Crime concerns raised over planned Tubman closure

harriet tubman residence

Yolanda Putman (Times Free Press) | March 31, 2011 Harriet Tubman residents and surrounding homeowners warn that closing the public housing development as planned could cause crime to spread in residential areas from North Brainerd to Alton Park and set the stage for new violence among rival gangs. “It’s going to be war,” said Tubman resident […]

Police union cites growing gang problem as need to boost benefits

police benefits campaign

Beth Burger and Cliff Hightower (Times Free Press) | March 24, 2011 Using an issue that resonates with residents after a spate of shootings and homicides in the last couple of weeks, police unions are saying they can’t fight criminal street gangs without better benefits from the city of Chattanooga. “If we’re worried about how we’re going to […]

Innocent Bystander Shot By Reported Gang Member


Amanda Shropshire January 10, 2010 CHATTANOOGA – A simple errand turns into a crime scene where an innocent man is killed. While getting gas at the Citgo on Wilcox Boulevard, police tell us Johnathan Lawrence died instantly when he was shot in the head. Today Ricky Johnson went back to the spot where Lawrence fell. […]

“Known Gang Members” Charged In Firebombings


from October 5, 2009 An investigation into some recent firebombings has led to the arrests of known gang members, Chattanooga Police said Monday. Courtney High, Dejon Cagle, Ciara White and Dutchess Lykes were all arrested and charged with two counts each of aggravated arson. The arrests were related to two firebombing incidents that occurred […]