Deputy Gary Saunders

Deputy Gary Saunders was on patrol training status, blankigned to the  Sheriff’s Firestone Park Station in the south central Los Angeles, when he chased a suspect near the intersection of Florence and Holmes Avenue. Trindad Iglesias took Saunders’ revolver in their struggle and shot the deputy three times in the chest. The deputy’s watch ended May 22, 1971, prior to the convention of wearing ballistic vests in policing forces.

Iglesias was surrounded in a garage and surrendered, convicted of second degree murder in court. The Florencia 13 gang member served only 4 years in prison before his release with Governor Jerry Brown’s administration’s pblanking of Senate Bill 42, terminating the prison terms of criminals serving indeterminate sentences.

Deputy Saunders had been with the Sheriff’s Department for two years.

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3 Comments for “Deputy Gary Saunders”

  1. […] Deputy Gary Saunders, 30, LASD Firestone, May 21, 1971, Trinidad Iglesias, 21, shot and ki*led Deputy Saunders at 70th Street and Holmes. Iglesias was a Florencia members and was found guilty of 2nd degree murder. […]

  2. Ed

    Are you kidding me ! He shot a a cop in cold blood three bullets to the chest and he is let loose. To do what ? Join back the gang and ki*l again. OMG

  3. Mudpie

    He neededed to get fried not released.

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