L.A. Cop Admits He Tried to Smuggle a Man Across the Border

lapd mexican boarder

By Dennis Romero | LAWEEKLY.COM Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 5:30 a.m It was case so strange it was almost hard for us to believe. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials alleged that then-Los Angeles Police Department Officer Carlos Curiel Quezada, Jr. tried to smuggle a Mexican man north across the border at Otay Mesa, […]

The gangster warlords of Latin America

ganster warlords book cover

Ioan Grillo | GlobalPost 7:59 a.m. EST January 27, 2016 Former GlobalPost correspondent Ioan Grillo came face-to-face with violent narcos across the Americas for his new book “Gangster Warlords.” The following is an excerpt based on his reporting in Brazil. “Cocaina,” the bony teenager calls out, standing on a dirt street behind a table that […]

Varrio 13 in Hacienda Heights, CA

Varrio 13 is a predominately Hispanic street gang in the city of Hacienda Heights, CA. Related posts: Hacienda Heights, California Happy Homes Puente in Hacienda Heights, CA Hacienda Heights, California – Hispanic gangs Eternal Brown Soldiers in Hacienda Heights Hacienda Heights Gang detectives seek Hacienda Heights stabbing suspects Varrio Angelino Heights (AHTS) in Los Angeles […]

Death Crowd Locos in South Gate, California

Hispanic Gangs > South Gate > Death Crowd Locos Death Crowd Locos are a predominately Hispanic street gang based in the City of Southgate in Los Angeles County. Related posts: South Gate, California – Hispanic gangs Orchard Locos in South Gate, California Dorothy Locos in South Gate, California South Gate Locos Marijuanos Locos in South […]

Photo: Mexican Gangsters belong in Mexico

Anti-illegal immigration rally, Downtown Los Angeles

By Alex A. Alonso Streetgangs.com Staff Writer December 16, 2010 | 8:58 p.m. Illegal immigration was a hot button topic from 2005 to 2008, but the attention towards this topic will always go through cycles, reaching a peak, and then becoming less important as other social issues come to the fore front. For over a […]

Mexican Police Capture Alleged Zetas Drug Gang Boss


VOA News 02 December 2010 Mexican federal police say they have captured a regional leader of the Zetas drug gang, who allegedly trafficked drugs from the Dominican Republic and Panama to the United States. Security official Luis Cardenas said Thursday that Eduardo Ramirez Valencia was detained Wednesday along with an accomplice in Hidalgo state. Cardenas […]

“Zetas” drug gang grows, sows fear in Mexico


Reuters Tue Oct 12, 2010 A decade ago, they were a small group of elite Mexican soldiers who saw a chance to make a lot more money working as hitmen for powerful drug cartels. Today, the “Zetas” are the most feared gang in Mexico. Their vicious tactics, geographic reach and expansion into new illegal businesses […]

Search intensifies for Colo. native shot, killed on Mexico/US border lake


KDVR Denver October 8, 2010 ZAPATA, Texas – U.S. officials say the search for an American tourist reportedly shot dead on a border lake by Mexican pirates has been hampered by threats of an ambush from drug gangs. David Hartley was a native of Loveland, Colorado, and he has family who lives here. A rally […]

Perry urges Mexican president to help investigate lake shooting


APRIL CASTRO (Associated Press) October 6, 2010 AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday he has asked Mexico’s president to call him in the next 48 hours to say that the body of an American reportedly shot to death on a border lake has been recovered. “If not, we’re not looking hard […]

Alhambra, California – Hispanic gangs

Home > Hispanic Gangs > Alhambra Alhambra is in the western San Gabriel Valley, about 8 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. It was originally founded as a suburb of Los Angeles in 1903 and is named after Washington Irving’s book “Tales of the Alhambra”. The city takes up a total square area of about […]

Attacks against Mexican immigrants in NYC’s Staten Island inflame black-Hispanic tensions


CRISTIAN SALAZAR (Associated Press) August 16, 2010 NEW YORK (AP) — When Rodolfo Olmedo was dragged down by a group of men shouting anti-Mexican epithets and bashed over the head with a wooden stick on the street outside his home, he instinctively covered his face to keep from getting disfigured. Blood filled his mouth. “I […]

Chino Street Gang Indicted On Drug Charges


LOS ANGELES (KABC) June 16, 2010 A federal indictment, unsealed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, charges 21 members of a Chino street gang with being part of a drug distribution ring with ties to the Mexican Mafia prison gang. The indictment is the result of a two-year-long investigation known as “Operation Redemption.” It targeted members […]