Alleged Tongan Crip gang member shot and killed in Salt Lake City courtroom


By Stefani Camille Staff Writer April 22, 2014   Salt Lake City’s federal courtroom had an unusual occurrence yesterday when Siale Angilau, 25, an alleged member of the Tongan Crips was shot and killed by deputy U.S. marshal during court proceedings. Angilau attacked a witness who was testifying against him, federal law enforcement official [...]

Profit-driven, gangs move off the local street corners

Former Lynn gang rivals Jeron Reddick and Francisco Paulino

Steven A. Rosenberg (Boston Globe) | March 16, 2014 On the streets, Jeron Reddick became J-ROC and was known for never turning down a fight as a member of the Bloods. Francisco Paulino became Cisco, and developed a reputation as an enforcer for the Crips. They fought over territory; they fought if someone looked at [...]

Baby Stretch


Follow Baby Stretch: Stretch_Obama Affiliations: Fruit Town Brim, Yard Down Music Videos on Baby Stretch Lil & Baby Stretch from Fruit Town Brim, on Yard Down, Joe Moses, Nipsey Hussle & Prison Politics At the University Gardens apartment complex with the Fruit Town Brims Related stories: Lil Stretch Follow Lil Stretch: LilStretch37 Stretch… Big Stretch [...]

Tee Gee


Follow Tee Gee: TEEGEE83 frankblue83 Affiliations: Eight Tray Gangster Crip, Monopoly Boyz Videos on Tee Gee Tee Gee on neighborhood pride [ETG] & how gang beefs have changed Northside ETG Tee Gee addresses 40 Glocc lawsuit against The Game & lack of opportunities for GCs Related stories: Lil Sodi Follow Lil Sodi: lilsodi831 lil_sodi… Kershaun [...]

Mister CR


Follow Mister CR: Mister Cr 1mistaCR Affiliations: Eastside Hustler Crip Videos on Mister CR Mister CR from Eastside Hustler Crip talks about early influence & being indy artist in Los Angeles Mister CR from Eastside Hustler Crip talks about his neighborhood Related stories: Armando Zambrano Follow Armando Zambrano: Armando Zambrano… Red Rum Follow Red Rum: [...]

August Bleu aka Scooby from 83 Gangster Crips talks about getting shot on the eastside of LA

Los Angeles – August Bleu aka Scooby was from 83 Gangster Crip, lived in 62 East Coast Crip, where he was shot and almost killed in 2006. The doctors were able to save his life but he now lives his life as a paraplegic. It wasn’t until he was shot at a second time while [...]

Lil Sodi


Follow Lil Sodi: lilsodi831 lil_sodi Affiliations: Eight Tray Gangster Crips, CTE West Videos on Lil Sodi Lil Sodi on the definition of gang bangin’ and working with Bloods on his album Lil Sodi (ETG) started writing music in YA & prison, Brims & Pirus cool, Gangstas Related stories: Street gangs in Newark, New Jersey Street [...]

Lil Drawz


Follow Lil Drawz: lildrawz projectfilms08 lildrawznewmoney Affiliations: P Jay Watts Crips Videos on Lil Drawz Lil Drawz & Convict, PJay Watts Crip in Imperial Courts Racial Tensions? Do Mexicans & Blacks get along in Imperial Courts Watts Los Angeles? Related stories: Snoopy Blue Follow Snoopy Blue: IAMSNOOPYBLUE therealsnoopyblue… Aqeela Sherrills Follow Aqeela Sherrills: Aqeela Sherrills… [...]

Nipsey Hussle


Follow Nipsey Hussle: NipseyHussIe nipseyhussle niphussle Affiliations: Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, All Money In No Money Out, Slauson Boys Videos on Nipsey Hussle Nipsey Hussle interview from Los Angeles – part 1 Nipsey Hussle on gang bangin’, his music, how unfair gang injunction are & his producer Related stories: Allhood Publications Magazine, Issue #6 [...]

Snoopy Blue


Follow Snoopy Blue: IAMSNOOPYBLUE therealsnoopyblue Affiliations: 97 East Coast Crip, G-Unit West Videos on Snoopy Blue Snoopy Blue, South Los Angeles Watts area Eastside East Coast Crip Rapper Snoopy Blue explains why kids join Los Angeles gangs – East Coast Crips 97 Related stories: Blue Rage, Black Redemption by Stanley Tookie Williams $24.95 Purchase other [...]

Anti-gang efforts to focus more on female associates

North Carolina

Adam Wagner (Star News Online) | January 3, 2014 Local police will be homing in on the female associates of local gangs in 2014, Wilmington Police Department Deputy Chief Mitch Cunningham told an assembled group of law enforcement, social workers and assorted other personnel on Friday. Speaking at the eighth Annual N.C. Gang Conference at [...]

Weehawken police contest Hudson County Sheriff’s Office account of Los Angeles murder suspect’s arrest

donovan johnson

Michaelangelo Conte (The Jersey Journal) | December 26, 2013 Weehawken Public Safety Director Jeff Welz has released additional information on last week’s arrest of a reputed Crips street gang member charged with using an AK-47 to kill two men and wound two others on a Los Angeles street in August. A Hudson County Sheriff’s office [...]

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