Jury orders death penalty for killer of Jamiel Shaw II

By Victoria Kim (Los Angeles Times) | May 24, 2012

A 23-year-old gang member who shot and killed a high school football star he mistook for a rival gangster in 2008 should be put to death, a Los Angeles jury decided Wednesday.

Jurors reached the verdict after about a week of testimony in the penalty phase of the trial for Pedro Espinoza, a member of the 18th Street gang. The panel was asked to decide what punishment Espinoza should receive for the slaying of 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw II.

Prosecutors said Shaw was killed execution-style because he was a young black male carrying a red Spider-Man backpack, which led Espinoza to believe he was a Bloods gang member. The same jury earlier this month convicted Espinoza of first-degree murder in Shaw’s death and found true special allegations that he acted as part of a gang and personally discharged a firearm, making him subject to the death penalty.

Espinoza, hair slicked back on his once-shaved head with the tattoo “BK” — for Blood Killer — still visible behind his left ear, looked up at the ceiling just before the verdict was read and bit his lips. He showed no reaction at the verdict.

In the gallery, a smile spread across Shaw’s mother’s face and his father nodded his head. Most family members wore red, which they previously said was in protest of Espinoza.

“I hope he leaves prison the same way my son came into the mortuary — in a casket,” the teen’s father, Jamiel Shaw Sr., said outside court.

Read more at: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-jamiel-shaw-verdict-20120524,0,1868456.story?track=rss

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10 Comments for “Jury orders death penalty for killer of Jamiel Shaw II”

  1. rosa rosa

    The problem with gang bangers is that 98% of them (this is a fact) are homosexuals with no proper sexual guidance. This will cause them to take their pent-up anger out on innocent people. This pent-up anger is created subconsciously, due to having no one to talk to about their homosexuality. They resort to sleeping around with their “homies”, unable to have a meaningful relationship.

    Ever notice how many males are in a gang photo in relation to the number of females?

    • Michelle

      Where did you get your facts from???? I’ve never read that anywhere!!!

    • Fracone

      i doubt very much that 90% of them are gay, but i bet most of the violent cats like Espinoza were physically. emotionally and/ or sexually abused in their lives and hate the world for it.

      This sh*% aint about illegal aliens, its about addressing the issues our youth face living in the ghetto with no where to go when there is a problem, and with out knowing how to manage their anger when needed.

  2. Fracone

    Also Jamiel Shaw was not an “innocent” victim perse. yes, he should not have been murdered, but when you put 18K on your Myspace page, and claiming a Blood gang at the High School, there is a chance that you get ki*led over that, and that’s what happened.

    The news keeps saying that Pedro “mistaken” Jamiel for a Blood, when Jamie was a Blood! Keep the faith.

  3. Michelle

    What’s the special circumstance???? Was it, the victim’s mother is in the ARMY so let’s give him death?!?!?! The crime was a gang member kil#i*gg another gang member (similar crimes like this happen all the time). They’re making too much of this case. They’re giving this guy the death penalty to show that Jamel was “more important” than other gang members who are murdered simply because his mother is in the ARMY. Isn’t that crazy!!!! What this guys did was WRONG, but instead of giving him death they need to figure out where the system went wrong (he had just been release from jail and obviously was not rehabilitated) and try and fix it. They need to figure out a better way of trying to stop kids from joining gangs, and help gang members see that they can change and that there is a way out of that lifestyle.
    If you think about it the way prisons are run today, prisons are a school of crime. There’s a bunch of criminals giving each other ideas of how to commit crimes without making the same mistakes that got them caught. They need to give prisoners the tools they need to be able to fit in society when release. Tools like teaching them how to get jobs and/or psychological help (a lot of these people have psychological issues). The whole lock them up and throw away the key system is not working. Most gang-members “choose” to be gang members at a young age (12 to 14 years old), these kids don’t know what they’re doing with their life at this age, they just want to fit in. How about helping them see that there’s more out there than their “neighborhood” and trying to show them that they been brain wash.
    Giving this guy the death penalty will not bring Jamel back, or solve anything!!!!!!

    • reality check

      shut up! It is up to the DA to seek the dp in a particular case and the jury could have easily disagreed. 12 people agreed this monster should die! It’s just unfortunate his death will be done in a humane way that he won’t even feel it where as Jamiel wasn’t given that treatment. WTF do you mean they’re making too much of this case,idiot why don’t you look up a few CA dp inmates cases. There are tons of people on the row for crimes they could have easily received life for and vise versa in general pop. Yeah it won’t bring Jamiel back and the Shaws are realistic about him actually getting the needle. But the fact he is in a cell not around his homeboys in general population and not able to have conjugal visits and having to think about his decision to take a life all day everyday for the next 30 years is the perfect punishment for this loser and icing on the cake will be him getting put on a gurney and a needle shoved into his arm. LWOP or DP will not bring the victim back so that statement is a moot point. Since he’s young he will suffer a long time and reflect on his worthless life. Adios Pedro!!

    • e-Bone

      it will keep this scum off the street….ki*l this punk already….

      murder is not for negotiation you dummy….you ki*l, you should be ki*lled…

      wahwahwah……..the victim was in a gang…

      the accused was released from jail ONE DAY earlier…..

      yeah, he deserved the death penalty….great job jury….

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