Shot 16 times in 4 gang-related shootings in South LA, 59 East Coast Crips

STREETGANGS.COM | June 28, 2016 59th & Central Ave, Los Angeles – Son, Lil Lettuce, reflects on the father (Momo) he never met, that died just months before he was born. Big Momo from 59 East Coast Crips died in a traffic accident in December 3, 1985 right before his birth in March 1986. Baby […]

59th Street East Coast Crips on Central Avenue where Florence 13 are

STREETGANGS.COM | June 19, 2016 South Los Angeles, CA – Loco and from 59 East Coast Crips posted up on Central & 59th Street on the eastside of South LA where the 59 East Coast Crips started but where Florencia 13 also located. Related posts: 69th Street East Coast Crips at old apartment site on […]

Veterano Primera Flats member recalls almost getting killed by Varrio Alpine

STREETGANGS.COM | June 14, 2016 Los Angeles – Wayne Turner tells the story of almost getting killed by members of Varrio Alpine when he was a member of Primera Flats when he was 18 years old. After members of Varrio Alpine disrepected the sister of a Primera Flats member, Wayne and his homies went to […]

A&E to air documentary about Compton streets featuring The Game

StreetsofCompton-poster Staff Writer June 5, 2016 | 12:29 a.m. Compton – A&E will air a 2-night miniseries about the streets of Compton featuring rapper the Game on June 9th at 9p.m. entitled Streets of Compton. Capitalizing off the success of the film, Straight Outta Compton, Creature Films and Entertainment One collaborated on the production of […]

Crips from 20s and Insane come together in Long Beach at Veterans Park

STREETGANGS.COM |June 06, 2016 Long Beach, CA – Three members from Long Beach Rollin 20s Crips (2Tha Loco, BriaanPF and Fadee RR) and a member form Insane Crip (William Mamoth), a traditional rival, came together to talk about their history and coming together despite the historical conflicts that these neighborhoods have and have had in […]

Mexican Mafia member Raul Leon tells investigators that COs can get stabbed too

STREETGANGS.COM |May 28, 2016 Pelican Bay State Prison – Institutional Gang Investigators question Mexican Mafia member Raul “Huero Sherm” Leon about Eme business, the mesas and attacks on correctional officers. Related posts: Original Mexican Mafia member is now devout Christian, Kilroy Mexican Mafia member arrested in Tijuana Chris Blatchford on The Black Hand – Mexican […]

Northside Long Beach Crips say F*#k Donald Trump

STREETGANGS.COM |May 25, 2016 Northside, Long Beach – Posted up with 50 Blue, Jooba Loc and the Brik Boy Crips. Their main message is “F*ck Donald Trump.” Interview date: April 2015 Related posts: Brik Boy Crips in Northside Long Beach address Snoop Dogg situation YG Says The Secret Service Contacted His Label Over “F-ck Donald […]

5 Shocking murders connected to the O.J. Simpson trial you never heard of

May 4, 2016 Los Angeles, CA – Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were killed in 1994 and OJ Simpson was chraged and acquitted of the double murder, but there are 5 other murder victims linked to the OJ Simpson case that were also murdered between 1993 and 1995 that most people never heard of. 1. […]

Shot in the face in gang-related near fatal shooting

STREETGANGS.COM | February 10, 2016 East-side, South Los Angeles, CA – Infant Two Cool from East Coast Crips was shot in the face about 3 weeks before this video was recorded. He choked on one tooth and nearly lost his life from a gun shot wound to his left cheek.He survived the incident but he […]

Brik Boy Crips in Northside Long Beach address Snoop Dogg situation

STREETGANGS.COM | April 15, 2016 Long Beach, CA -50 Blue from North Side Long Beach, Brik Boy Crips talks about life on the Northside of Long Beach, just south of the City of Compton near the Carmelita Projects. He also address the Snoop Dogg issues about him not being able to come back to Long […]

Captain Higgins exaggerates the crime of Black Gremlins gang during press conference

By Alex A. Alonso March 22, 2016 | 3:16 p.m. Last month, Captain Clay Higgins in his capacity as the Public Information Officer for St. Landry Parish in Lousiana lead a press conference announcing the arrests of 17 alleged gang members of a predominately African-American street gang known as the Gremlins. The Gremlins is a […]

69 East Coast Crip member went to prison after getting shot by LAPD in building

STREETGANGS.COM | March 17, 2016 Eastside Los Angeles – Tiny Jay Nina from 69 East Coast Crips talks about going to prison after getting shot by police in the apartments on 69th & Main and why the City of Los Angeles demolished the apartment complex back in 2004. After getting shot by the LAPD he […]