Man shot and killed in West Lake District

westlake shooting

Posted by ABC 7 News | March 24, 2017 WESTLAKE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A man was shot and killed in the Westlake district on Friday, according to authorities. Los Angeles police said the shooting happened near La Fayette Park Place and Beverly Boulevard at about 2:15 p.m. When crews arrived at the scene, they […]

2 killed, 1 injured in shooting at liquor store in South LA

south l.a. shooting

Posted by MaryAnn Martinez | FOX 11 News | March 23, 2017 A father waited to learn if his son was among the dead Thursday at a liquor store shooting that claimed two lives in South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said a black truck parked at a liquor store was the […]

Original Swamp Compton Crips

STREETGANGS.COM | March 23, 2017 Compton / Rosemont – Posted up with D-Weezy in one of the oldest Black gang in Los Angeles. The Swamp Boys go back to approximately 1958 and have existed under that same name, Swamp, in the same area, ever since. They are located in the West Compton / Rancho Dominguez […]

June Dogg, G-Len and the Denver Lanes Bloods, final thoughts from the Red Room

STREETGANGS.COM | March 16, 2017 LOS ANGELES – June Dogg talks on being old enough to function with the big homies and young enough to function with the young homies from Denver Lane Bloods. He also talks about functioning with people from other neighborhoods regardless of affiliation. We end the interview with a few bars […]

Jamaica from Mona Parcc Compton Crip behind the scenes (BTS) in renovated park

STREETGANGS.COM | March 12, 2017 COMPTON – The park in Mona Park Compton Crip neighborhood was recently renovated and has a brand new gym, baseball field, play area for toddlers and 6 – 12 year olds. We met up with Jamaica who grew up in this area and has seem this park transform into one […]

Baby Dott from Inglewood Family Bloods near 92nd Street

STREETGANGS.COM | March 5, 2017 INGLEWOOD – Baby Dott from Inglewood Family reacts to the recently loss of his friend and fellow IFG, Red Bull. On December 11, 2016 Red Bull he was shot and killed while waiting in line at an adult themed pajama party after an altercation with a man who had a […]

Family Swan Blood alley where the hood started and graffiti over 20 years old

STREETGANGS.COM | March 2, 2017 LOS ANGELES – We visited the alley where 89 Family Swan Bloods started off of Wadsworth Avenue on the eastside of South LA. Some of the graffiti on the wall are over 20 years old. Tiny K-Mike has plans to get into cooking and starting a catering business. ******************************************** SUPPORT […]

K Mike from Neighborhood Family Swans on Wadsworth Avenue t

STREETGANGS.COM | February 13, 2017 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – We met up with K-Mike from Neighborhood Family Swan located on the eastside of South Los Angeles on Wadsworth Avenue. In the full length interview he talks about his near death situation when he was shot 6 times and he also takes us to the alley […]

Phonk P talks about playing college football and coming back to Fruit Town Piru

STREETGANGS.COM | February 9, 2017 COMPTON – Phonk P. at Gonzales Park, Compton, CA talks about growing up in Compton, going to the NFL sponsored YET (Youth Education Town) Center, growing up with Compton Menace, and attending the popular private all male Catholic high school Verbum Dei High (The Verb) and playing college football at […]

Scottsdale Piru in the Southbay City of Carson where cameras never been

STREETGANGS.COM | February 03, 2017 Carson – We visited the South Bay city of Carson which is southwest of the city of Compton and received a brief geography lesson of the Latino, black and Samoan gangs in Carson while in Scottsdale Piru neighborhood. This is part two of this series and watch part 1 if […]

Phonk P from Fruit Town Piru posted up at Gonzales Park in Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | January 26, 2017 COMPTON – Behind the scenes with Phonk P in Compton at Gonzales Park. We first met Phonk P when we interview several Fruit Town Pirus about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown claiming the neighborhood. Watch that video here:… We did an interview with Phonk P on growing up in […]

Stevenson Village Crips on the Carson movement & gang unity in Car

STREETGANGS.COM | January 26, 2017 CARSON – TC from Stevenson Village Crips discusses the Carson Movement and unity in the city of Carson among all gangs who want to participate in the Carson Movement. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * Merchandise, […]