AS IS Magazine – Issue #5 | Former Bank Robbery Chazz Williams | Curtis Scoon

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Feature articles include:

  • Chazz Williams robbed banks and shot it out with the FEDS before he started Black Hand Entertainment, managed 50 Cent and made songs with Jay-Z.
  • The Gun Guide: The facts, the prices and the statistics.
  • Lie Detectors: the history of the deception machine.
  • Curtis Scoon, the only named suspect in Jam Master Jay’s murder. Read the interview
  • Understanding Miranda Rights: the right to remain silent
  • Bounty Hunters and their immense power
  • The Death Penalty: were Larry Griffin, Leo Jones, and Gary Graham innocent of te crimes they were executed for?
  • Michael Sterling
  • New trends in birth control

    Publisher: As Is
    Editor-in-Chief: Shabazz
    Issue: 5
    Pages: 130

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