Vandals Target Grieving Mom in Eagle Rock

KTLA News | October 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Calif. ( KTLA) — An Eagle Rock woman whose daughter was murdered more than a decade ago has been targeted by vandals who spray-painted a threatening message on her garage door.

Anna Del Rio, who works for Crimestoppers, awoke Thursday to find “AVE 543” and “187” sprawled across her garage doors along with a profane word.

“187” is the police code for murder.

Del Rio believes she’s being targeted by a violent neighborhood gang because of her work with Crimestoppers. She thinks the gang members have mistaken her for a police informant.

Full article at:,0,4971955.story
Image source: KTLA-TV

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4 Comments for “Vandals Target Grieving Mom in Eagle Rock”

  1. Gust

    I’m pretty sure it’s Aves 43, not Ave 543. Anyhow, that sucks. She’s going to have to move. If you were her would you trust the police to protect you?

  2. Brian

    yea its 43, that 5 is an “S”. The police at Northeast don’t have the resources to blankign protection every victim of vandalism. What this woman is doing is brave and people in the community like her are whats going to protect her. I’ve never lived in any other area than northeast and know that police can’t be everywhere at once. Its up to the members of the community to help ourselves by reporting and remembering th things we see.

  3. Shy1Cas


  4. Lashandra Rapley

    Is there a printed version of the book?

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