Techquest, the Computer Service Company Provides Substandard Service and does Poor Lattop Repair

Techquest, the Computer Service Company Provides Substandard Service and does Poor Lattop Repair
By Alex Alonso for Streetgangs Magazine
September 23, 2003

Have you ever taken your computer to a repair store and they left you unsatisfied? I am sure this has happened to many people, and most companies will make occasional mistakes and leave some customers unsatisfied. What seperates the great customer service companies from the poor ones are the businesses that can respond to their mistakes by putting the customer first and putting excuses to the side. I have experienced both types of companies but Techquest, a computer repair company located in Culver City, California, fails when it comes to their ability to repair computers, identifying their mistakes, and correcting the situation.

I own several laptops, but one in particular was a HP manufactured in 2001. The screen went black on me in 2002 and I took my computer to techquest in March 2003 to get the screen repaired so that I can give my father a quality laptop, that had 256 RAM, DVD, large screen, and all the features of a top quality laptop. On March 27, 2003 I picked up the computer from Techquest from Eddie and was told that it was completely ready. He turned the computer on, and the screen appeared to be fixed because it was not black anymore, but it was unusually bright with light coming from the bottom portion of the screen. I also noticed a flickering of light on the screen as well. Eddie informed me that these problems would go away because he installed new parts. I trusted his word, paid him $300.00 for the work and took the computer.

The following day I shipped the computer to my father in New York City and informed him what Eddie had told me about the flickering and the light, but when I visited my father in New York on April 10, 2003 I noticed that the computer was doing the same thing. I immediately called Eddie in Culver City from New York and informed him that the problem with the screen is still persisting and that I wanted him to fix this, but the problem was that the computer was in 3,000 miles away New York and Techquest is located in Culver City, California near Los Angeles. There was a 90 day warranty that would have expired on June 30, 2003 but since I was not sure when I can deliver the computer to techquest, I called Eddie from New York on April 10, 2003 and informed him that the problem that he said would go away never subsided.

It was not until September 23, 2003 that my father came to Los Angeles with the laptop. My father and I went up to Techquest with the receipt and laptop and spoke to Eddie about the problem, and he basically said that there was nothing that he can do. It turns out that neither him or anyone at that office repaired the computer. Eddie sent out the computer to someone else to repair. Eddie stated that he had to call the person who fixed the computer to see if the can fix the computer again. He continued to state that I should have called him before the warranty expired, but as I stated earlier, my father and I called Eddie at Techquest on April 10, 2003. He claimed that he did not remember receiveing that call, but it was clear that he just did not want to fix the computer.

I doubled checked my records and sent him a letter where I stated that we spoke on April 10, 2003. I also reminded him that he told me that the computer screen would fix itself and that the problem was temporary. He was completely wrong and he should have never let me leave that shop with that computer in that condition. I trusted his word and sent the computer across the country to my father and the computer still needs service.

I recently filed a complaint with the State of California because Eddie’s incompetence left me with a flickering computer screen that he refuses to fix. He lied when he informed me that the problem would go away. I also discovered some discrepancies in my paper work that I received from techquest. For example, although I picked up the computer on March 27, 2003, the receipt that Eddie gave me is dated March 12, 2003. I know this because I dropped off my computer on March 18, 2003.

The director of operations for techquest is Adel Chehade and their office is located at :

9012 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90232

I inititially discovered this computer shop from a google search on the internet, so if you are thinking about taking your computer to this shop please be careful. It turns out that I am not the first person to file a complaint with the Consumer Affairs and they don’t have a positive record with Consumers affairs. I hope that they just make the repairs that I already paid for.

What is your view of techquest or companies like techquest? Leave your comments on the board.

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