Former Police Officer Arrested for Rape

By Dennis Lovelace (myFOXla)
October 20, 2009


A former Redondo Beach reserve police officer has been arrested on suspicion of drugging a friend, shaving off his body hair and raping him, it was reported today.

Police arrested John Haig Marshall, 53, on Oct. 8 on suspicion of rape using an intoxicating substance, and detectives believe their case could grow to involve other men, the Daily Breeze reported.

The former Redondo Beach Police Department reserve officer was previously investigated in sexual assault and drug dealing cases involving teenage boys, Redondo Beach police Sgt. Phil Keenan told the newspaper. Police suspect molestations could have occurred for 30 years.

“We believe this guy has molested men and boys in the past,” Keenan told the Breeze. “We’ve had surveillance on this man in the past and we’ve had complaints on this man in the past.”

Marshall is free on $110,000 bail. His attorney, Jeffrey Gray, told the Breeze is client is innocent.

Police began investigating a report in late September from a 29-year-old man who said he was drugged and sexually assaulted in Marshall’s shower, Keenan told the Breeze. Marshall and the man knew each other and had drinks together on a few occasions, he said.

Keenan said the victim arrived to work on Marshall’s computer one evening and was given an alcoholic beverage.

“Before he knew it, he was incapacitated, but still aware of what was going on,” he told the Breeze, adding that “the suspect then took him and shaved his body hair” and sexually assaulted him.

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7 Comments for “Former Police Officer Arrested for Rape”

  1. victim

    John Marshall has been a child molestor for over 30 years…I was a victim years ago. He gave many of us children drugs and then molested us. He became a reserve officer in the city he lived, Redeondo Beach, to understand how police investigations work, and avoid detection. He also used the brief police involvement, 07/15/80 – 04/10/81, to successfully intimidate us child victims, as he’s connected to the same people we would report the abuse to. He would tell us, no one will believe you..I’m a police officer and the rest of the force are friends of mine. We also feard he might harm us to shut us up.

    Redondo Beach Police, Torrance Police and Palos Verdes Polce agencies have been aware of him for at least the past 30 years. There have been 30 – 50 victims.

    It would have been nice if the Police had gone to the media in this manner years ago to stop some to the children that have been molested by this monster since they were first alerted and suspicious of his activities. Do they care more for the current adult victim in this case than the numerous children molested as a result of the police inability to stop this child molester? It seems like gross incompetence at the very least, and a criminal cover-up at the worst.

    Maybe the police departments feared thus publicity and a huge lawsuit by the victims he was molesting while a reserve officer, or their inadequate background check prior to hiring him. Maybe it made more sense to allow the statute of limitations to expire on the victims to protect the city from legal liability?

    And it’s typical that the defense will try to make Mr. Marshall into a poor gay man beinjg picked on. It’s true he is a gay man, and 99% of the 30-50 victims, including myself were male children. He’s screwed up countless lives.

    In any case, it’s about time he was arrested…long overdue. We just hope for justice.

  2. Ang

    People who hurt children in this manner need to be given NO SECOND CHANCE and put before a firing squad. Its sad the people that we look up to – to protect and serve end up doing this. I hope this man is sentence harsh!

    To the victom – I am sorry for your pain and it took courage to write what you wrote. I hope this man is convicted harshley and for his victoms to have some peace.

  3. Victim

    The above statement 1 from Victim is true and correct. Why does he keep getting let go? He must still have his contacts in the local government. This man is very dangerous to the people in any community he inhabits. Put him away already!

  4. mirror

    put one in his head

  5. Mike

    I know John Marshall and also know that he is total scum!!! I use to live in the apartment he owns before and after he decided to move in. One day I came home late where I had my car parked in the driveway, where my car was parked hundreds of times before. He came running up to me screaming that he could not get his Lamborghini out of the garage after which, he took a swing at me. He clipped me in the side of the face. Once I got off my bike he and his friend took off running like chickens.
    His looser buddy came along the back side of me and sucker punched me in the side of the head. After which his buddy took off running again. These are hit and run guys. John in the mean time ran over my Trek bike with one of his cars.
    These loosers called the Redondo PD on me.
    The Redondo PD took me to the Redondo Jail, where I got my mug shot, and fingerprinted. The next day I found my old clblankic car with the door kicked in and a big footprint in the center of the door. I took my car to the Redondo PD with my desroyed bike in the trunk to show them what Marshall had done.
    I talked to one police officer who said he was going to get the arresting officer out. After which they both tried to give me a lecture.
    What’s up with these cops? Do they know what the hell they are doing?
    I have observed many teenage boys coming in and out of his place.
    Sure don’t know what goes on behind his closed doors and don’t want to imagine. I am sure this guy has screwd up many people.
    New Years Eve I was at B of A taking money out of my account. Marshall came up with one of his boyfriends and started calling me every name in the book such as “lollipopsucker”. How ironic since he is the queer. Not a comfortable feeling when you are trying to get money out while you have somebody in back of you screaming profanities.
    Will the law catch up with this piece of trash and finally put him in prison?
    Don’t know, hopefully his dirtbag lawyer scum wont get him off again!!!
    Yes I guess everyone reading this can tell what bitter feelings I have.
    To all bad people — Rot in Hell!!!!!!!
    To all good people — Have a great day!!!!!!!!

  6. Kenya

    That is insane. And sick. Let’ do something positive to emit a peaceful aura to be released unto the universe. Visit I have read so many interesting things on this site. Great job.

  7. sikEs

    surenos have been known to kidnap middle school kids and rape them…

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