Santana Blocc, behind the scenes, on the Eastside of Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | February 20, 2017 COMPTON – We were posted up on the eastside of Compton in one of the most historical neighborhoods in the city; the Santana Blocc Crips. We met up with several members that are aspiring to be successful in life in spite of the challenges of their environment and the stigma […]

Phonk P talks about playing college football and coming back to Fruit Town Piru

STREETGANGS.COM | February 9, 2017 COMPTON – Phonk P. at Gonzales Park, Compton, CA talks about growing up in Compton, going to the NFL sponsored YET (Youth Education Town) Center, growing up with Compton Menace, and attending the popular private all male Catholic high school Verbum Dei High (The Verb) and playing college football at […]

Scottsdale Piru in the Southbay City of Carson where cameras never been

STREETGANGS.COM | February 03, 2017 Carson – We visited the South Bay city of Carson which is southwest of the city of Compton and received a brief geography lesson of the Latino, black and Samoan gangs in Carson while in Scottsdale Piru neighborhood. This is part two of this series and watch part 1 if […]

19th Street Crips in Long Beach

Home > Crips > Long Beach > 19th Street Crips Related posts: Long Beach Insane Crips (ICG) Rollin 20s Crips on the Eastside of Long Beach Long Beach 20s Crips talk about when and why they joined the gang as kids Crips from 20s and Insane come together in Long Beach at Veterans Park Brik […]

Long Beach 20s Crips talk about when and why they joined the gang as kids

STREETGANGS.COM | February 02, 2017 LONG BEACH – On the Eastside of Long Beach with the Rollin 20s Crips talking about the early Crips gangs of Long Beach, the 20s, Insanes and 19th Street. We met with Beefy Bankz, Sagg Zilla, Fade RR, and BriaanPF from Eastside 20s. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long […]

Phonk P from Fruit Town Piru posted up at Gonzales Park in Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | January 26, 2017 COMPTON – Behind the scenes with Phonk P in Compton at Gonzales Park. We first met Phonk P when we interview several Fruit Town Pirus about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown claiming the neighborhood. Watch that video here:… We did an interview with Phonk P on growing up in […]

Stevenson Village Crips on the Carson movement & gang unity in Car

STREETGANGS.COM | January 26, 2017 CARSON – TC from Stevenson Village Crips discusses the Carson Movement and unity in the city of Carson among all gangs who want to participate in the Carson Movement. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * Merchandise, […]

Santana Blocc Compton Crips on sports & music as path to success in Compton’s Black community

STREETGANGS.COM | January 19, 2017 COMPTON – Beezy and other members of the Santana Blocc Compton Crips talk about music and sports as being the main avenues to attain success and that college is not a realistic option. Even though the music business is changing, extremely saturated and not paying as some people expected it’s […]

Leader of Crips street gang going to prison for 3 life sentences


By Robert E. Kesseler, Newsday January 13, 2017 The longtime leader of the Crips street gang’s Roosevelt chapter got three life sentences plus 145 years in prison Friday for “a crime wave that wreaked havoc” on the community for 10 years. Raphael Osborne, 30, known as the “Big Whale” of the Crips, was convicted on […]

The origins of “Whoop Whoop” and B-Brazy’s legacy with the Denver Lane Bloods

STREETGANGS.COM | January 12, 2017 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – We met up with June Dogg, Big Bosko, Sad Dogg and G-Len from westside Denver Lane Bloods (DLB) in the historic Red Room. In episode 2, G-Len and June Dawg from the Denver Lane Bloodss, talk about the “Bangin on Wax” period of the 1990s and […]

OG Black P Stone from Uptown Bronx talks gang history and getting paralyzed from a gun shot

STREETGANGS.COM | January 7, 2017 Bronx, New York – OG Black P Stone member from Edenwald Projects in the Bronx talks about how he got shot in the streets and became a paraplegic over 20 years ago. ******************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: […]

Edenwald Projects in the Bronx, New York; home of the Valentine Bloods

STREETGANGS.COM | January 7, 2017 BRONX, NY – The Edenwald Housing projects are home to several street gangs including the Valentine Bloods. We met with Ty Valentine on 229th Street in the Bronx in the heart of the Edenwald Projects. The Valentine Bloods formed around 1996 and we met several members of the V.B.s. ******************************************** […]