L.A. County homicide numbers in 2015 on pace with 2014

Nicole Santa Cruz and Armand Emamdjomeh | LA Times |Homicide Report
Posted July 10, 2015, 5 a.m.

coroner la county 2015With the city experiencing its first crime surge in more than a decade, homicides countywide are on pace with last year, according to recent data from the coroner’s office.

The difference is fairly small. In a county of 10 million people, homicides are up by one person compared with the same period last year: from 284 in the first six months of 2014 to 285 this year. As in previous years, the victims overwhelmingly are men, and they overwhelmingly were shot to death.

The deadliest day so far this year was Jan. 29. On that day, Terry Carter, 55, was hit by a red truck; former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has been charged with his murder. Although Carter’s death may be the most well-known, five others were killed that day, including 15-year-old Kalease Harris, who was shot while walking down the street in Green Meadows, and 66-year-old Milton Jones, who was beaten to death with a baseball bat, allegedly by his son.

The homicides have a lasting effect on the victims’ families.

On Thursday, Evelyn Hurtado Rivera took to the Homicide Report to write about her nephew, Esteban Garcia, 15, who was shot to death in November 2007.

“8 years has passed by & it still seems like you left us just yesterday. Only if God knew how much we miss you…,” she commented.

2014 AND 2015 NUMBERS

285: Los Angeles County homicides through June 30

284: People who were killed through June 30, 2014

17: Officer-involved deaths through June 30

18: Officer-involved deaths through June 30, 2014

The first person killed in an officer-involved shooting this year was Brian Barbosa, 23, who was shot by South Gate police officers on Jan. 11. Police said Barbosa was trying to carjack a driver at a Jack in the Box restaurant.


246 men

39 women

Read more here: http://homicide.latimes.com/post/homicide-numbers-first-half-2015/#navtype=outfit

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4 Comments for “L.A. County homicide numbers in 2015 on pace with 2014”

  1. Vanessa Guerrero- Velasques

    whats wrong with this people kil#i*gg young kids they gotta be out of their fuking mind
    how would they like it if they ki*l one of your loves one
    this sh*% is crazy as hell but never get better
    Kalease Harris rest in peace will always & forever remembered

  2. Vanessa Guerrero- Velasques

    to defense myself
    always have a weapon on you every where you go
    this shootings are going crazy as hell

  3. Vanessa Guerrero- Velasques

    people is outta their mind why kil#i*gg young kids they don’t deserve to be ki*led they deserve the best
    parents are trying so hard to keep their kids away from any type of violence I know there will be peer pressure just think the right thing I will never ki*l nobody cuz it doesn’t solve anything
    your not hiding for so long sooner or later youll be found and go to prison

  4. K.Balduin

    WBAL in Baltimore, Maryland News May 2, 2016 2:41 P.M.:

    “Spring is here and so are the crazies”, according to local Police and FBI and that Seattle Police say officers reported being struck by sticks and batons by some anti-capitalist demonstrators at a May Day protest Sunday in Seattle and that according to reporters “mayhem is expected to rise with the thermometer” and that out of towners are expected to wage war on the locals with plenty of looting and rioting and shoplifters stabbing security guards with screwdrivers as they get away with the loot, according to recent reports.

    Anyway, dozens of black-clad people gathered at Westlake Park in downtown following a peaceful, permitted march earlier in the day by advocates for workers and immigrants and after while, things took a turn and that the anti-capitalist demonstrators, who did not have a permit from city officials, carried signs, including one that said “We Are Ungovernable And We Are Anarchists” and another saying “Hope Law Enforcement Have A Long Hot Spring And Summer” and the groups gathered at the downtown park before starting to march through the streets looking to start stuff and make a scene.

    Some downtown businesses had earlier boarded up storefronts, anticipating violence and a shoplifter stabbed a store manager with a knife after stealing some items from a local department store and that Seattle Police reported seeing people with poles with bolts, rocks and cans of spray paint in the crowd and as they tried to arrest some of them, two of them has their tasers removed from their wastes and the tasers were used on them along with their property taken out of their pockets. Also, Police said there was some property damage, including broken window at a residential building during a course of an elderly woman being stabbed and money taken out of her pocketbook along with several cars being shot up and set on fire and guns and packs of matches have been stolen from places to use in violence, according to Police and FBI reports.

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