Grape Street Crips member says he is not with the peace at peace celebration Staff Writer
February 25, 2013 | 9:15 p.m. PST

Grape Street Crips member, Mark “Crazo” Kirksey (1975 – 2012), reflects on his life as a Grape Street Crips member and what he plans for the future. He expresses that he is NOT with the peace movement among gangs during a peace celebration in April 2012 in Watts.

On Friday, December 7, 2012 on the 10000 block of South Beach Boulevard in Watts, Kirksey was shot in the early morning hours in a car with life-threatening gunshot wounds. LAPD and paramedics responded and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Interview date: April 28, 2012
Location: Watts, California

Interview date: April 28, 2012
Location: Watts

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11 Comments for “Grape Street Crips member says he is not with the peace at peace celebration”

  1. mostknownunknown

    After what East Coasts did to them I can see why he wouldn’t want to peace with them.

  2. piru

    Man this old man is a loser

  3. feathers


  4. nicole

    I think that Mark kirksey should have bn given the chance to continue to grow,wen u grow up with the thought of that’s all there is,thn yes that’s all u gone do,its not a certain age u could say ok im gonna change,change could happen as long as u got breath in ur body 50,60,years it doesn’t matter u haft to just make that first step!!!!

  5. nicole

    Im wondering did the police ever find out who ki*led Mark,our communities need to start coming forward so we could start a healing process as long as we know and keep it to ourselves we cannot start healing because the people behind such violence is still able to not only run the streets but able to ki*l someone else’s love one we r truly in Gods hands please stop the violence!!!!!!!!!!


    I WAS HIS WIFE- WE SEPARATED A YEAR BEFORE THIS WAS DONE….THE LITTLE RAT YOU SEE IN THE VIDEO- ITS RUMORED THAT SHE HAD MY EX HUSBAND (WELL WE WERE STILL MARRIED AT THE TIMe ) she was from a blood gang and lured him by selling drugs for him and supplying him with money. he grew up in the streets and actually never had a chance his mother died when he was still a youth and his only sibling was murdered as a child…Mark didnt have any family and absolutely no one to encourage him to do better…believe it or not he was a kind person and was beginning to change. when i saw he had no power to fight against the lure of PROJECT LIFE, i separated from him and left the only stable life he had- then of course came the hoodrats and then death. And to answer the question his murder haS NOT been solved and the detectives actually arent looking into it much anymore tho the woman you see had been in a very obsessive relationship with him. She was blocked from knowing his number and fought constantly with him because he had multiple other females…just the ways of that lifestyle…RIP Mark Tyjuan “CRAZO” Kirksy….

  7. nicole

    It evn makes me madder to kno that it was over her n her doings cuz I’m all the way in chicago n im wondering y is he with her my school dd an artical on the peace treaty in losangeles n how to stop the violence in chicago I seen him n her the only time I ever seen him or her he didn’t seem as a vicious sycho that’s full of hate n rage he actually seemed like a nice guy who is cought up in gang life but given a oppurtunity he would change that’s y I’m so pissd that he wasn’t given the chance to continue to grow,that some hood rat is responsible for his death it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to kno that thr is a connection n I feel for u n him becuz he had nobody else I hope you is doing ok with his death r.I.p. mark kirsky!!

  8. nicole

    I’m tryn to give my respect to his wife n tell her that the police need to be connected to her I just can’t believe he was with her that was dangerous by itself

  9. nicole

    If u r not postn gang related stuff thn it doesn’t seem it will let u post I postd three statements to mrs. Kirksey and I dnt see any of thm

  10. nicole

    I wish miss jane kirksy the best I’m in chicago n I dnt see why he was with a blood that was crazy in it self but it cudda bn pervented did he have any children?

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