Lynwood bedroom shooting turns fatal

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City News Service | Posted by Toni McAllister My News LA | March 12, 2017 A man was fatally wounded in Lynwood, authorities said Sunday. It happened at 6:35 p.m. Saturday in the 10900 block of Mallison Avenue, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Bob Boese said. The victim was shot in his living quarters, […]

Mona Parcc Compton Crip talks about first prison term and hangin with Hubb & Dubb prison car

STREETGANGS.COM | March 9, 2017 COMPTON – Jamaica, 27, is from Mona Parcc Compton Crip and grew up right next to the park. He been from the Mona Park since he was about 13-years old and when he was 18 years old he was sent to prison for a robbery. Even though he was sentenced […]

Being a female in male dominated gang, gender discrimination, and family ties in Mona Parcc Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | February 27, 2017 COMPTON – Part two of Lil Bit from Mona Parc talking about being a girl in a male dominated gang and possible gender discrimination, how her family all grew up in Mona, and how Mona Parcc represents a large extended family. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: […]

In the Wilmington Arms Apartments in Parc Village Crips neighborhood in Compton (Yaahmpton)

STREETGANGS.COM | February 23, 2017 Compton – We visited the Wilmington Arms Apartments in Parc Village Compton Crips in the city of Compton (Yaahmpton). We spoke to T-Cash who grew up in Parc Village, the same community where his father and grandfather grew up. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * […]

Santana Blocc, behind the scenes, on the Eastside of Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | February 20, 2017 COMPTON – We were posted up on the eastside of Compton in one of the most historical neighborhoods in the city; the Santana Blocc Crips. We met up with several members that are aspiring to be successful in life in spite of the challenges of their environment and the stigma […]

Phonk P talks about playing college football and coming back to Fruit Town Piru

STREETGANGS.COM | February 9, 2017 COMPTON – Phonk P. at Gonzales Park, Compton, CA talks about growing up in Compton, going to the NFL sponsored YET (Youth Education Town) Center, growing up with Compton Menace, and attending the popular private all male Catholic high school Verbum Dei High (The Verb) and playing college football at […]

Phonk P from Fruit Town Piru posted up at Gonzales Park in Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | January 26, 2017 COMPTON – Behind the scenes with Phonk P in Compton at Gonzales Park. We first met Phonk P when we interview several Fruit Town Pirus about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown claiming the neighborhood. Watch that video here:… We did an interview with Phonk P on growing up in […]

Visiting Lil Bit & her father in Mona Park Compton Crip neighborhood

STREETGANGS.COM | December 17, 2016 UPDATE: December 23, 2016 – Actual interview, part 1 was posted. Compton – Lil Bit from Mona Park Compton Crips talks about growing up in Compton, going to school in Watts, following her father into the (against his wishes), and dating a rival from PJ Watts for over 6-years, the […]

Los Angeles Denver Lanes members talk street history from the Red Room

STREETGANGS.COM | December 1, 2016 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – We met up with June Dogg, Big Bosko, Sad Dogg and G-Len from the Westside Denver Lane Bloods from South Los Angeles. History of the neighborhood and the use of the “Red Room” which was created by California Light Heavyweight Champion boxer, Monroe Ratliff who boxed […]

Behind the Scenes with Projeck Bo in the Pueblo Del Rio housing projects Staff Writer October 2, 2016 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – We visited the Pueblo Del Rio Housing projects and met up with Projeck Bo who was recently released from prison after serving 8 years. He provided us with a tour of the Pueblos, which is home to the Pueblo Bishop Bloods. We talked about Don […]

Deputies in Compton fatally shoot unarmed black man

COMPTON – August 26, 2016 – Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man Thursday as they searched for a suspect they say fired at them after a pursuit in Compton. Investigators are still trying to determine if the man who was shot was involved in the original incident or had been armed […]

Behind the Scenes: Oldest Bloods Gangs in Los Angeles, Top Ten

By Alex A. Alonso | July 22, 2016 | 10:45 p.m. | South Los Angeles, CA – Behind the scenes shooting the Oldest Bloods Gangs in Los Angeles, part 2. In this video you get a sneak peek behind the making of popular series, Top Ten. Also learn why it take longer than average […]