on vacation, Glasses Malone and Oldest Gangs in Compton

STREETGANGS.COM | August 11, 2016 West Hurley, NY – is on vacation in various parts of New York State (Queens, The Bronx, Woodstock, West Hurley, Kingston) including The Bronx, Queens and the Mid Hudson Valley of State New York in Ulster County, until the end of August. Upon our return we have plans to […]

Novex Haircare event, Stanley Tookie Williams and how the label “South-Central” is connected to LA’s white supremacist past

STREETGANGS.COM | August 4, 2016 LOS ANGELES – While attending a Novex Hair Care event at the Hilton Checkers hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Alex Alonso addresses two points that was mentioned in the Oldest Bloods in LA Part 2 video, 1) on the conflict between Eugene Battle and the Crips at Athens Park during […]

My days as a Dragnet Gang member in Gardena & LA

STREETGANGS.COM | August 02, 2016 Gardena, Cali – Donald Lee Johnson aka D-Nice spent many years as a Dragnet gang member from Gardena, got caught up in drug use and for the last few years has been drug free and off the streets. At Edward Thornburg Park, D-Nice talks about how he got involved with […]

Oldest Bloods in Los Angeles, H-Crown documentary completed & new Patreon page launching

STREETGANGS.COM | July 30, 2016 LOS ANGELES – The Oldest Blood Gangs Part 2 is completed and that might finalize the Oldest Gangs series. I might consider the Oldest Asian gangs in Los Angeles and the Oldest Gangs in Compton. I am selling the black California State Long Beach T-shirt worn in the Oldest Bloods […]

Top Ten Oldest Blood (Piru) gangs in Los Angeles – Part 2

STREETGANGS.COM | July 26, 2016 South Los Angeles – In this Part 2, continue to take a tour through South Los Angeles, Watts and Compton with Alex Alonso visiting the oldest current Bloods gangs in Los Angeles, 5th to 1st oldest. To see oldest Blood gangs 10th to 6, check out Part 1 of this […]

Doing interview for Showtime and finishing 10 Oldest Bloods gangs

By Alex A. Alonso | July 23, 2016 | 12:53 p.m. | Pico-Union – Sacha Jenkins, director of award winning Hip Hop documentary “Fresh Dressed,” is director of a new film on the Riots in Los Angeles for Showtime tentatively called “Burn.” Jenkins sat down with Alex Alonso, at Graf Lab in the Pico-Union section […]

Behind the Scenes: Oldest Bloods Gangs in Los Angeles, Top Ten

By Alex A. Alonso | July 22, 2016 | 10:45 p.m. | South Los Angeles, CA – Behind the scenes shooting the Oldest Bloods Gangs in Los Angeles, part 2. In this video you get a sneak peek behind the making of popular series, Top Ten. Also learn why it take longer than average […]

Top Ten Oldest Blood (Piru) gangs in Los Angeles – Part 1

STREETGANGS.COM | July 17, 2016 | 5:20 p.m. South Los Angeles, CA – Take a tour through South Los Angeles, Watts and Compton visiting the oldest current Bloods gangs. The Blood identity was mostly like formed in 1978, but the neighborhoods that eventually aligned themselves to fight against the Crips in the very early 1970s […]

Shot 16 times in 4 gang-related shootings in South LA, 59 East Coast Crips

STREETGANGS.COM | June 28, 2016 59th & Central Ave, Los Angeles – Son, Lil Lettuce, reflects on the father (Momo) he never met, that died just months before he was born. Big Momo from 59 East Coast Crips died in a traffic accident in December 3, 1985 right before his birth in March 1986. Baby […]

59th Street East Coast Crips on Central Avenue where Florence 13 are

STREETGANGS.COM | June 19, 2016 South Los Angeles, CA – Loco and from 59 East Coast Crips posted up on Central & 59th Street on the eastside of South LA where the 59 East Coast Crips started but where Florencia 13 also located. Related posts: 69th Street East Coast Crips at old apartment site on […]

Veterano Primera Flats member recalls almost getting killed by Varrio Alpine

STREETGANGS.COM | June 14, 2016 Los Angeles – Wayne Turner tells the story of almost getting killed by members of Varrio Alpine when he was a member of Primera Flats when he was 18 years old. After members of Varrio Alpine disrepected the sister of a Primera Flats member, Wayne and his homies went to […]

A&E to air documentary about Compton streets featuring The Game

StreetsofCompton-poster Staff Writer June 5, 2016 | 12:29 a.m. Compton – A&E will air a 2-night miniseries about the streets of Compton featuring rapper the Game on June 9th at 9p.m. entitled Streets of Compton. Capitalizing off the success of the film, Straight Outta Compton, Creature Films and Entertainment One collaborated on the production of […]