5-year-old Boy Gravely Wounded in Backyard Shooting

November 1, 2010

Nov 2, 2010 UPDATE: The 5-year old boy, Aaron Shannon, died last night from a gun shot wound he sustained to the head.

LOS ANGELES ( KTLA) — A 5-year-old boy is in grave condition after he was shot while sitting in the backyard of a South Los Angeles home with family members.

The shooting was reported around 2 p.m. Sunday in the 1000 block of E. 84th Street, according to LAPD homicide detectives.

Police say Aaron Shannon and two family members were sitting in the yard when two suspects walked along the alley behind the home and opened fire.

The boy was struck in the back of the head. He was fighting for his life at a local hospital.

Just hours earlier he had posed for pictures in his ‘Spiderman’ Halloween costume.

Shannon’s two family members were also wounded in the shooting but were expected to survive, officials said.

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14 Comments for “5-year-old Boy Gravely Wounded in Backyard Shooting”

  1. That is so sad !!! I hope little man gets through this and live a long happy life !!! Those punks that shot this child should be found and dealt with in the streets !!! God bless him and his fam !!!

    • thank you my guy ,but he’s dead r.i.p. and eough is eough ,we need to say the other kids trying to grow-up in are commuity.

      • We ned help finding out ,who did this and making them pay for it , but they never truly pay for it,because that 5 year old boy will never come back to us ,lets all pray for his family now his father & and mother must cry ,for what?,Because some cowards thing that sh*% was ganster ,no thats chickster, not accecpted anymore real riders will keep looking for these fools ,as I will always!I”m caiiling on all low rida clubs &harly clubs to get envoled in this hunt for these babby ki*lers!

  2. StreetGangs.Com Staff

    just heard that the boy died.

    • Yes we here in the black commuity are gravly hurtting , this is like a son to us that we never had and were mad as hell, we send are best wishes to his family and friends, and every gang that ,know they didnt have anything to do with, it should go to that family and give a donation , because what we’ve all done is wrong , and if we didnt do it, are life stly’s had a part in it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. man those car clubs or harly clubs aint gonna do sh*%. them foos are some gangmember reject, they did not make the cut or didnt have heart so they made their own soft blank club. the only guys that will find out who done this is the hood guys and they guys who them shots were intended for, so who ever bangin in that hood where the lil c baby got murked, them guys know who done it. f#@$k car clubs and gay blank bike clubs. this IS ECC GANG f#@$kS SLOBS N BEANERS

    • Thats why yo chick blank is hide from the Big F-13 gang and one3 day you’ll ask for all the brother’s help dead man!

    • What the....?

      Yeah, so were was ECC when dis sh*% went down??? U guys sleeping yo. Smoking da glblank pipe and drinking 211 why your ‘hood get romped on…WTF???? Charle homes

      • ECC, I did time back in the 80s with a few of these cats, all of them anit like that, they might not have had anything to do with that, child getting ki*led it might have been the s as sur 13 , we dont really no, so lets hold of on the finger pointing, the cops say kicthen crips did it ,we dont know that, but who ever did it, we as black gang members need to find out and dust they blank off !

  4. God Bless the Family that suffered this tragedy. Stuff like this will continue to happen if we dont wake up and see the bigger picture: Satan keeps winning. As long as we represent this environment, this white mans territory (that WE built) our childern will continue to get murked. We need to realize to come together as black people. They(power elite illmunati) want us to keep kil#i*gg each other to Depopulate our race. they cannot enslave us physically anymore so they get us mentally in our minds. Peace and Blessings to all Gangstas i hope you can turn from your wicked ways and change your life, all it takes is want in your heart and YHWH will take care of the rest. Put the hood and the status to the side and realize we are taking ourselves straight to hell. Please consider Brethren hell is a place where youre alone inthe dark constantly falling in your new body suited for hell. It is fire and Brimstone where you will only hear your guilty thoughts that happened in this life time. God said he wish that none perish but repent unto the Lord. Peace and Blessings and May YHWH have mercy on all souls.

    • Man

      You f#@$king dumbblankes need to stop with this gay blank banding together people. We’re all f#@$king americans you dumbblank, the black power movement is over (thank f#@$king god). Move on with your lives and stop alienating yourselves from the evil WHITE MAN ( stupid guy). its people like you who carry on black stereotypes. Power Elite Illuminati? Holy sh*% you are pathetically delusional, quit living in a f#@$king box. Guess what? GOD is color blind and couldnt give a sh*% what color you are. We need to come together as a human race enough of this racial division you stupid ignorant f#@$k. If you condemn white people your whole life and blaming them for your problems its your own god damn fault. THis incident has absolutely nothing to do with racism yet your stupid blank had to bring it up. Guess what it was two black men who shot a little black, white people in no way shape or form had anything to do with this. Be accountable for your own actions you stupid sh*% stop finding scapegoats. They cant enslave you physically anymore so they get you mentally? What the f#@$k are you talking about, you are batsh*% crazy. Guess what gangstas dont go to heaven, stop listening TUPAC everyday, read a bike, see the outside world the way it really is, stop being paranoied. no one is out to get you, you just think they are. The Lord sends no peace and blessings to someone who is bigoted like you

      • First of all fake blank man, there other race’s agaist the black man in the work place, in the street’s, if racisum didt still exsit ,why the f#@$k you crying ,black power is dead , chick you sacered if we all start coming together you hoe’s wont have a job or community to live in, alone and claim as youyr own,so brother dont listen to the hATER OF THE BLACK RACE.

  5. Lnjiknh@yahoo.com

    All these uneducated low life guys kil#i*gg an innocent child. I hope yo get raped in jail you queens! Pisses me off!

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