Lil Sodi begins serving sentence for his role in 2012 shooting January 24, 2015 | 3:53 a.m. LOS ANGELES – In 2012 Lil Sodi along with two other Eight Tray Gangster Crips members were arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. According to the LAPD, Lil Sodi was a participant in a homicide by his van being linked as the get-away vehicle. After facing a […]

From gang member, to prisoner, to entrepreneur: Kevon Gulley from Compton January 17, 2015 COMPTON – Kevon Gulley, grew up in Compton and became a member of the Fruit Town Pirus as a youth. He was sent to prison for car jacking, robbery and kidnapping. He was released from prison, but just after three years, he was sent back to prison, facing a life sentence […]

Holly Park gang conflict (1989/1990) at border of Hawthorne, Inglewood and South LA Published on Jan 1, 2015 In 1989 and 1990, Holly Park in Hawthorne, CA was the site of much gang related conflict and shootings. Surrounded by the Water Gate Crips, Neighborhood Crip 115, Shot Gun Crips, and with the Denver Lane Bloods and other Bloods gangs in Inglewood, made this location a hot gang […]

Terrance Roberts claims self-defense in shooting at peace rally in Park Hill, Denver December 23, 2014 | 3:45 a.m. LOS ANGELES – Terrance Roberts is a former Blood gang member from Park Hill’s Crenshaw Mafia Bloods in Denver, CO, but after serving over 10 years in prison, he decided to change the trajectory of his life by giving back to the community and calling for peace. Roberts […]

NO DISPERSAL ORDER – Arrested Mike Brown Protesters in Los Angeles say LAPD lied

Published on Dec 18, 2014 ECHO PARK – Several protestors in Los Angeles were arrested by the LAPD when protesting the decision made in Ferguson, Missouri to not indict police officer, Darren Wilson. Although the LAPD has publicly stated that they ordered the crowd to disperse, according to many protestors, the LAPD did NOT issue […]

The Ratchet Store in South Los Angeles, Fig Side, T.H.O.T., School Boy Q & the Hoovers

FIGUEROA & SLAUSON – Alexx Tenorio from the Ratchet Store, located on Figueroa & Slauson (at 76 gas station) talks about the Fig Side Clothing and how TDE (Top Dawd Entertainment) artist School Boy Q has represented Fig Side, the Hoover Gang and what the terms Ratchet and THOT mean. What does “ratchet” and “thot” […]

Hip-Hop documentary “My Kingdom Come: An LA Gangster Rap Story” releases trailer November 12, 2014 SOUTH LOS ANGELES – Official Trailer for My Kingdom Come: An LA Gangster Rap Story is a documentary about H-Crown, a South Los Angeles gang member who was recently released from prison after serving almost 5 years for armed robbery. As a youth he became a member of the Five Deuce […]

Joe Young from Black P Stone, City Stone on “Crenshaw,” his Mixtape & growing up in West Adams

WEST ADAMS – Joe Young from the 25th Street Black P Stone talks about attending elementary school at Arlington Heights when he first got exposed to street gangs. He has been working on music, and talks about working with Take Money aka Tiny M (RIP) who died in a car accident. His mixtape is entitled […]

Allhood Magazine founder, Kev Mac, on rapper Ice-T, LA gang history & Monster Kody’s book

LADERA HEIGHTS – Allhood Magazine founder Kev Mac, talks about going to prison, rapper Ice-T, Monster Kody’s book and Los Angeles Crip & Blood history. For more on Allhood magazine visit: Date: 2014 Location: Ladera Park, Los Angeles Related posts: Kev Mac, creator of Allhood Magazine talks about Los Angeles gang history Allhood Publications […]

CeeBo Tha Rapper claims LAPD harasses and puts gang labels on innocent youth (Ezell Ford shooting)

SOUTH LOS ANGELES – CeeBo the Rapper discusses the harassment he receives from the LAPD in the neighborhood around 65th & Broadway where he grew up and where Ezell Ford, 24, was shot and killed by LAPD Officers, Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas on August 11, 2014. The officers were forced to release the names […]

Big Stretch explains the difference in being “Kut” & “No Kuts” in LA gang culture as a Blood

Exposition Park – We first met Big Stretch from Fruit Town Brim (FTB) back in 2008, and in the beginning of that interview he mentioned, “No Kuts,” a phrase that Blood members are proud to acknowledge who have gone to prison and never joined a prison gang (ie. Blood Line or United Blood Nation). If […]

Justice for Ezell Ford / Omar Abrego both unarmed and killed by the LAPD

Los Angeles – Ezell Ford, 25 and Omar Obrego, 37 were two unarmed men, that were both killed in south Los Angeles by Newton Police officers on two different days in August of 2014. Obrego, father of three, was driving home on Aug. 2 when he was pulled over by officers right in front of […]