Temple Street in San Fernando Valley

Varrio Temple Street in the San Fernando Valley is a predominately Hispanic Street gang in the Chattsworth area. They have two clicks, the Valley Tokers (VKTS) and the Sur Demon Kings (SDK). One of their main rival are the Canoga Park Alabama gang to their west but some of their other rivals include South Side […]

Temple Street – 52nd Tokers – South Los Angeles


Temple Street 52nd Street Tokers is a predominately Hispanic street gang located in South Los Angeles. The original Temple Street gang is located in the central area of Los Angeels west of downtown on Temple Street. This neighborhood formed around 1923 but in the late 1970s, Temple Street created an additional neighborhood in South Los […]

Separate weekend shootings kill 2, injure 4


by Ari B. Bloomekatz (LA Now/LA Times) September 20, 2009 One man was killed and three people were wounded in separate gang-related shootings in Westlake over the weekend, police said. Brent Lavorne Moore, 18, was shot and killed at 9:40 p.m. Saturday near West 2nd and Witmer streets, coroner’s officials and police said. Sgt. Michael […]

Injunction To Restrict Temple Street Gang Members

  Dec 30, 2008 1:53 pm US/Pacific CBS2.com A preliminary injunction restricting the activities of Temple Street gang members was granted Tuesday by a judge. The mostly Latino gang was founded in 1923 and its members, who have engaged in various crimes from street robberies to drug dealing, are currently at war with other local […]