Ace Capone Publishes the Takedown of His Drug and Music Empire


By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER August 31, 2012 Go Hard: The Takedown of Ace Capone is a semi-autobiographical account of the titular Philadelphia drug kingpin’s illicit activities, penned while still in prison. Ace Capone, born Alton Coles, once moved $25 million worth of cocaine between New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. This all carried […]

Meek Mill’s Video Implicated for Surge in Illegal Street Riding

Meek Mill Bike Life

By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER May 30, 2012 Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was indirectly referencing rapper Meek Mill for abetting the proliferation of dirt bike stunt riding when he criticized “the glorification of illegal activities through music videos” that could endanger the public. A statement from the Mayor’s office cited by CBS urged consumers […]

State Property DVD

State Property $14.98 $12.99 See All DVDs, Books & Magazines One man’s efforts to get ahead on the streets lead him into a life of danger in this hard-hitting urban drama from Roc-A-Fella Films, the production company run by top hip-hop artist Jay-Z. Beans (Beanie Sigel) is a member of a Philadelphia street gang who […]

Abu-Jamal Death Penalty Overturned

mumia abu-jamal

By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER December 7, 2011 After three decades of fighting through appeals to be spared from the death penalty, the Philadelphia district attorney has finally announced that Mumia Abu-Jamal’s sentence will be to spend the rest of his remaining life in prison until death. The “decision to end this fight was […]

Robbery Shooting of Tommy Hill Suspected to be More Complex


By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER December 4, 2011 “He thought he was where he was safe and it turned ugly on him,” said an anonymous source to AllHipHop of the death of Tommy Hill. The Philadelphia rapper had a troubled history with alleged ties to the mob. Accusations of his cooperation with the FBI […]

Death Penalty Against Abu Jamal Declined

mumia abu-jamal

By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER October 14, 2011 The NAACP is taking a victory this week when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case against Mumia Abu-Jamal, thereby refusing Philadelphia District Attorney’s petition to reinstate the death penalty for the convicted police killer. Former Black Panther Abu-Jamal spent 30 years on […]

Star Doesn’t “Give A F***” About Street Credibility

Star of the Star and Buc Wild Show

By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER July 8, 2011 Some large personalities are trying to turn around the taboo surrounding the word “snitch” for public safety. The “Start Snitching” campaign was started in New York in 2002 to solve the city’s problems with crime and is now being revived with its founder’s move to Philadelphia. […]

Freeway Defends Islam Against Radicalization Rhetoric

freeway hip hop

By Lora Neng WWW.STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER March 30, 2011 Leslie Pridgen was 14 when he took Shahada, the Muslim confession to faith. As the hip-hop artist Freeway, he is slowly carrying over his faith into his music. His career took off at Roc-A-Fella Records under the auspices of mogul Jay-Z. Since then, “The fans can […]

Iraq vet turned Latin Kings leader pleads guilty

bethlehem sun tribe weapons

Peter Hall (THE MORNING CALL) | March 07, 2011 PHILADELPHIA — An Iraq war veteran who became the second in command of Bethlehem’s Latin Kings gang pleaded guilty to plotting revenge on gang associates who “snitched” to police. From 2004 through 2008, Pedro “King P-Solo” Velasquez was involved in four separate attempts to kill or […]

High-ranking Phila. police officer Castro arrested

Police Inspector Daniel Castro. (JOHN COSTELLO / File Photograph)

Posted on Sat, Nov. 6, 2010 By Allison Steele Inquirer Staff Writer A high-ranking Philadelphia police officer seen as one of the department’s rising stars was arrested Friday on federal charges of extortion and bribery, bringing a stunning end to the career of an ambitious 25-year veteran. The accusations against 47-year-old Inspector Daniel Castro, detailed […]

Drug raid in S.W. Philly housing complex targets Harlem Boys gang


Troy Graham, Nathan Gorenstein, and Robert Moran (Philadelphia Inquirer) Thu, Oct. 7, 2010 For nearly a decade, a gang known as the Harlem Boys has terrorized the Bartram Village housing development, federal authorities said, selling drugs and enforcing their rule with carjackings, shootings, and robberies. One of their members was known by the fearsome nickname […]

Beanie Sigel hit with tax fraud charges


By Chris Masi STREETGANGS.COM STAFF WRITER October 6th, 2010 Rapper Beanie Sigel is in hot water with the IRS, facing tax fraud charges on a criminal level. Federal prosecutors claim that Sigel, real name Dwight Grant, failed to declare some $1.5 million dollars made from 2002 to 2004 in his tax return. Sigel served some […]