Response to Alonso’s article on the LA Riots

From: “res0s89b”
To: alonso
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 23:01:19 -0800

Dear Mr. Alonzo, Well, thank you for another racially charged, narrow minded, and myopic account of the L.A Riots. I like the way you have summed up the event between Soon Ja Doon, a “Korean Store Clerk” (the truth was she was the owner of the Market)andsome poor underprivledgedblack “thug”.

Soon Ja Doon’s market had been robbed several times that year at gunpoint by some other poor “underprivledged” black youths. Did you view the store video of the vicious beating that the five feet, 100 lbs, “Korean Clerk” in her late fifties received at the hands of the poor “underprivledged” Ms. Harlins. You may have not seen it, but I did Mr. Alonzo. After Doon witnessed Harlin put the orane juice in her jacket pocket and walk up to the counter with what any unbiased observer could see with no intention of paying for the item.

Doon grabbed the sleeve of Harlin’s jacket and demanded payment for the orange juice, which was still inside her jacket pocket. Harlin insisted she was going to pay for it later, “Yeah right!” She was then unceremoniously pummelled to the ground with at least 6-8 full on punches to the face. Mind you Harlin was about a foot taller and outweighed Doon by at least fify pounds.

I could only imagine what was going on in Doon’s mind when she was pulled herself off the floor and as she was semi-conscious saw the hand gun which she kept underneat the cash register. How could any reasonable prudent person be expected to make a calm rationale decision after suffering a beating like that at the hands of this out of control, violent, and ill mannered brute.

Frankly, I was surprised she was able to get to her feet at all. I remembered at the time, I tried to put into some type of perspective in order for me to fully understand the terrible tragedy that had occurred in that little market in the “hood”. I tried to imagine what it would be like if it was my mother who was the one who was working behind the counter at the market, which she and her family owned and had invested many countless hours.

For me the answer was simple, not only would I have shot her in the head, I would have emptied the gun in Ms.Harlin. And if you have a mother at home that you love, watch the video again if you have not already, but this time, subsitute your mother behind the counter as the poor woman who is getting the holy hell knocked out of her and see if that doesn’t change your perspective on this incident.

I would like to touch on another subject, the sentence that was handed down, I believe it was a second degree murder charge and Doon received summary probation. Mrs. Doon had no criminal record and I wonder if anyone could dispute the simple fact if Ms. Harlin had not came in the market that day and shoplifted and upon getting caught in the act beat Doon senseless, perhaps this tragedy could have been avoided. “Yeah, I’m about a hundred percent sure it could have all been avoided.”

But no, Mr. Alonso is talking about responsibility and a good long introspective look into the soul of black community. As the new Chief Bratton (thank god we are rid of that racist idealogue Parks) said in response to the community activists who had gathered to exclaim, “Control your Cops”. His response to the angry throng of protesters was simple and albeit profound, “Control your kids”.

Mr. Alonso, while you certainly are no soothesayer what you are is, whether it was intended or not, you are a “race baiting” narrow minded victocrat who will continue to appeal to peoples hatred instead of encouraging personal responsibility. You point to the fact that fifty percent of the property destroyed in the 1992 riots was Korean owned. Is that a mean spirited dig, “Payback is a real Bitch” all dressed as some type of half assed revolutionary statement. Come on Mr. Alonso, who’s the real racist here.

Racebaiters like yourself, Maxine Waters, Danny Bakewell, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakan, etc. ad nauseum are the biggest stumbling block for real advancement for the people of color. Why are you so afraid of people who think for themselves as individuals and are not marching lockstep along with your narrow minded victocratic idealogy.

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1 Comment for “Response to Alonso’s article on the LA Riots”

  1. Michael Prymula

    Wow looks like someone hates black people!

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