Big Paybacc from Whitsett Avenue Gangster Crips represents the Valley

UPDATE: Big Paybacc ( Habib Ameer Zekajj ) was shot and killed on November 6, 2014 as he sat in a McDonalds in Palmdale, CA.

Posted June 25, 2013 – With Big Paybacc in North Hollywood. Rapper from Whitsett Avenue Gangster Crip in the San Fernando Valley in the City of Los Angeles.

Quote of the interview: “you get a group of niggas on the corner, they [LAPD] comin”

Interview Date: June 20, 2013
Location: Valley Plaza Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles in San Fernando Valley

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2 Comments for “Big Paybacc from Whitsett Avenue Gangster Crips represents the Valley”

  1. a nigga that got balls to say anything and tell the truth

    I am Realy sorry to payback from wittsett die it’s unfortunate but as far as whittsett Ave you people are clowns snoop. rabbit joker all you fake blank suns if chickes I remember when a girl in Pacoima at the boys club got ki*led in 92 its too bad they didn’t have a gang in juNction. Back then you blank holes created another generation of bullsh*% I remember when all you losers started this valley bullsh*% in 88 all you f#@$kin fake off brand la crips it’s sad pay back died f#@$kin wit you guys now he’s gone f#@$k nate f#@$k Cedric f#@$k Greg f#@$k every guy from whittsett regeCT hope the mexican come after yo hood too many innocent people died because of your stupid valley gang pay back didn’t have too follow you guys now he dead cuz of you washed banging guys charls barkly was right about black people

  2. gsmovinxxx7killas

    Aye I dont like that big I dont likekin gay blank dead blank chick big paybick f#@$kin chick blank punk mothaf#@$ka you was a f#@$kin narc talkin bout narcs on the set you was the f#@$kin narc big fartget as chick f#@$k yo set f#@$k yo hood yo sh*% wasnt never real whitsetts wasnt never f#@$kin real whitset never f#@$kin existed as far as in concered f#@$kin snitch chick mothaf#@$kin you w as a f#@$kin narc why you gon talk about theres narcs on the set with all your sh*% on blast on street gangs .com f#@$kin dead blank punk chick blank f#@$kin punk chick you wasnt never ever never active or crackin in the valley ever you son of a chick yall never banged or had it crackin in the valley never ran sh*% and you a dead blank chick f#@$kin punk f#@$k whittsett ave f#@$k yo hood f#@$k yo set f#@$k yo homies f#@$k your dead homies and f#@$k your mama for giving birth to you fartget dead blank chick f#@$k yo set f#@$k yo hood fuxk yo dead homies f#@$k whitsett chick ita that big crackin ovgcx7 movin gang son we shoulda did you in ourselves fartget f#@$k yo hood f#@$k big payback f#@$k whitsetts 7x ovgc movin gang yo hood is chick yo hood is done shut the f#@$k up already chickes we the most vicious and yall little fishes f#@$k guy ooooooooohhhhh yeahhhh free my guy smoke free my guy smoke free my guy smoke f#@$k whitsetts ovgc chick over everything we run this valley sh*% I dont like guys

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