Nguyen: Officers link teen to gang

Published: Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008 | Page 3B

A young hoodlum looked to gain a “perverse” version of respect in Sacramento’s gang underworld when he pulled the trigger in last year’s shooting death of sheriff’s Detective Vu Nguyen, a police officer testified Friday.

Jimmy Siackasorn ran the streets by the name of “Guilty” and had obtained the gun he used to kill Nguyen barely two hours before the shooting, according to testimony at the defendant’s preliminary hearing in Sacramento Superior Court.

Siackasorn, now 17, had been standing in front of a house on 37th Street at 42nd Avenue, waiting to buy $5 worth of marijuana, police testified, when Nguyen and his partner in the sheriff’s Asian gang task force rolled up in an unmarked car last Dec. 19.

Authorities identified the house as a major hangout for the Tiny Rascals Gangsters in a south Sacramento neighborhood called “the flats,” across Franklin Boulevard from the Campbell Soup plant.

The defendant, who had a warrant out on him for running away from his group home, took off in a sprint and Nguyen gave chase. They ran through the backyard of the home of Chanh Phomphakuy and hopped a fence to the yard next door. Phomphakuy later said he saw Siackasorn turn and shoot the deputy while the lawman was standing on a chicken coop trying to see where the youth had fled.

“It happened very quickly,” said Phomphakuy. He had just finished smoking some medical marijuana for a sore back and was getting a breath of fresh air in his backyard – the alleged gang hangout – when the chase blew past him. “As soon as they jumped over the fence, it happened. It happened so quick,” he testified Friday.

Nguyen’s partner, Detective Ed Yee, found the detective lying on top of the chicken coop with a gunshot wound to the neck. Nguyen died later at UC Davis Medical Center.

Eight minutes after the 2:01 p.m. shooting, the person who was supposed to sell the pot to Siackasorn called the defendant on his cell phone.

Siackasorn responded, “The cops chased me and I shot at task force,” Sacramento Police Detective Pat Higgins testified, in recalling his interview with the defendant’s alleged marijuana hook-up.

Sheriff’s Detective Joe Helfrick testified that Siackasorn obtained the long-barrelled, nine-shot .22 revolver just two hours before the shooting. An alleged gang acquaintance named Gary An, who had been arrested in a stolen car the day of the shooting and was taken in for questioning, said he gave the gun to Siackasorn, Helfrick testified. An referred to the defendant by his street name of “Guilty,” Helfrick said.

Why did An give Siackasorn the gun?

“He said Jimmy asked for it,” Helfrick testified.

Another witness told police that Siackasorn dropped by his apartment in the neighborhood and showed him what authorities believe was the murder weapon before the shooting.

“He said Jimmy told him he was going to go shoot up a house,” Sacramento Police Detective Eric Schneider quoted the witness as saying.

A girl at St. Patrick’s Elementary School told police she saw a man matching Siackasorn’s description throw the gun into a trash can, where it was later recovered. And a woman who lives in the neighborhood said a man she identified in a photo lineup as Siackasorn asked for a ride to a light-rail station because “he shot a cop,” sheriff’s Detective Robert Tracy testified. The woman refused.

Along with assorted detectives’ testimony that described the chase and the witnesses’ statements, it was the hour or so that Elk Grove Police Detective James Kang spent on the stand Friday that painted a picture of Sacramento’s gang subculture and provided the back story to the shooting.

Siackasorn’s Tiny Rascals Gangsters set, or “TRG,” Kang testified, is made up of about 20 youths who claim their turf in the run-down avenues and side streets across from the soup factory.

It’s a group that majors in burglary, car theft and gun assaults, said Kang, a gang expert currently assigned to an FBI task force. TRG members are responsible, he said, for crimes ranging from gang-typical “respect” shootings to stealing two automobiles belonging to Kings guard Bobby Jackson to trying to steal a police car and nearly killing officers while trying to get away in it.

Kang testified that police “validated” Siackasorn as a TRG member last year. He said Siackasorn showed evidence of gang involvement going back to age 12.

On one occasion, Siackasorn told authorities he was “TRG for life,” Kang said. Siackasorn’s alleged killing of Nguyen played into a mind-set that establishes a street version of gaining respect over just about everything else, according to Kang’s testimony.

“It’s a kind of sick and perverse way” to get it, Kang testified. “You do things that are notorious, and that brings recognition to yourself and your gang.”

The shooting “brought respect to him and the TRG” in the gang world, Kang said. TRG members still brag on the streets that “we are the gang that killed the police officer,” the detective testified.

Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard elicited the gang testimony from Kang to support an enhancement to Siackasorn’s murder charges that he shot and killed Nguyen for the benefit of his street gang.

Siackasorn also faces the special circumstance allegation that he killed a law enforcement officer in the commission of his duties. The defendant is ineligible for the death penalty because of his age, but he still can be sentenced to life in prison with no parole if he is convicted.

The preliminary hearing is expected to conclude Monday in front of Judge Gerald S. Bakarich.

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