Keep the Change: Too Little Too Late

Kimberly Bradley-Clark for Street Gangs
December 10, 2005

Why is this killer, Stanley Tookie Williams being made out to be the victim, while the real victims left behind families and small children that didn’t understand what was happening, that is now adults and they are reliving this nightmare all over again? Time heals all pain and wounds except when the same spot is injured again and, in this case, it is the heart.

I am a Christian woman and I feel sorry for Williams. I can’t begin to imagine how he is feeling right now. Every hour, minute, and second thinking and worrying what is the Governor going to do. He can’t sleep. He doesn’t want to sleep that would mean he would dream. He doesn’t want to sleep because that would mean the day is getting closer and he would not even be aware of it. He doesn’t want to sleep because it would be a very restless sleep. I do feel sorry for him because he is human and so am I and I would not wish that torture and torment on anyone. If he really want to help and have the bangers change, record every minute of your last week and have his writer publish and give the proceeds to the inner city youth programs.

Williams had 25 years to sit and think of this day. 25 years ago when his sentence was handed down, he probably didn’t think he would still be living 25 years from then with the life that he was living. Why did it take countless murders (we only know of 4) and death knocking at his door to change? I am not saying change cannot happen and reform someone, but why now. Williams stand up and shout as loud as you can and renounce the gang lifestyle. What have you got to lose?

In biblical times Saul made a change to Paul. He was known as the persecutor of the Christians. He had a dramatic change and everyone did not believe it. People still remembered him as Saul the man he used to be. He had to prove and show his transformation. This was not an overnight process. He had some work to do before he was accepted as a changed man. After a while people believed that he really did change and Saul was no longer.

The NAACP is making him out to be something of a person that did well for society. If he did well it was by the blood and possessions of others. Why can’t they take up a worthy cause that will not cause the black community embarrassment? This is not a race issue except that the victims were not black. How many murders did he get away with? How many killings did he order or he was an accessory after the fact? We will never know.

If he really wants to change, start with using his birth name. The name he goes by now is a street name. Do like Paul. If he really wants to change, change his appearance and get a clean hair cut and shave. If he really wants to change, stand up and shout at the top of your lungs to get out of the gang lifestyle or they will end up like him.

How many times was he arrested? How long is his rap sheet? How many incidences did he have while on death row? Why did it take prison and a death sentence to change him? A person goes to jail when he gets caught.

The victims had families that were waiting for them to come home that night and all they got was a knock at the door and their lives will never be the same. The victims had little kids in their families at the time and could not comprehend what was going on around them. They are all adults now and to live it like it happened yesterday is torturous. Has the victims been compensated or are they struggling because the breadwinner was murdered? Are the proceeds going to the victims or to any youth program in the inner city?

If Williams wants to make a statement that will deter youths that are thinking of joining a gang, write every thought and feeling during these last days and have them published with the proceeds donated.

To see the Jessie’s and the Sharpton’s rally around this like it is a worthy cause is very embarrassing. Take up a worthy cause, not come to the aid of a known killer and make it out like society did him wrong. The celebrities and so-called famous and prominent people have nothing better to do with their time and money. Did they even know of this guy before the media brought him to the light? Why can’t he make a statement saying this will happen to you if you keep going down that gang path. To the bangers this is cool. His name is being spoken and people know who he is. To them with their limited thinking he is their hero. Most of them never heard of him until the media brought him to our attention and most of them were not even born when he was sentenced.

He wiped out an entire family in one night with no remorse – only laughter. He wanted what he couldn’t have so he killed for it. He has said he has changed, then except responsibility. Let the youth know that this is not how they want to die.

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