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The 50 most asked Questions About America's Gangs, 2004
By T. Rodgers

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T. Rodgers
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Unfortunately, the majority of America's population (children and adults) does not have enough information to help prevent the spread of gangs into their schools, communities and lives. In this publication, I offer answers to the 50 most important questions about America's gangs:

1. What is a gang?
2. Why do kids join gangs?
3. What kinds of kids join gangs?
4. Are females involved in gangs?
5. How and when do kids join gangs?
6. How and when do kids get out of gangs?
7. What do kids do in gangs?
8. What do gang members think of the outside world?
9. How can I tell if someone I care about is involved in a gang?
10. What can I do if someone I care about is involved in a gang?

Questions That You Have Always Had About Gangs But Were Afraid provides insights into why gangs develop and how they have grown. I focus on what you can do, whether parent, child, teacher, friend, brother or sister, if you are faced with the troubling dilemma of confronting gangs. I offer practical and effective answers based on my unique perspective as a concerned parent and as the founder and former leader of a notoriously known LA street gang.

What sets this publication apart from other attempts by so-called "experts" is to offer solutions to the growing gang phenomenon is my insider's perspective on gang life and culture. You need to know that there is no one person who can truly call himself an 'expert' on gangs. The creature does not exist. What happens in the streets is too hard to track from month to month, week to week: neighborhoods, blocks and people change. But my life experience provides me with a unique perspective on this complicated social problem. As both a down-azz, ex-gang leader WHO KEEPS IT GANGSTA and an overprotective, loving, committed father, I am in tune to both the positive functions and negative implications of the life of a banger. What I will give to my readers is my life, and the benefit of my personal experience in both of these roles (the scares and the heartbreak). After all, genuine knowledge can only come from direct experience.

In my early years, I lived the life that most parents fear for their children. Yet, as I matured, I started to make a 180-degree turn in my life. My homies used to call me a b-dog (blood-dog). Today, my brothers call me a god-b (god-black man). Allah has turned my life around. I am now committed to teaching people how to avoid becoming 'professional victims' and how to keep from making the same mistakes that I have made. I also strongly believe in teaching parents how to prevent their children from following in the same footsteps that I once stomped down and kicked up. But, before you will believe what I have to say, you must understand me.

I left the south side slums of 47th Street in Chicago in the late 1960's to establish "the nation" in the South Central Los Angeles neighborhoods popularly known as "The bity" and "The Jungle." Once in Los Angeles, with the permission of some of the main 21's, I founded a branch of the Almighty Black PEACE Stone Nation, a charter from Chicago that was quickly becoming a 500 member, community-based and backed organization with a territory that included five different parks form Wilshire to Stocker and Fairfax to Figueroa. After an explosive confrontation occurred in 1970 I was titled the "leader" of a so-called "street gang." During my reign banging, I was targeted on the infamous "Ten Most Wanted Gang Leaders" list in South Central L.A.

My rewards:
I was shot four times and stabbed twice-Had more fights than Mike Tyson and wasn't paid for any of them!

I have since used my Sidewalk University experience and formal school knowledge to empower the disenfranchised. I have focused my energies on educating others as well as myself. Even while they say I was building a "notorious" reputation on the street, I was growing as a scholar, graduating with honors as the first student body President of Andrew Jackson Reform School and receiving several offers for college scholarship. Today, I am a "Gangologist" with a Masters Degree in Streetology and a Ph.G. in Mack-a-Matics (from Sidewalk University).

In my life, I hav e gained W-O-R-L-D-W-I-D-E recognition for my humanitarian work, going where no other gang member has gone before. I have been a trusted liaison between warring gangs and with local authorities. In the 1970's, I was instrumental in negotiating the first peace treaty between a set of the Black P Stones and a set of the Harlem Avenue Crips. I was the first youth director and supervisor of the Crisis Intervention Team for SEY YES INC., and I started my own Y.E.A. (Youth Energy in Action) Youth Center when I was just 18 years old. From 1988 to 1992 I served as Executive Vice President and National Spokesman for Jim Brown's AMER-I-CAN program, where some of my responsibilities included training California and Oregon Correctional staff, peace officers, and school administrators across the United States. In the 1990's, I worked as a consultant for ICE T., South Central Love, and Hands across Watts.

I have also worked extensively in the entertainment industry, acting in both television and film. Some of my appearances include: Nasty Boys, 21 Jump Street, Hunter, Gabriel's Fire and the movie Colors, starring Sean Penn . I have worked as a commentator on Fox News FrontPage, and most recently, I served as senior segment producer for the TV show Behind Bars. I have appeared on a variety of local, national and international television and radio shows as well as in print media.


"T. Rodgers has a dynamic and enlightening presentation"
Maxine Waters, California Congresswoman

"T. combines the rhetoric of a pavement preacher with the ardor of a fundamentalist preachers"
Leon Bing, LA Weekly

"Impressive, inspirational and informative. He possesses a special talent in talking to students as well as commanding their attention and respect."
Betty Graves, Principal View-Park High School

To order a copy of this publication contact T. Rodgers by calling 323-294-2649. Serious inquiries ONLY or visit his website at: www.trodgers.com

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