Carver Park Compton Crip explains the family ties with the Bounty Hunters (pt.2of2)

STREETGANGS.COM | September 14, 2018 COMPTON – Bop at George Washington Carver Park on 118th Street & Success. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * Merchandise, Books, DVDs & Magazines: * Support our Patreon: ******************************************* EQUIPMENT USED * Camera 1, […]

Sportsman Park Boy talks early formation, hanging with future Westside Crips, & Dati fighting Tookie

STREETGANGS.COM | September 14, 2018 Homer Harrison (b. 1953 – ), 65, became a Sportsman Park Boy (now Jesse Owens Park) while at Manhattan Place Elementary among 4th, 5th and 6th graders and it was the only generation that had membership into the “Park Boys” group. The Sportsman Park Boys started around 1964 when Homer […]

Studder Box from the Pueblos taking on the Blood identity in mid-late 1970s [PREVIEW]

STREETGANGS.COM | September 13, 2018 We were supposed to interview Studder Box on camera before anyone had ever done it, but we were in Puerto Rico, so that interview never happened in 2017. Alex Alonso had dealt with 3 mblankive hurricanes that hit the Caribbean and was not able to do any interviews during that […]

Pueblo Blood says there are no Bloods & Crips in Chicago and never will (pt.2of2)

STREETGANGS.COM | September 12, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Roach, originally from Chicago, moved to Los Angeles and became a Pueblo Blood. In this part 2 interview he talks about his Death Row experience, the murder of Big Jake from Campanella Park Piru, popular rap, and how there are no Bloods and Crips in Chicago. ************************************** […]

Van Ness Bloods shoot at the Crips in 1988 and get arrested after short pursuit

STREETGANGS.COM | September 05, 2018 LOS ANGELES – A shooting occurred between the Van Ness Gangsters Bloods and the 60s Crips in 1988. A car of VNGs shot at some in their area, then they returned fired. The car of VNGs while returning back to the turf, was intercepted by an undercover LAPD car that […]

Campanella Park Piru on facing years in prison for guns & his view on Christianity (pt.2of3)

STREETGANGS.COM | September 04, 2018 COMPTON – G-Twin, aka Aral Israel talks about getting arrested for gun possession during raid, while he was still a student at Prairie View A&M college. G-Twin’s brother is currently serving time for a 1992 murder. He explains that being a Black Hebrew is a heritage and culture and he […]

Big Herc sent to Youth Authority for Home invasion and after release gets into porn (pt.2of3)

STREETGANGS.COM | August 23, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Big Herc was sent to Youth Authority for nearly 3 years for a home invasion robbery and was released at 21 years old. This is when Big Herc decided to start to get into pornography and the adult film industry. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long […]

Low Riding, Burning Rubber and Street Racing in South Los Angeles from a gang perspective (pt.3of3)

STREETGANGS.COM |August 20, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Poo from Acacia Blocc Compton Crip talk about street racing on the public streets of Los Angeles and how NOs can add speed to your car. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * Merchandise, Books, […]

OG Louellen talks about the early 1970s as Eastside Avalon Baby Crips (pt.1of2)

STREETGANGS.COM | August 19, 2018 LOS ANGELES – OG Llewellyn from Five Tray Gangster Crips talks about the early days as an Eastside Avalon Crip. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * Merchandise, Books, DVDs & Magazines: * Support our Patreon: […]

Blood Alley faded and Rollin 20s began to dominate the neighborhood during early 1970s (pt.2of3)

STREETGANGS.COM | August 11, 2018 LOS ANGELES – London “Zel” Carter was a Blood Alley member in 1968 when he was a student at Foshay Junior High School during the last stages of the gang’s identity, but as soon as that gang faded from the scene, a new gang replaced it, Hoover Park Family. London […]

Harlem 30s Crip on how fight at mall over girl friend & Facebook posts sent him to prison

STREETGANGS.COM | August 09, 2018 LOS ANGELES – Harlem Tone from Harlem 30s Crips details how a simple fight at the mall over his girl friend and Facebook posts cost him a trip to prison. ************************************** SUPPORT US * Purchase signed Long Beach shirt: * Discussion of Oldest Blood Gangs on forum: * […]

Hawthorne Police shut down 23rd annual Slauson Village Society Reunion in Holly Park

STREETGANGS.COM | August 06, 2018 Hawthorne – The Hawthorne Police Department declared the 23rd annual Slauson Village Society Reunion an unlawful blankembly on August 4, 2018 in Holly Park. Even thought the organizer, Bird, had a legal permit to be in the park, the Hawthorne Police still declared the event an unlawful blankembly. ************************************** SUPPORT […]

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