Bobby Lavender explains how he started a Blood gang in Los Angeles

STREETGANGS.COM | April 21, 2013

LOS ANGELES – Back in 1972, Bobby Lavender led a group that created a gang called the 92 Bishops off of 92nd and Bandera Streets after a person named Skip was shot and ki*led by a member of the East Side Crips, Raymond Washington’s gang.

In 1973, Lavender and other gang leaders went to San Diego to create a peace treaty to end the violence that had recently erupted in 1972 and 1873. This was the first period of increased violence in the Black communities of South Los Angeles.

The Teen Post was very active in gang intervention during the early 1970s and they played active role in the San Diego meeting among Los Angeles gang leaders.

Original Date: 1988

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1 Comment for “Bobby Lavender explains how he started a Blood gang in Los Angeles”

  1. Tookool

    I read some of the Post and there was a question about weren’t there a Bishop gang in Compton. The answer is yes. There was a complex built called Ugima Village which was Bishops in 74 near Centennial High. Before the Jordan downs became fully Crips there was Bishops on the 98th -101 side of the JDs. That area called the PJs Imperial Courts was 4-5-6 hood that originated from Pomona befor they turned Crips The Nickerson were always Bounty Hountets.
    But the Bishops went from the Jordan downs to Roosevelt Park. Bobby was a Master Bishop with Pookie Claudia Clay and Bell with others Big Rick with others
    Capone was 9duces caller. There was the Wall and the Alleys
    And The Block Bishops Mad Turp was the leader on Bandera in Los Angeles north of 92nd and across Firestone in Los Angeles was Shanghi Bishops
    That went from firestone to Roosevelt Park at Nadeu plus on the west side the area and West Blvd was the Ant Hill also Bishops before they became the Westhill Mob. That was the in the early and mid 70s along with The Pueblos. I was one back then and we didn’t claim Watts we was Eastside Bishops. Now the Bishops are in Georgia. I’m almost 60 years old and I as well as others know the history

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