SF Gang Evicted From Troubled Tenderloin Apartment Building

KCBS | October 3, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO — A local street gang is losing its headquarters in a Tenderloin apartment building where they have terrorized residents, as part of the legal settlement between the with the landlord and the city, according to officials on Tuesday.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera said that the violent drug dealing gang variously known as the Cambodian Crips, 245 or the Thug Lords, had turned the apartment building at 245 Leavenworth St. into a virtual prison for tenants who already had to endure pest infestations, mold, lack of hot water, dumped garbage and other code violations.

Herrera filed a lawsuit with the landlord, John Wai last October. Instead of settling the matter in court where Wai risked more civil penalties, he took action by correcting the property’s numerous code violations. Enhancing security was also part of the settlement and efforts to remove the gang were successful.

Read more at: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2012/10/03/sf-gang-evicted-from-troubled-tenderloin-apartment-building/

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6 Comments for “SF Gang Evicted From Troubled Tenderloin Apartment Building”

  1. Vader

    This is f#@$ked up they aren’t bothering anyone especially tenants of that building they are just kids with nowhere else to hang out all the Parks are closed unless white Christian groups are their throwing an event I grew up here I know a lot of the Cambodians on Leav this is bullsh*% ! They can’t go to Boedecker Park they can’t go to the park on Hyde Leavenworth and Eddy is the only place this kids can hang they don’t bother anyone they just don’t want to be cooped up in the building like all the other kids in the L’z it’s a thousand Dope fiends Hookers, Mexican and El Salvadorian Gangs Surrounding that area these are just kids with nowhere else to be safe I’m Afrikan and I grew up on TNT Taylor & Turk 2 blocks down and I was always safe on Leavenworth Between Turk & Eddy because of the Lil Cambodian homies they’re good kids and as far as this bullsh*% about putting them out this is the only place they have their poor and just trying to make it in a f#@$ked up slum these kids are being used as scapegoats! They aren’t dealing drugs they are hurting anyone I’m from the neighborhood so I know this is some bullsh*%. In fact 90% of the people messing up the neighborhood don’t even live there the cops know this all to well Most are people from the East Bay who come to the neighborhood to sell drugs speaking of this in fact you want to put somebody out put out the f#@$king Liquor Stores and smoke shops who sell crack pipes opium pipes butane and everything else that help f#@$k up our neighborhood remove the f#@$k porn and sex shops and strip clubs that bring sick as perverts and prostitutes that little kids have to see walking home from school every day and get exploited by remove all the drug rehabs and halfway houses from the neighborhood that release prisoners and sex offenders right at our front doors remove that!!! The Tenderloin was Originally built for Vice look it up they make sure that sh*% doesn’t go to Powell street or above Geary Street don’t punish these kids because you do more for dope fiends than you do for them this is wrong first they let ICE deport them even though they have never known anything but San Francisco I lost a lot of good friends that committed suicide so they didn’t have to go back to Cambodia this is Wrong! They are not a gang go through the Archives find me 1 f#@$king Article about the NOTORIOUS Tenderloin Crips that’s Bullsh*% there are just a clique kids hanging in the only place they are safe.

    Age 32

  2. liojunior

    supp my hommyes
    suwoop rocks the world

  3. Lil henry

    I’m from the tenderloin born and raised it was never a issues we never held nobody prisoners in their own home they were a time when they were less dope heads and a bunch of Asians kids laos/Cambodians/African american & Hispanic kids running around just trying to have a place to hang out. Just like Vader up said you just can’t show up to Boedecker park or go kick it at the The Thenderloin Recreation Center like half of all the people that is out there right now as we speak if probably not even from the neighborhood. I stay in the east bay now and every time somebody ask where you from I say it with pride I’m from the L’s than they tell me bruh – (friend) that’s where the money at and tells me they be out there. I still love this neighborhood till the day I’m hone you just got to hate the people that’s in it the people that are making it a problem the people who is really the reason. Now that they are blaming us Tenderloin Folks for their problems because they can’t catch the folks who got the dope who got all the stuff but yet still have time to roam the streets thinking that they are making it safe. My little brother got shot on the block one to the head right next door 245 on Leav just having a good night with friends then some body wanted to mess with him and take his life away. This is is what we call home with you taking it away from us we will not have a place to call home.

  4. james

    I worked as a security officer at 245 Leavenworth for a year. I never had many problems with the crips. The gang and I got along great . I consider the gang members as friends Most of the guys are nice, helpful and polite to me and the residents.

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