Novex Haircare event, Stanley Tookie Williams and how the label “South-Central” is connected to LA’s white supremacist past

STREETGANGS.COM | August 4, 2016

LOS ANGELES – While attending a Novex Hair Care event at the Hilton Checkers hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Alex Alonso addresses two points that was mentioned in the Oldest Bloods in LA Part 2 video, 1) on the conflict between Eugene Battle and the Crips at Athens Park during the early 1970s and 2) what is the definition of “South-Central” Los Angeles and how it is connected white supremacists practices in Los Angeles while they were trying to defend racial restrictive covenant and residential segregation from 1919 – 1948. Although restrictive covenants were banned in the US Supreme court 1948 ruling in Shelley v. Kraemer case, white supremacy was still practices and is the reason why the term “South-Central” is synonymous with LA’s black ghetto.



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