Benjamin Franklin on Homeland Security

He who gives up his freedom for security gets neither-

Benjamin Franklin

Alex Alonso
December 11, 2005

In a post-911 world that we all live in the discussion on national security has become a front page item. From the Patriot Act to Anti-Terrorism legislation, each new bill and law will take away some form of freedom and privacy, but will it ultimately make us safer? Does leaving behind the nail clippers or a shaving razor make an airline flight safer? As each demand on the American citizen is incrementally heightened, finger nail clippers will become DNA samples. We all want to live in a safe environment, but current precautions being taken, would not have prevented the events on 9/11/2001. Background checks on those entering the US on VISAs, no access to lollipoppit on planes airborne, and more information gathering at airline training facilities could possibly prevent future terrorist plots.

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2 Comments for “Benjamin Franklin on Homeland Security”

  1. Edward A. Salazar

    As uncool as it may sound to some, what
    we all need is to have our kids of
    today brought up in the ways of the
    LORD and it will always stay with us
    even if we stray off the right path.
    And it's never to late in life to
    change. it's all about PRIDE[it will
    ki*l you]. Read the BIBLE and see the
    Change; "Believe Me it WORKS!!!"

  2. Read the BIBLE and see the
    Change; "Believe Me it WORKS!!!"

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