LAPD Officer murders in a jealous rage and then turns gun on self

June 21, 2001

lapdOfficer Geno Colello, 35 of Rampart Division murdered Keith Thomas Ewing in a jealous rage as he was watering grass. He was dating Colello’s ex-girl friend when he murdered the 34 year old while he was in front of his house in Simi Valley. He then shot himself in the head.

Ewing was shot and killed Saturday in the 1800 block of Sutter Avenue. His assailant, Colello, then shot and killed himself. Police said the motive appeared to be that Colello’s ex-girlfriend moved in with Ewing a few weeks prior. Neighbor Brian Sandhovel, 26, described the 34-year-old Ewing as a nice, quiet guy who was an ideal neighbor. A neighbor for four years, Sandhovel had said hello to Ewing just minutes before Colello pulled up and opened fire.

Next door preparing for his brother’s wedding, Sandhovel heard what he thought sounded like firecrackers and ran out to find Ewing prone, shot in the head. “He looked like he was in the process of turning around to run into the house,” said Sandhovel, who ran out in a tuxedo and yelled to his wife to call 911. He saw Colello slumped in the running pickup, a gun still in his lap.

“It’s a very, very unfortunate incident,” Lt. Horace Frank. “Whenever someone, anyone, loses a life like that it’s very tragic. Certainly, our condolences go out to the victim and (Geno Colello). … I don’t think anyone wins in a situation like that.” Police Protective League President Mitzi Grasso called it a tragedy “all the way around.”

“I feel so bad for both of the families,” she said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with both families.” Colello, 35, was a 7 1/2-year LAPD veteran assigned to the Rampart Division’s community relations department. Former Foothill Cmdr. Tim McBride, who sat on a Board of Rights hearing involving Geno Colello, said Monday that Colello seemed like he had a lot of energy and seemed like a very dedicated officer. Colello’s father is a retired LAPD officer.

“I just think it’s a horrendous thing,” McBride said. The Ventura County Coroner’s Office determined that Ewing was killed by multiple gunshots. Colello died of a gunshot to the head. In his LAPD career, Colello was involved in a couple of harrowing experiences.
In September 1995, a fleeing suspect rammed Colello’s patrol car, leaving him hospitalized with severe neck and back injuries. Just three weeks after returning to duty, Colello shot and killed convicted killer William Thomas Betzner. Betzner, 43, drove off with Colello caught in the car, taunting the officer. Colello shot him and was injured in the crash. The Los Angeles Police Commission determined that the shooting fell within the department’s policy.

Funeral services for Ewing were pending at Gobel-Miller Mortuary in Tulare, Calif., a mortuary spokesperson said.

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3 Comments for “LAPD Officer murders in a jealous rage and then turns gun on self”

  1. Prem

    this is because I have seen the Poice with my own eyes aikltng down to our young people like they are worth nothing! Saying things like “If you were in effin Jamaica I would had juke u down long time” Also on another occblankion I hear them say…” “If I ever catch u fishing here again I would take my car and run you over” One of my friends said she heard two Officer saying to some young people… “Next time I see yah here mi bust a cap in yah head”Hello Mr. Officer??? What kind of an example are you all setting for our Children? What kind of example are u showing our young people of today? If you make them feel less than what they are they will always think of themselves as nothing and will always have a low self esteem!”LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE AND MAKE THEM FISH AT LEAST THEY R NOT OUT GANG BANGING OR GETTING IN TROUBLE” As an Officer your job and your responsibility to to protect and serve. If you let your People and your Country down then they will let you down. If you show the young people respect then they will give u respect! I agree with the person above take down that sign on your car please”We care we listen & we act” Work out the solution instead of adding more to the solution. God bless.

    • smokey

      So! Am i suppose to feel sorry for the cop? Hell no! f#@$k his crash and injuries.How many innocent people police have ki*led and gotten away with it and its still going on right now.

  2. 5th street

    juice lee is dumb guy….cuZ yu got dead guyS….shut up fool ur sh*% iz moLEsTED…..

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