus runs up on the tagger, claims his hood, and thinks hes gonna run the tagger out of the “hood”, but this tagger had a gun and it wuznt as easy as ronald thought it would be
    if ronald minded his own business and wuz really a retired gangbanger he wouldnt hav got shot and the tagger wouldve got dealt with by karma and eventually the laws

  10. yo mama

    thats what wanna be hereos get 🙁

  11. Cashhh me ouuut


  12. Cashhh me ouuut


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