Baby No Good 6 years after first interview, Fruit Town Brim

Los Angeles – In 2008 we interviewed Baby No Good, then 26, who was on parole and recently out of prison. Six years later, just three blocks away from the original interview location in Fruit Town Brim turf, we learned that he went back to prison and is back on parole, but now he is married with a baby girl on the way. Today he says that he is a bit more wise and plans to stay out of prison and take case of his family. Although his father was not in his life growing up, he has plans to be there for his daughter from day one.

Location: South Los Angeles, University Gardens
Date: February 2014

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6 Comments for “Baby No Good 6 years after first interview, Fruit Town Brim”

  1. Brian

    i hope baby no-good stays within a strong mind-set and continues a path towards positivity and being the best father he can be.

    – a white angelino from the 1980’s.

  2. kLLAbEez

    alwayz crushguys down scarred offffffffff

  3. kLLAbEez

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  4. kLLAbEez

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  5. kLLAbEez

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  6. HatboyDot

    West brimmin wit the homie baby no good…im tryna reach out to em…app f.t.b. will neva b done…hats n straps

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