THE POWERS THAT BE: Are the sons of Archie Bunker

By Kell Ramos for
February 9, 2006

They hide their racist ways
And pray for the days
Of the return of the slaves
With ships and locks
Chains and whips
Our only protection’s
The Bloods and the Crips
They walk around in suits
And they don’t play
It’s the modern day KKK

They say I’m against they system
But I’m for the system
That was created
For us By us
But you use that system
To make big bucks for yourself
And don’t give us a chance to advance
The United States, Britain and France
Control the worldwide economy
So lets take a stance and fight
Before they destroy
You and me and our whole society
They wanna take over the world
Their greeds a disgrace
If we don’t stop em now
They’ll destroy the human race
With nuclear capacity
Deaths in our face
And toxic waste
All over the place
Overflows in our space
But they’ll be safe

Choose to stay ignorant
To the maladjustments of the world
The dysfunctions of society
They’d rather stay safe
In their suburban bubble
Unconcerned with the common mans trouble

Can’t get insurance of anykind
Choose to stay blind

And if you’re not covered by insurance
You’ll be covered by dirt
And things still wont change
Cause THE POWERS THAT BE don’t hurt
From our departure
To them it’s just another man dead
And the change still wont come
Until one of their children is led
Into a morgue or a hospital
Gaspin for air
But that’s when THE POWERS THAT BE
Start givin speeches everywhere
About the need to change problems
That’ve been going on for years
But for the longest time
Mothers have shed tears
And expressed fears
With no results
Just blank stares
While the stress from being ignored
Starts to rip and tear
At the hearts and minds of common people everywhere
Tired of being treated like nobody cares

Politicians and Cops
At the top of the list
Act like you’re too good
Without us you don’t exist

I don’t call you sir
And give you too much respect
You were put in your position
To serve and protect
And it’s my tax dollars
That supports your family
So I’m your boss
And you do what I say
And if I didn’t do anything wrong
Then you be on your way

And what’s the deal
Nowadays with knowing a cop
And you get a ticket
And the charges get dropped

Na that needs to stop
Cause that’s just too much power
To give to a cop

You see a cop is a citizen
Like you or me
And we give em
A badge and a gun
To patrol our community
And it’s a job
So we give em a salary
And along with it
Comes a little authority
So they can handle situations when they arise
But don’t let that power
Rise above your eyes
And go straight to your head
Cause that’s when innocent people
Start windin up dead
Shot 6 times bodies full of lead
Was all that needed to be said

And politicians
Sit on their pedastools
Eatin lobster
Pblankin gas
Pblankin laws
That are made to harrblank
Take computers outta clblank
With the attitude
If you scratch my back
I’ll scratch your blank

Desire for Real Estate
Got you choppin down trees
No more oxygen
Pretty soon we can’t breath
College education
Got your masters degree
Doesn’t mean you see reality more then me
Truth is you’re a product of conformity
Like to play games that they can’t lose
Give judges and prosecutors
Power so they can abuse
And control the mblankes
With subliminal tactics
Inject fear in our hearts
So our rights we dont practice
The kingdom of heaven is at hand
Was said by John the Baptist
Back in biblical days
Turned whole nations into slaves
Fought wars with their neighbors
And buried the dead bodies in mblank graves
Covered with blood stained sand
All over the holy land
The change can come from just one man
Jesus Christ was ki*led
By the high priests and Pharisees
But back in them days
And it’s ashame
That if you go against the grain
Two thousand years later
The results are still the same

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