Nazi Low Riders

Nazi Low Riders

coming soon…

19 comments on “Nazi Low Riders

  1. macdre on said:

    2pac cwalkinG

  2. No MAS Gangsters on said:

    Gang members are a fucking joke. Cowards that you are. The brave person…the one who stand up to you and say NO MORE

  3. boy youse a copY

  4. dish floWErS

  5. i’m goNNA bE a HERO not A pornoGRAphER

  6. 5th street on said:

    truE b’S?

  7. cast lampson on said:

    In the name of National Security, all Gang members will be arrested and tried with due process as TERRORISTS.

  8. BloodKing on said:


  9. That guy online on said:

    all of you are wannabe fat ass gang you stupid internet gangsters. No life i bet you dont go outside. now shut the fuck up with that shit.

  10. 40 oz white boy on said:

    i want a harley

  11. brooklyn on said:

    Great New York City, Street Gangs Website.
    Check It Out!

  12. fuck you on said:

    Oh a brown dick red dick head bitch

  13. Vi spacco il culo a tutti coglioni

  14. yea botch on said:

    dont owe u sorry minority bitches anything but winshield problemzzzzzzz

  15. yea botch on said:

    blazted 2 peiCEs…….

  16. LatinRambo on said:

    Fuck these dirty moyos/miyates. You greasy bastards need to go buy some more soul glow you greasy k-fc eating suckas.

  17. mike burton on said:

    fuck niggers and all low riders big underground skinhead accion xx3 south america area u.s.a.

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