Street Gangs Moving In on Sioux Falls, South Dakota

KSFY Staff
November 13th, 2009

The Sioux Falls Police Department Street Crime Task Force is constantly working to figure out what street gangs are trying to infiltrate our city, and to prevent the gangs already here from growing.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Cullen McClure says, “Recently we’ve seen a rise in their organization to robberies and home invasions and crimes that are a more violent nature.”

He’s assigned to the Street Crimes Task Force and says there are about 37 street gangs in the city, amounting to around 365 members.

“I’d say our most active is gangster disciples which here in Sioux Falls is primarily a Native American based gang.”

Officer McClure says higher concentrations of gang activity occur in the Whittier Park neighborhood and the east side of Sioux Falls.

Members range in age from 11 up to around age 40.

“A lot of our gang members seem to come from a poor family structure and they’re looking for comfort and safety and acceptance of the gang to provide the family structure for them.”

Officer McClure says the biggest way to deter your kids from gangs is to know who their friends are, and what they’re up to when you’re not around.

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8 Comments for “Street Gangs Moving In on Sioux Falls, South Dakota”

  1. CeeJay

    what the hell is you talkinq about. . ? why you tryinq to discrimanate on natiive american?. .

    • johnny B Goode

      It’s NOT discrimination, it is the truth and the fact of the matter is to many Native Americans have money and housing handed to them. Get a job and EARN a living like EVERYONE ELSE.

      • NOvember

        Johnny B. Goode you are so right my man!! I spent some time in Oklahoma and the Native Americans (bark niggas) are the laziest mothaf*ckas!!! Ceejay you can kiss my white ass. Beeyotch.

  2. Amy's ex-bf

    That’s a shame. I used to visit my gf in N. Sioux City and everyone seemed so sweet and innocent in the area. I hope that the gang problems cease, so that the innocent families can live in peace.

  3. Marc

    I know of a gang in Yankton sd. a guy made one called the 3rd street saints.

    • Joe

      Many these niggas aint GDs they just some busta ass niggas tryna bang in da suburbs. Take dat shit to the CHI where theres Folk and P sets to funk wit. Real talk.

  4. crip4life

    Fuck gangster diciples you racist white people should say it to are face

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