Criminal Class Locastas

Criminal Class Locastas Related posts: Hells Angel guilty of making criminal threats Camarillo youth detention facility graduates first facilitator class New policy for legal representation in criminal court says Attorney General Holder Parents Of LA Gang Kids Head To Class At Court’s Order ICE agents arrest 286 in crackdown on criminal immigrants in California Boys […]

Calaveras Gangster Crip

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Altadena Blocc Crip in Altadena, California

Altadena Blocc Crip ABCs Resting in Peace Casper Loc Criptonite Guydie Newborn No-Brain Lil Stranger Related posts: Tiny Crip Cal (T.C.) from Altadena Blocc Crip on doing 12 years in prison and being back Altadena Blocc Crip member, T.C. talks about earning money in prison and drinking homemade alcohol Altadena, California – Crip Gangs Gundry […]

Man arrested after attempted prison-gang hit

eric gomez

Daniel Borunda (El Paso Times) | January 5, 2011 An ex-gang member apparently averted a prison gang hit Monday when a gunman hesitated because the victim was with his two young sons outside a bakery in Central El Paso. El Paso police arrested Eric Patrick Gomez, 33, on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly […]

October sees 20th straight month of drop in crime rate despite jump in gang violence


Dennis Wyatt (Manteca Bulletin) | January 3, 2011 A surge in year-end felony-level property crimes – a regular holiday occurrence – won’t likely break Manteca’s string of 20 months of double-digit drops in the crime rate. The year-to-year comparison report for the month of October showed only three of the 12 felonies that the FBI […]

Watsonville police say stabbing victim had dropped out of a gang

apt stabbing

Stephen Baxter (Mercury News) | January 03, 2011 WATSONVILLE – As police searched for leads Monday in the stabbing death of Jose Alfredo Coronel, friends and family gathered on the sidewalk where he was killed to mourn their loss. The 32-year-old had been in his home Saturday night near the corner of Pennsylvania and Hammer […]

County looks to clean up graffiti issue


Bob Cuddy (The Tribune News) | January 03, 2011 With one eye aimed at monitoring gangs and the other eye on aesthetics, the county is about to introduce an anti-graffiti ordinance. The Board of Supervisors will introduce the proposed ordinance Tuesday, and the planning department is asking supervisors to schedule a public hearing for Jan. […]

Gangs aren’t always easy to see

gang tag

FELICIA KITZMILLER (News Herald Writer) | January 03, 2011 PANAMA CITY — Gangs might not look or act the same everywhere, but they are everywhere. The number of gangs and their membership is continuing to rise in Florida, according to the annual Florida Gang Reduction Strategy report released by Florida’s Office of the Attorney General […]

Former NBA player Nick Van Exel’s son gets murder charge

The son of a former Dallas Mavericks player,21-year-old Nickey Maxell Van Exel, is charged with murdering a young man whose body was recently found by a lake in Texas.

December 31, 2010, 10:36 AM ET Associated Press DALLAS — The 20-year-old son of former NBA player Nick Van Exel has been charged with capital murder in the death of a close friend, Dallas police announced Thursday. Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was arrested Wednesday night and jailed on $1 million bond in the death of […]

Kidney parole condition raises ethical questions


By HOLBROOK MOHR, Associated Press Holbrook Mohr, Associated Press – Thu Dec 30, 6:33 pm ET JACKSON, Miss. – A debate is unfolding over an unusual offer from Mississippi’s governor: He will free two sisters imprisoned for an armed robbery that netted $11, but one woman’s release requires her to donate her kidney to the […]

Greeley gang incidents rise, but so do arrests


Sharon Dunn (Greeley Tribune) | December 27, 2010 Although the number of gang-related incidents and arrests is up in Greeley this year, some law enforcement officials see that as a positive; they are keeping the pressure on the city gang’s members. As of November, Greeley police had logged 52 major gang-related incidents in Greeley throughout […]

Two Spring Hill teens face burglary charges in gang recruiting

home burglary

Tony Marrero  (St Petersburg Times) | December 29, 2010 SPRING HILL — The boys had two ways to join the gang, and neither option would be a cakewalk. A 14-year-old Spring Hill boy approached at least three other teens at Fox Chapel Middle School earlier this month, told them he was member of the Bloods […]