Cle “Bone” Sloan on the set of Southland – Nickerson Gardens projects


Cle "Bone" Sloan

Actor Cle “Bone” Sloan on the set of Southland in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects in South Los Angeles, January 8, 2013

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25 Comments for “Cle “Bone” Sloan on the set of Southland – Nickerson Gardens projects”

  1. Blazing One

    its funny how the people in the projects can afford to pay for Direct TV every month, $500 to $1,000 per year.

  2. GJ

    Nickerson Gardens Blood!!

  3. r

    What is it cool to live in a dirty crap hole now ? what losers . total dead weight losers on society

    • jay

      No chick while you talking sh*% its NOTHING wrong with living in the f#@$king Projects. Nor is it a crap hole but if thats how you feel maybe you should do something about it. And I guess you must be the Ruler of Society right? A lot of Good people live or is from the projects.


    hahah the city should turn the entire sh*% into a parking lot.

    • Klove

      A parking lot like you mama’s dirty sntch where all are welcomed ! Get a blood test on Maury,cause I’m sure he’s not your father:)

  5. cisco

    crooks castLE?????

  6. Austin

    f#@$k BLOODS, CRYPTS, and all stupid f#@$kING GANGS! guyS SHOULD DIE. U GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT COME f#@$k WITH ME chick IN TENNESSEE. MURFREESBORO, 931-219-7561! guy chick f#@$k YOU!

    • Dat Nigga

      you gonna get your caP peeled talking that n***** s*** that goes outside the lines of gang bangin and that’s just about black people. You’re going to get the f****** whacked with that s*** Im tellin you

    • Faaa

      Spokeo number you foo blank scary whiteboy

      • Juelz

        I agree… all my family can get down without guns I seen blankes get dropped with fist. so to me Gangs are a bunch wanna b bad blankes who cant handle the world alone. Man up get a job and take care of your family. sooner or later they fall victim and want to leave the life. its stupid.

    • destiny

      I would first like to school you little boy on your ignorance not stupidity but IGNORANCE. Your ancestors took us from our home and brought us to this bs We didn’t hop over any fences or borders to get here. Your ancestors brought us. You want to get mad get mad at your fellow race. Your race wanted to rape our women due to lack of what your race of women COULD NOT do and WHAT THEY DON’T HAVE. Your race of men were inferior and therefore needed are men. So don’t get mad just ki*l yourself. Also its CRIP not Crypt. Educate yourself.

      • wtf

        I hate when black people always say the white man brought them here…its just a excuse to act up. If he white man offered you a free plane ride back to ghana or kenya (africa for thos that dont know). I would say about 100 percent would NOT take that free ride.
        Please stop using that as an excuse!!! Actually what I would say is ” a race wanted free help and took us from our country and brought our ancesorts here and its much better, thanks” !!!

      • dani

        Good reponse

  7. Juelz

    I personally think gangs are stupid!. now days kids join gangs because they have no parental control. they parents are doing the same thing smoking and drinking. Gangs back than had enough respect for the streets they grew up on. they didn’t go around spraying bullets at random people they hit the person the bullets intended to hit. it makes me sick now days people ki*l innocent children playing in the streets. stop using guns man up get ur blank dropped n drink it down. gangs are for vaginas who cant stand up by themselves. little children are victims who play outside not knowing how cruel someone else child can be. have enough respect for where u came from and ur family f#@$king cowards.

  8. Toniaw

    Thanks Destiny!You said that quite well.

  9. Kwame

    How can I get in touch with Sloan or his manager? We need to write the next Forty A&A Mules Project.

  10. bh

    For those of you who speaking and don’t know our struggle shut the f#@$k up y’all don’t know sh*% about the way we live we get how we live it doesn’t matter how bad it is we still have intelligent people that came from these here PROJECTS WATTS is the home of the hardest WE.ARE.TAUGHT.TOO.SERVIVE.UNDER.PRESSURE bang that ESBH

  11. juan nieves

    blazing one what your hating for we were born in the projects and we all know how to survive the struggle and if we have cable and new cars thats because we are smart enuff to earn it ignorant jikers like you always think that homies from the jects just hustle we work hard for our money period and for some of us that hustle to survive is the way of the hood life biatch.

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