East Coast Crip member shot & killed by two other ECC at his weed spot on Crenshaw





South Los Angeles – A member of Q102 East Coast Crip was shot and killed by two other East Coast Crips from 118. The victim rented two apartments in the building, one where he lived in and one where he sold weed.

At 0:28 the two suspects walk on the apartment property and knock on victims’s door at his main apartment. No one answers and the two suspects leave.

0:57 – The two suspects leave

1:19 – The victim pulls up in a dark colored van and walks upstairs to his 2nd apartment and enters the unit at 2:09

1:50 – A female walks up to victim’s van, enters it, and speaks to other occupants in the van, then exits van and goes upstairs to make marijuana purchase.

2:54 – Female exits from apartment and walks off the premises

3:34 – victim moves van from driveway into parking spot and exits from passenger side and goes upstairs

4:59 – Victim enters his 2nd apartment to sell weed to male customer

5:30 – Male customer exits victim’s apartment as the 2 suspects arrive for the second time and go upstairs to the victims main apartment.

6:27 – Victim exits his 2nd apartment and notices to the two suspects at his other apartment and invites them into his unit.

6:43 – Both suspects run out of apartment after shooting and killing the victim, in the kitchen of his apartment. The victim died at the scene.

6:59 – Two persons exit the victim’s van after hearing gun shots, enter his apartment and discover that the victim has been shot.

The two defendants went on trial and were sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. In 2010 one of the shooters appealed his murder conviction, but was denied.


Date: June 9, 2005
Location: 4300 Block of Crenshaw, Los Angeles

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9 Comments for “East Coast Crip member shot & killed by two other ECC at his weed spot on Crenshaw”

  1. Mamameya

    this video is making my family relive this tragic event over again his children and wife would rather this not be posted and in the future i think you guys should consult with people familys before posting things of this sort please remove from facebook at the request of his children and wife please.

    • eastside rehab

      Young people need to see this becuz 1) shows what can happen when you are part of a gang, 2) what could happen when you sell drugs, 3) and what happens when you trust too many people. Your issue should be with the police who investigated this case and made the video public.

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